Again and Again… Animal Cruelty Must Stop!

Did you too watch the great movie Free Willy? It was a very inspiring movie to me. Since I watched this movie, I fell in love with dolphins and whales, but with sharks as well… These are the most beautiful animals on earth for me…
But then I also learned later on through Discovery Channel that aired the series called “Whale Wars” where a bunch of whale lovers go just anywhere in the sea to stop whaling… And there is one episode where they show how the whale was being killed… it was a very devastating scene… Again and again… cruelty to innocent animals must stop!
Here is the video scene of how the whale was being killed:


Information from Katja Penders, Paul’s daughter currently living in Denmark

Cruelty Free

In this day and age, should animal cruelty still allowed to happen? We all do our best to support animal rights in western countries, right? But why are we still supporting the worst cruelty of all? Commercialism.
Kentucky Fried Chicken grosses millions and millions dollars annually. But their inhumane slaughter of animals is downright appalling.  David Novak, the president of KFC, even after various celebrity artists raising awareness to this heart-wrenching state of affairs, did absolutely nothing to prevent it.
Please look at this terrible link? Write us with what possible solutions you would initiate to better the world towards a cruelty free environment for innocent animals.


The above information is from Katja Penders, Paul’s daughter currently living in Denmark

Finally Adios to Bullfighting?

Finally, and a “Grandioso Bravo!!!” to Catalonia’s parliament who had the guts to vote to ban bullfighting from 1st of January 2012 becoming the first region in Spain to act against this century old cruelty and total madness.

Of course, the move was watched across Spain. The motion tightens Catalonia’s animal protection law and the vote came after strong animal rights activists that have been tiredless campaigning for long time to end these terrible events. “Prou” (or “Enough” in the Catalonian language) collected some 200,000 signatures calling for the assembly to decide on the ban with 68 votes in favor and 55 against.

Many supporters and opponents of bullfighting gathered outside of the assembly during the lawmakers debate and vote. “Stop Animal Cruelty” read the signs of the anti-bullfighting crowd while those in favor of the practice said “Bulls Yes, Freedom Yes”.

We at Paul Penders hope that the Catalonia’s animal protecting law sets an example for the entire country and for the entire world to stop unnecessary, barbaric “sports” (or shows some call them) involving innocent animals being taken advantage of just for profit without though of their wellbeing and their rights (!) and can be exploited by anyone. .

In God’s name….
please stop the cruelty of innocent animals.

In God’s name…..
take people in stead but ask them permission first what can’t be done in the case of animals! For that it is cruel and total barbaric behaviour.

Hats off for Catalonia !!