Wonderful Christmas Lights…

What inspires me with Christmas are the Lights. More and more Christmas is not so much seen as a religious day but more as a day of Love, Compassion and Inspiration. As our products are also being sold in Asian countries, especially here in this beautiful part of the world many have that feeling about Christmas – sharing and being together.

Christmas is more and more seen as one of the festivals of Light

The image above is of our distributor in The Netherlands. She actually looks like my sister and in many ways that could be and not only because she has red hair like me too. So interesting how she and I met some 15 years ago in Holland. We know each other from just one meeting in The Netherlands when she was invited for a dinner with my friend as well.

All had a great dinner and we talked about few subjects that greatly affect our lives from a business point of view till spiritual issues. Afterwards we wrote each other several times. Especially we shared views about the personality books of Professor Gary Goldschneider http://www.goldschneider.com that in my opinion are the very best books written about people and relationships and much and much more. Afterwards it was quite until early this year. then Renee wrote me again.

A wonderful friend and a mentor in philosophy. Amsterdam
based American writer and classical pianist Gary Goldschneider

Renee van Beckhoven runs a great advertise company in The Netherlands http://www.adrenaline.nl She asked me whether she could promote and sell our natural cosmetics in Holland? Why not… ? So after 15 years we met again earlier this year and quickly arrangements were made. She created a filmed interview and works on a website and since a few months our products are again available in The Netherlands in various organic stores in this beautiful small country; the place where I was born and actually started the company some 45 years ago!

A truly courageous, multi-talented and inspirational woman Renee is.

Not only our products are now re-introduced but also a beautiful contact re-connected and turned into friendship. That is what I like to see in Christmas; not “just” an important religious day but also a festival of Light like what Deepavali is for Indian people… the festival of Light.

Let us be inspired by the Light of Christmas and thankful for what we have. Let us reflect on sharing and the happiness it can bring to reconnect, and with it promote fulfillment and ultimate peace. We wish you a Merry Christmas full of Light.

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Meet Our Distributors – Mei Sin, Brunei

Several lively and encouraging photos were sent in by our buyer and distributor in the country of Brunei.

A dynamic young couple in their early thirties, Ms. Mei Sin and her husband Simon Chin opened a beauty salon some time ago. Recently, she renovated it into a Paul Penders beauty salon. With her team, they put real effort into the design and display there.

Simon Chin, Mei Sin’s husband, runs a business importing and supplying spare parts and mechanical devices to the Shell corporation. They are based in Kuala Beilat, Brunei’s second largest city. They had their second baby just a couple months ago. On returning to her beauty salon after her maternity break, Mei Sin decided to turn it into a Paul Penders specialty salon. With the help of her husband and team, this entrepreneurial young woman is well on her way to success.

Brunei salon owner Mei Sin is on the right in the green jacket.

We are always curious to know more about our distributors and their interests. It is always a benefit to hear from professionals in the field. We asked Mei Sin about her preferences and why she chose Paul Penders products for her salon.

She told us:

    “My favorite products in PP are Skin toner, A.M Moisturizer, (especially) P.M Moisturizer, Exfoliant, Body firming Cellulite Serum & Lip gloss.“

“I like the skin toner coz its got firming effects. A.M & P.M Moisturizers are my favourites coz they feel smooth, supple, refreshing after use. The more important thing is they do not feel sticky or oily after being applied.

For the exfoliant, I’m applying it after the toner and before the moisturizer, the results come out good. It cleans and gives my skin more radiance and glow as well.

The body firming cellulite serum is non-sticky after application; it feels smooth and helps me to firm up my flabby arms.

It’s very simple why I like the lip gloss — coz it’s rich in moisture!

Lastly, the smell is nice in all these PP products. :)”

She also gave four great reasons she chose to present Paul Penders products:

  • Organic Products
  • Halal
  • No chemicals &
  • No animal testing. 

When asked who would take care of the salon with the demands of a new baby, Mei Sin smiled happily and said that her mother-in-law would be helping out so she can take care of the newborn and get a little rest.

We wish them good luck and continued success.

By TeamPP

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Meet our Family of Distributors: ‘Bee’ in Australia & New Zealand

PP ‘Down Under” (photo L to R): Alan Cheah, Chui Shia and Bee Lim

“Down Under” in Australia and New Zealand, there is a big ‘Back to Nature’ healthy living movement going on – and Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics is now a part of it!

We heard from our friend Bee whose “Euro Ventures” company was appointed country importer and distributor for Paul Penders natural products for Australia and New Zealand in August 2009. Now she’s got a lively online store, a Facebook Page, and great plans for finding more in-country distributors and new ways to reach out to customers.

Here’s a little example of that ‘Down Under’ talk from their Paul Penders Australia Facebook page:

    “Good morning lovelies!!

