Still 1.5 Million Dollars Available For Grabs!

We wrote before about a most amazing and admirable offer made by the Royal Society of Chemistry in England to pay $1.5Million Dollar to anyone for simply doing nothing! For sure this offer must have been noticed by cosmetic giants such as Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Avon, L’Oreal, but also by the “natural cosmetic giant brands” such as The Body Shop, Aveda, L’Occitane, Dr. Hauschka and few more who employ the very best cosmetic chemists they can get.

The offer must also have been noted by certifying organic bodies such as The Soil Association, EcoCert, Nature and more organizations so eager to certify cosmetic companies as long as these cosmetic companies pay a royalty of their worldwide sales to these organizations, making them rich and more powerful while they do nothing to add value to the quality of the products they certify.
In January this year the Royal Society of Chemistry wrote us and congratulated our company on the article we wrote about their deal.
Here is the deal to receive $1.5Million for anyone for free!!
In hopes to halt the hype and deceptive stories of several cosmetic companies, the Royal Society of Chemistry offers to pay US$1.5Million to anyone or any company wherever in the world that can show hard proof of a so called 100% natural cosmetic product. Show a cosmetic product that consists of only 100% natural ingredients to them and get all that money into your bank account. It is that very simple.
But maybe it is not that simple because nobody seems to be able to claim this $1.5 Million.
Maybe the Royal Society of Chemistry is no dummies after all. Maybe they show with this action to the world that there is no cosmetic scientist or no cosmetic brand in the world to truthfully say that their cosmetic products are “100%” natural as they know that always there is a need for some materials that are not resourced directly from nature in their products. The understanding of what is “natural” or “organic” versus what is a chemical cannot always be truly defined. Therefore, whatever brand, at whatever consumer price… cosmetics products always contain some chemicals despite claims of being “100% Natural” or “100% Certified Organic”.
Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics that are made with the best natural ingredients that include many certified organic ingredients but do we make outrageous claims to be 100% natural? Or 100% Organic? Since it is impossible to be 100% natural or organic why do certain cosmetics companies still make these claims? And why would they not claim that pot of gold waiting for them for over 2 years already? Would it not be their best advertizing as well besides receiving $1.5Million for free?

Bravo to the Royal Society of Chemistry represented in Europe, USA and Asia consisting of 50,000 members. We at Paul Penders Company too will report immediately when a cosmetic company steps forwards to claim this huge amount of money! But I think we will have to wait, wait and wait.

Bismuth Oxychloride…..? Hmmm… Isn’t That A Synthetic?!

More people today choose to be “as natural as possible” which is a worthwhile, however, in some cases consumers may be finding themselves at crossroads to use natural organic color cosmetics with an ingredients deemed to be “unnatural” and “unsafe”. Nevertheless, these products are still considered “certified organic” guaranteed by certifiers like Ecocert and others.
One of these ingredients is bismuth oxychloride; a chemical compound that is is found as a harmless ingredient in a variety of color cosmetics.
Bismuth oxychloride is a synthetically-prepared powder created from bismuth, oxygen and chlorine that is used in color cosmetics because of its abilities to create a white pigment, shimmery look, and silky feel in addition to its exceptional ability to adhere to the skin. Although it is synthetically prepared, bismuth oxychloride is derived from natural elements.
Bismuth oxychloride is approved for cosmetics, why the noise?
A concern touted by opponents of bismuth oxychloride is that the Material Safety Data Sheets mention that it can cause irritation. But mica and other compounds found in color cosmetics are also known to be able to cause irritation in very few cases. Just because a very small group of people have a mild reaction to a compound does not mean it should be outlawed.
As it is approved by the FDA and in EU, consumers will most likely continue to see bismuth oxychloride on the list of ingredients found on many natural and organic makeup product labels.

Consumers can confidently purchase natural and organic color cosmetics containing bismuth oxychloride, knowing that it is a perfect and preferred ingredient by a number of famous makeup artists and cosmetic chemists due to its numerous positive attributes. More importantly, it is perfect safe ingredient as well.

