Introducing an International Spa & Wellness Expert in Langkawi

I have the great pleasure to know Kamila Delart, an international spa and wellness expert, who recently settled in Langkawi. She wrote for Langkawi Gazette the first complete Langkawi Spa Guide that features the 30 most noteworthy Spas on our beautiful tropical rainforest island.
The Spa Guide includes detailed portraits of all reviewed spas, an impressive spa glossary, and feature stories capturing Kamila’s most memorable Spa Review experiences. Nobody before has promoted professionally our rainforest island’s spa industry to the many thousands of wellness tourists who visit every year.
The Langkawi Spa Guide is truly a great asset for this beautiful UNESCO island!

Ayurvedic masters and more
I met Kamila few times and first we were discussing all about spas, wellness centers and the true natural beauty of Langkawi. I wish to mention here that Kamila is fascinated by aboriginal healing practices, and passionate about touching people’s lives. Actually, she spent years of traveling the world to learn about ancient holistic techniques directly at the source of their origin.
Ancient holistic massage techniques include Abhynga massage from Ayurvedic masters in India, Nuad from Buddhist monks in Thailand’s monasteries, Lomi-Lomi Nui from Shamans on the volcanic islands of Hawaii and the Hot Rock massage from Native American elders. What a wealth of experience! I am very impressed with what she told me.

Kamila studied also aroma & color-therapy, she is certified in cosmetology, and received an honors diploma from Spa Management in Toronto, Canada. She established one of the leading urban day spas in Germany, and a prestigious German Wellness Academy providing education to Spa Therapists.
After that she joined leading international spa chains such as Six Senses or the Hyatt Hotels, and managed as a Spa & Wellness Director a number of award winning spas, prior to choosing a career of a spa consultant and wellness writer.
Now Kamila makes Langkawi her home!

Kamila was born and raised in Czech Republic, one of these pure, natural countries in east Europe. Two years ago I visited her home country, and wrote about my experiences in our blog. It was a profound experience because Czech Republic has an astounding nature with local herbs and fruits growing almost everywhere in the country side.
Same like me, Kamila has deeply fallen in love with the magic of this great Langkawi Island, and she decided to make it her new home as well! She said that it is so beautiful here that she will never, ever leave. She now lives in an idyllic river chalet surrounded by a dreamlike tropical garden, and divides her time between her passion for spa writing and gardening.
As one quickly can visualize, Langkawi Island, especially the Spa and Wellness industry, will greatly benefit from the arrival of Kamila; a true professional.


Juraj and Lucia: Our New Distributors in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Paul Penders Cosmetics warmly welcomes Lucia and Juraj Bezručka as our new distributors in Slokavia and the Czech Republic.

Our new distributors Lucia and Juraj

Besides raising their three small children, Lucia and Juraj run an online shop selling natural cosmetics and environmentally-friendly cleaning products and toys.
Juraj wrote us recently to explain why he and Lucia were interested in marketing Paul Penders products in the former Czechoslovakia:

“After running our e-store for some time, it was obvious that cosmetics were the most rapidly growing segment of the shop and also the most interesting one. We felt a need to offer something new, something not available in our country. We were looking for high-quality organic cosmetics and after some time we found Paul Penders. After we read Paul’s story and several references, we did not hesitate to contact.

“We’ve already gained considerable knowledge of the organic cosmetics market in the area and we have established good distribution channels. We are confident that we can build a strong position for Paul Penders products in the heart of Europe.”

The ancient city of Prague