    Have we got some great news to help you beat your Monday blues!”
    From today 24th September – 30th October, we will be having a STOREWIDE DISCOUNT of 20% at our online shop. So go check it out!! Visit our store at

Bee told us a bit of her story:

“We stumbled upon Paul Penders natural products in the ‘Safe Shoppers’ Bible.’ Our mission is to only trade in natural skincare products that protect Australian waterways, land and skin from chemicals and pesticides. Paul Penders range of natural products believes in serving beauty needs with a conscience.

After a lengthy — close to a year — filing for chemical compliance with the Department of Health and Ageing of Australia (NICNAS), the first shipment arrived on the shores of Australia in August 2010.”

Bee can now proudly say, “Today, my company is a registered member of NICNAS.”

Australia is vast and diverse. Paul Penders natural skincare, Bee tells us, is a brand which is virtually unknown so far. Competition is intense with many natural skincare companies created and owned by Australians. Moreover, with patriotism towards products that are made in Australia, it is challenging to enter the natural skincare market.

Why are Bee and Euro Ventures still going forward with their journey?

Finding places to distribute products in such a huge country can be difficult. She tells us she is committed to the product line and has some good marketing suggestions.

“Reason being that Paul Penders natural skincare is uniquely different from other natural skincare available in Australia with its “LevensEssentieGold” as its unique formulation. “

Bee says:

“My family and I myself love all the Paul Penders range of products. I hold strong beliefs that to bring this brand forward can be done — by ways including Facebook and extensive online exposure as well as by being in contact with various beauty bloggers around Australia. We also attend beauty trade shows, educating and changing consumers’ mindsets.”

She is determined to reach out across her country:

‘I love Australia, it’s a country which enjoys its outdoors and nature, a country which embraces strong values in protecting its land, waterways, and of course, skin.

Paul himself epitomises it all and has created such a complete range of beautiful natural products. I believe, with enough online exposure, we can bring brand awareness to this land Down Under, Australia!”

By Teviot Fairservis.


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Meet Our Family of Distributors – Ms. Lau from Hong Kong

One of our favorite distributors is based in Hong Kong. She is a strong, entrepreneurial business lady who has headed a store for many years. We only know one thing she is a bit shy about — she’s reluctant to write in English.

Ms. Lau Suk Chung speaks perfect “social” English but insists that her niece Connie Chan help with emailing the Paul Penders’ office. Her brother-in-law Kin Tai Chan also helps out with communications. We enjoy hearing from them – and thank them all!

Ms. Lau appears in the photo above and the lady with the blue scarf below is her partner, Ah Bo. Together, they have run the family business selling herbal products for years.

Three years ago, they came across Paul Penders products — and ‘fell in love.’ Now they stock almost all our products and display them handsomely.

In addition to their herbal business, they also give facial and body massages to their customers. We look forward to stopping in for a massage next time we’re in Hong Kong!

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‘Thank You’ To Such A Wonderful Team!

    On the beach on Penang Island – L to R – Mei Ling, Bastiaan Penders,
    Lee Booi, Paul Penders, Salina Abdullah, Yen Dinh Phipp, Katja Penders

Today we had few of our favorite visitors at the Penang Island office: our friends and the Master Distributor for Paul Penders products in Malaysia. Two representatives from ‘NIC Intl’ arrived from Kuala Lumpur – Mei Ling and Lee Booi. For the past 7 years, they have handled all business for Paul Penders products in Malaysia and Singapore.

Their markets also include the beautiful West Malaysia (Borneo) area as well as the Penang and Langkawi rainforest islands. These folks are well organized, make excellent promotions and are active at trade shows in spreading the word about our natural botanical cosmetics.

But more than ‘just’ distributors, over the years, they have become very good friends as well. We support each other wherever we can, and in that way make our unique cooperation stronger and more meaningful than just doing “pure business.” And that is the way we like it — as we believe this relationship is an example of how the world of business can be.

Green Meadow, Pahang

In the beautiful State of Pahang in Malaysia, their sister company, “Green Meadow,” hosts programs on a wonderful piece of land in the Malaysian mountains. They organize training programs for consumers to educate them in vegetarian cooking, learn about herbs and herbal medicines, participate in healing sessions and much more.

The land in Pahang belongs to an organic farmer, and “Green Meadow” works together with him to organize activities to educate and create awareness in the local community for healthy living. They hold camps: detox camp, nourishment camp, and fasting camp. Their leader, Mme. Chin, is a famous teacher and much respected in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

I plan to attend a weekend session soon to broaden my horizons and enjoy the serenity of nature in those beautiful mountains. How much more fun can there be than doing business like that?

NIC Corp, as our country distributor in Malaysia, also manages several ‘Paul Penders Organic Beauty Salons’ located in several parts of Kuala Lumpur. Customers there are being pampered with our fine products; they can relax and can enjoy a sauna and a full-body massage besides an array of other beauty therapy services.

Thanks, LeeBooi and Mei Ling, for visiting us again. We always love your upbeat, positive attitude that – for sure – helps to create friendships and the trust that is so needed in the growing (but stable) business environment in Malaysia and Singapore.

We are just lucky to be working with you and with the entire team of NIC!  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for being able together to create vision… Such is the uniqueness of a happy business!!!

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