There Must Be A Better Way – Part #2

As I wrote in Part #1, I am always curious about the background of people writing us with their questions, feedback or concerns. Nicky Jones from UK was asking us whether we still use carmine as a natural red colour ingredient in our makeup products. And the answer to her question was “No, for already few years we don’t because we found a great alternative in a certified organic red dye what we use mow instead. She was concerned about the use of carmine as Nicky wrote:

    I came across your products whilst looking at a website in the UK called There Must Be A Better Way.
    I am trying to find products without Carmine, and was looking through the list of ingredients in your products, and one of your lipsticks, Natural Cream Lipstick Peony, contains Carmine.

And after I had answered Nicky I was asking myself why someone writes to us so far away. Who trusts us on the answer we would give. I felt immediately Nicky was concerned “by heart and soul” about the ingredient issue – and not for her own sake but for a betterment of the world. Sometimes we get letters from health fanatics who are merely concerned about themselves only with no regards to ethical issues involve us all. I wish everyone in the world was as compassionately concerned as Nicky is. She asked the question because of her concern for animals; nature and that included even insects dying to obtain carmine substance extracted from the wings that turns red when treated with copper for years the only red dye allowed to be used by the FDA for natural colour cosmetics.
After I wrote Nicky back I got such a heart warming response!

    “Painting for a living is something that I have always wanted to do, and it still gives me such a thrill to produce a piece of artwork that someone will treasure for years to come. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting animals for my pleasure, but the real pleasure comes from the look of joy on someone’s face as they are presented with their pet art portrait, or when I receive a letter to say that the portrait of their pet had brought tears to their eyes.”

We learned that she is a self-taught artist specialising in animal portraits especially dogs and cats with a level of intricate detail that reflects the great love and keen observation in her work. She has exhibited her work at various galleries and art exhibitions and works from picture that people give her or she will take digital images herself in order to capture the rights pose to produce the perfect portrait. She lives near Oxford with her husband and 2 cats.

I took the name of the header of a beautiful website in UK that sells and promote the best natural and organic skincare products in the world (including Paul Penders products are available there of course as well 🙂 ) called: as this name was mentioned by Nicky too.
Please visit this website and please be amazed and surprised. The feel of love that is shown and the artistry especially is mind blowing. I am so glad people of all backgrounds continue to write us and so we can share about them with our readers and I especially recommend looking at the website of Nicky – you will not be disappointed!
Thanks Nicky and we wish you the very best of success and hope you will do this work as long as possible to the enjoyment and betterment and learning process for all of us in this world. A wildlife and botanical true artist!
Making the house team!

America Back in the BUSINESS of Animal Tests?

From the great people of “Personal Care – Truth or Scare” in California I received message that “The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics” (CCIC) who runs “The Leaping Bunny Program” has the same concerns about the newly proposed “Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011” as they had before with the “Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010” that was rightfully rejected in Colorado and by U.S. Congress.

The new proposed Safe Cosmetics Act 2011 will overhaul the way cosmetic products are regulated in the United States. While the purpose of this legislation is good to ensure that cosmetic products are safe, it will have disastrous consequences for laboratory animals. Innocent creatures used to undergo cruel test for cosmetic products and their ingredients.
Although this newly proposed Act endorses the development of non-animal testing methods, there is little doubt that animal testing will be required by this bill! It will result in a substantial increase of animal tests!
Here is my vision on this bad news.
CCIC hopes that changing the cosmetic regulations can be done without animal tests. They believe that harmonize U.S. law with the European Union would be the best and I totally agree! In Europe they make safe cosmetics but also prohibit the use of animal tests for cosmetics! So in America we are going to re-invent the wheel. Why not totally disregard what scientists already know in Europe for many years? Or are the cosmetic products made by L’Oreal and Chanel regarded as unsafe in America?
Most of this incredible stuff right now just starts here.
To me, for the last 10 years, few things seem to go little but awkward in my own country. Maybe Americans have become little bit isolated compared to modern developments in the rest of the world? For example, here in the US we have the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that consists of no cosmetic chemists and they seem to act totally confused.

