Meet our Family of Distributors: ‘Bee’ in Australia & New Zealand

PP ‘Down Under” (photo L to R): Alan Cheah, Chui Shia and Bee Lim

“Down Under” in Australia and New Zealand, there is a big ‘Back to Nature’ healthy living movement going on – and Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics is now a part of it!

We heard from our friend Bee whose “Euro Ventures” company was appointed country importer and distributor for Paul Penders natural products for Australia and New Zealand in August 2009. Now she’s got a lively online store, a Facebook Page, and great plans for finding more in-country distributors and new ways to reach out to customers.

Here’s a little example of that ‘Down Under’ talk from their Paul Penders Australia Facebook page:

    “Good morning lovelies!!

    Have we got some great news to help you beat your Monday blues!”
    From today 24th September – 30th October, we will be having a STOREWIDE DISCOUNT of 20% at our online shop. So go check it out!! Visit our store at

Bee told us a bit of her story:

“We stumbled upon Paul Penders natural products in the ‘Safe Shoppers’ Bible.’ Our mission is to only trade in natural skincare products that protect Australian waterways, land and skin from chemicals and pesticides. Paul Penders range of natural products believes in serving beauty needs with a conscience.

After a lengthy — close to a year — filing for chemical compliance with the Department of Health and Ageing of Australia (NICNAS), the first shipment arrived on the shores of Australia in August 2010.”

Bee can now proudly say, “Today, my company is a registered member of NICNAS.”

Australia is vast and diverse. Paul Penders natural skincare, Bee tells us, is a brand which is virtually unknown so far. Competition is intense with many natural skincare companies created and owned by Australians. Moreover, with patriotism towards products that are made in Australia, it is challenging to enter the natural skincare market.

Why are Bee and Euro Ventures still going forward with their journey?

Finding places to distribute products in such a huge country can be difficult. She tells us she is committed to the product line and has some good marketing suggestions.

“Reason being that Paul Penders natural skincare is uniquely different from other natural skincare available in Australia with its “LevensEssentieGold” as its unique formulation. “

Bee says:

“My family and I myself love all the Paul Penders range of products. I hold strong beliefs that to bring this brand forward can be done — by ways including Facebook and extensive online exposure as well as by being in contact with various beauty bloggers around Australia. We also attend beauty trade shows, educating and changing consumers’ mindsets.”

She is determined to reach out across her country:

‘I love Australia, it’s a country which enjoys its outdoors and nature, a country which embraces strong values in protecting its land, waterways, and of course, skin.

Paul himself epitomises it all and has created such a complete range of beautiful natural products. I believe, with enough online exposure, we can bring brand awareness to this land Down Under, Australia!”

By Teviot Fairservis.


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