Did You Know That…

hair conditioner can be used as a fast working moisturizer?
If your skin is in need of some extra moisture, and your regular moisturizer takes too long to soak in, then try adding some hair conditioner on your body while in the shower.
Treat the hair conditioner as a regular moisturizer, and make sure to rub it gently into your skin. Do not forget to rinse very well with water when done.
And, by the way, many too hot showers can damage your skin, simply by drying it out.
Instead, try to take a warm shower, and eventually turn the water down to cool. This will help to close your pores after the warm shower.
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Did You Know That…

there are two ways of using Paul Penders Rescue Blemish Away?
It can be used as it is in its powder form. Use it as normal powder and just dot it on the affected area.
Or the powder can be mixed with drops of toner and simply dotted on the affected area at bedtime.
Rescue Blemish Away from Paul Penders is the ideal “emergency” treatment to quickly heal and clear blemishes.

Treat the affected skin area at bedtime, and by morning wake up to clear and radiant skin.
Rescue Blemish Away helps to correct breakouts and minimizes the appearance of minor imperfections, as well as it restores balance to blemished skin.
A perfect skin remedy which should always be at hand.
Made from pure, natural ingredients – naturally!
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OK Go – Let Us Have some Weekend Fun!

Who doesn’t like entertainment; especially when it is funny and makes you laugh?

Some days ago, we watched a video on YouTube and thought; “This one HAS to be on the blog – but how to connect it to Paul Penders and natural cosmetics? There MUST be a way!”

And, sure there was! At the end of the video – and you will love it, just wait – there is an appeal, asking for donations to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

ASPCA tells about itself: “For over 140 years the ASPCA has worked tirelessly to end animal cruelty. From education and care to adoption and rescue, the ASPCA is making a life changing difference for animals across America.”

This is the connection to Paul Penders cosmetics: Known as an avid and persistent opponent to animal testing of his own (or any others, for that sake) cosmetic products, Paul Penders has fought against cruelty to animals for more that 40 years. Admitted, a little less than ASPCA’s 140 years, but nevertheless…

Needless to say, not a single Paul Penders product has ever been tested on animals. A fact, we as a company are very proud to emphasize.

So, for the first time on this blog: a music video! We had to watch it several times, before we could remember any of the music. What went on in the video simply stunned us!

It is by the American band OK Go, and the number is called White Knuckles. It is already watched by more than 6 million people on YouTube.

Enjoy the show – and do not forget to visit ASPCA’s website – or OK Go’s own website after watching…

Amazing, right?

Well… There is another one with OK Go… One, you ought to watch as well. 18 million has watched This Too Shall Pass until now. Sorry, no connection to cosmetics this time; just consider it a bonus…

Have a nice weekend!

Behind the Scene – Meet Nic

One of the many people behind the public face of Paul Penders Co is Nic Sim from Redbox Studio. The company is our web-partner and – besides being close friends – behind the design of our website. Nic runs Redbox studio together with Krista Goon, who sometimes is a guest writer on these pages.

We asked Nic to tell a little bit about himself, so we all could get to know him better – and here is what he wrote:

I started Redbox Studio in 1998 to specialize in designing business websites. With my background in Fine Art and a love for computers, I felt that combining the two was the best way to make full use of my talents and skills.

I don’t like it when I see that most designs out there either do 2 things: satisfy the business owner’s ego or satisfies the designer’s ego.

And I get mad because most designers use design as their playground, disregarding the client’s needs. Most designs were absolute ego trips and a pure waste of the client’s money.

If a designer wants to ‘be creative’, he should just pick up a paint brush and become an artist. This way, he can paint and draw to his heart’s desire and be as creative as he wants. That’s what Art is. Art’s about feelings and emotions.

And I think the problem starts when designers confuse Art with Design.

To step into the world of design, a designer must remember always that design is all about communication.

If the design does not communicate the client’s core message, that design has failed. If the design has not allowed people to understand its message, it has failed.

And failed designs do not bring in results.

From the start I knew that designs which made sense and functioned as communication tools would never be out of style. In fact such designs would go on to produce great results for their owners.

While many designers like to add on more and more stuff for their clients, I like to eliminate, pare down and simplify whenever I can.

That’s why the Redbox Studio design philosophy is clear and simple – our formula for creating a successful business website means we eliminate the unnecessary by zooming in on usability, simplicity and sophistication.

For us, the best thing ever is to hear the results our work produces for clients.

Our clients get a “salesman” that produces positive return-on-investment year after year. How’s that for a true business asset?

Other things you may not know about me – I’ve been an art director in an advertising agency prior to setting up my own business. I am an artist whose work has been sold to art collectors in Singapore and Holland.

I am a Mensa member and a Mensa Committee member where I volunteer with updating the Mensa Penang website.

And finally, I have a secret passion – I love the art and beauty of tarot cards and I also read them, but for close friends only!

Nic Sim

Thanks, Nic!

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To Travel is to Live

By CEO Paul Penders

I am in the great position to be able to travel a lot. Traveling makes one grow, no matter what age we have reached, and what we have seen before.

Each travel is a new experience – and without new experiences, no life!

During the last couple of weeks, I have traveled from Western Europe, through Eastern Europe, with a stop-over in Dubai, before heading back to Langkawi, Malaysia.

When I arrived in Dubai, at first I thought there would not be much available in terms of natural cosmetics. But, after a few days, I knew I had been wrong!

I went to The Dubai Mall, which is by far the largest “complete and satisfying” mall I have ever seen in my life (and I have seen many!).

While strolling around, suddenly a wonderful surprise materialized in front of me… The Organic Foods & Café.

At first sight it looked like the same kind of stores I used to see in California, Florida, or New York, but that was only until I entered the store.

It was a very customer friendly place with a GREAT assortment of anything you could possible desire in natural and organic products.

I hardly believed my own eyes when I saw the truly wonderful section of natural and organic cosmetics, imported from the US, from Germany, and Switzerland, just to mention some.

Honestly speaking, I have never been in a natural product store that was so nicely and warm decorated, with such a huge assortment of several lines – and they were all affordably priced!

The manager of the Skin & Body Care Section was extremely helpful, and very willing to answer my many questions in a very informative way.

During my visit, I noticed only one natural color cosmetic line, and I am currently in contact with Mr. Nills, the CEO of Organic Foods & Café… and who knows… there might soon be two lines available. We would be pretty proud to be a part of this amazing natural organic cosmetics paradise.

Yes, to travel is to live; it beautifies our soul – even without the use of natural organic cosmetics!

More about Paul Penders products in several Middle East countries is to follow soon. We can hardly wait to tell you some exciting news…

Paul Penders

The Organic Foods & Café, Dubai

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