What disturbs me most is that our company in the past helping to establish a law in The Netherlands to prohibit animal tests for cosmetics already 25 years ago! The Netherlands was actually the first country in the world to make it ILLEGAL to do animal tests for cosmetics and its ingredients…. and now after all this time, the US wants to start doing it all over again?!
How many of us Americans feel lost in a society run by legislators and lobbyiests?
Also lawyers who make money in any way they can? Does neglecting all they learned in Europe bring us to more safe cosmetics and closer to nature? The EWG makes it sound like using a simple herb used for centuries with great results, now suddenly can cause death, or risk getting terrible diseases like cancer and more?

Consumers are made scared by scare-tactics of EWG
New “arm-chair scientists” coming along making things bad that later need to be fix that didn’t need to be fixed in the first place. Here is the business part that comes in. Because for centuries people in Europe use simple herbs for improvement of their health and cosmetic purposes. Now EWG and their “scientists” claim we are at risk from these same herbs. Of course, these scientists do not understand the miracles of how nature works… therefore it is suddenly no good anymore. How arrogant can we be?
But maybe there is more to it?
Maybe it is just pure business. Because who pays for all this nonsense? With all we do we are missing the boat. I think we are little bit lost as a Nation.
Most people in the world believe animal tests for cosmetics is terrible.
Useless and some find it even a crime. In Europe they stopped doing it a decade ago. In name of innocent animals, please stop the stupidity; the ignorance! Please let’s start to educate ourselves. When one buy a cosmetic product look for the track record of a company. Also be aware that “the new kid on the block” is not always the best but some tell great stories.
Please be not confused like many of us. Do not support EWG. They are simply not qualified to make their strange assumptions.


Discovering an Incredible Country (Part 2)

Bastiaan and I visited Harcourts; a great, progressive pharmaceutical company in Sri Lanka. We wanted to observe the market potential over there for Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics. In 2 earlier blog stories I wrote about the visits of Mr. Ahamed Rheyas, CEO of Harcourts made to Langkawi. Actually, he loves the beauty of this great UNESCO Geopark tropical rainforest island here in Malaysia!
The senses of freedom I feel in Sri Lanka is almost the same as I experience it in the US. I talked with a journalist from Sri Lanka’s biggest newspaper about it and he agrees. No hidden frictions or interfering by the government in religion groups as well. In Sri Lanka things indeed seem very peaceful.
Me being in the natural cosmetics industry for many years, of course, I was interested to see the women of this great country and I can report the following… the women I have seen in the capital and in small villages alike are dressed beautifully. They wear dresses of various soft colors, and again… always that pure and friendly smile. One wonders about how this country was 25 years in the grip of terrible war, yet appears now so happy and content.

Bas and I visited also several department stores in Colombo and discovered that there are almost no natural cosmetic brands available. We saw several local and imported cosmetics based on Ayurveda principles. The only natural high-class imported brand we noticed was Clarins.
I spoke with the store manager of Clarins who was open and very friendly in sharing her experiences with consumers in regards to natural cosmetics. She did notice a growing demand for high quality natural cosmetics. Yet I did not see companies like Origins, Khiel’s, Jurlique and other skincare brands. However, at the other hand, most of the famous American and European perfumes are represented in Sri Lanka. We also noticed a direct selling brand that probably is doing well in this new, growing economy with opportunities for all.
It is obvious that in Sri Lanka a great opportunity exists for Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics. We had several discussions with Mr. Ahamed Rheyas of Harcourts company to develop a plan that includes Paul Penders outlets in the country with the first one to be open in September this year.

This trip was truly enjoyable and a great learning experience as well, including a journey to Kandy, the hometown of Ahamed. A long drive took us through fresh, green sceneries with huge mountains as well. We much enjoyed the historic sites in Kandy and especially the great local food!! 🙂

One thing that touched my heart is how people of Sri Lanka care ‘for all that live’. For example, I have seen many stray dogs out there, but they appear not in the same terrible condition like in few other Asian countries where animals are hungry and often beaten. As part of the Buddhist religion, many of the stray dogs in Sri Lanka are kindly being fed and treated with kindness.
So can this great new country be an example of how the world could live in peace, harmony, happiness and…. respect to all?