Secret to beautiful hair & scalp

When your scalp is too dry, too oily or plagued with dandruff, healthy looking hair won’t happen unless you incorporate scalp care into your hair regime. Over the years, Paul Penders has developed a great hair and scalp treatment which delivers beautiful, healthy hair. The important first step is to cleanse the scalp thoroughly. Powerful rainforest herbs from Malaysia slowly saturate and purify the scalp while loosening dandruff. For the healthiest hair, the process is as follow:

  1. Apply Pegaga Scalp Cleansing Treatment.
    Gently massage until scalp feels warm. Leave in for 10 minutes (60 max) and cover hair with a plastic shower cap or wrap in a towel or cloth for best results.
  2. Shampoo clean with our Time Release Jasmine Shampoo
    After scalp cleansing, wash thoroughly with our scented Jasmine Shampoo to ensure a healthy foundation for beautiful hair.

  3. Deep condition with our Herbal Lemon Conditioner
    After shampooing, while hair is still wet, apply Herbal Lemon Conditioner, especially designed to correct dry and brittle ends without weighing down hair. Adds moisture as well to hair.
  4. Apply Intensive Hair Repair Therapy
    Restore balance and life to dry, damaged and chemically treated hair with regular Intensive Hair Repair Therapy treatments. Leaves hair full of vitality and shine, without weighing it down. Also targets split ends. For beautiful shiny hair.
  5. Finish with Holy Basil Conditioning Scalp Toner
    Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. A scalp and hair solution designed to ensure circulation and balance sebum production. Calms scalp. Restores luster and shine. To use Holy Basil Conditioning Scalp Toner, apply sparingly directly onto the scalp.
  6. To tame frizzy hair, use Leave-In Defrizzing Balm
    Protect, moisturize and tame frizzy, dry hair with our Defrizzing Balm made from herbal essential oils providing vitamins and minerals. Leave in for the healthiest, most manageable hair.

                                                                                                      Information by: Katja




Double Winning Beauty Award

Not long ago Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer was awarded again. This time in the United States through a tough contest organized by the great magazine “Natural Solutions” which is a popular health magazine available in the U.S. and in Canada from coast to coast. We were chosen during a fierce contest where many cosmetic companies had send in their favorite products to be tested by a team of professional beauty journalists. Our product won with flying colors at the “Beauty with a Conscience Awards” contest.

We were double delighted with this news because it was actually a second time that Paul Penders Avocado and Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer had won an award. The first time “Natural Health Magazine” in UK awarded our product just little bit earlier. Who would not get truly excited with such wonderful development?
The good news of these awards still positively influences interest for our company. We are so happy to receive letters from consumers who enjoy this “super night moisturizer” that is carefully made of natural and organic ingredients.
We would like again to share the email that the publisher of “Natural Solutions” magazine wrote us:

    To Paul Penders:
    Paul Penders Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer has been chosen in the night cream category of Natural Solutions magazine’s “Beauty With a Conscience Awards”.
    We applaud you for creating a fabulous product that’s not only free of unnecessary chemicals and harmful toxins—it also stood out as a top performer against the many other clean night creams we tested!
    Take pride in the strides you’ve made to promote safe, natural personal care—and let us spread the word of your achievements.
    Natural Solutions Magazine

Of course, we at Paul Penders are very proud and feel honored. We are grateful to have been chosen among so many competing cosmetic companies who sent their products in for these contests. Here some facts about this TWICE winner product:
Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer is a light creamy moisturizer that replenishes dry and sensitive skin and protects against dehydration. It lavishes the skin with emollients derived from selected natural moisturizing agents, including the finest avocado and jojoba plant oils. It contains natural vitamins, ceramides and liposomes to keep the skin smooth, supple and resilient.

Paul Penders Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer is available in a tube of 40 gram as well available in a small trial-size tube of 12 gram that is ideally made for traveling too. Please ask our distributor in your country about this super award-winning product!

Refreshing daycare for the summer, purely natural

Are you looking for a refreshing daycare for your skin this summer? Based on only natural ingredients?
Why don’t you try the Aloe &Lavender A.M. Moisturizer form Paul Penders Cosmetics?
Paul Penders Aloe &Lavender A.M. Moisturizer is refreshing like a light summers breath, feels airy not greasy and contains for example Aloe Vera, Calendula and Vitamin E for natural sun protection.

The moisturizer has a slightly herbal scent as if you were walking on the Lavender fields in the Provence of France, but also has a very moisturizing effect and therefore prevents dehydration.
Aloe &Lavender A.M. Moisturizer is based on coconut water and thus feels very soft and fresh on your skin. Furthermore; it makes your face glance, lithe and resilient.

It’s made of organic cultivated herbs and keeps your skin tenable against external influences. It’s especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
Paul Penders Aloe &Lavender A.M. Moisturizer is available at 30 ml tube packaging: not only for a hygienic point of view, but also very useful to carry with you in your bag.
Author: Maureen (From the Beauty Journal)

Did you know it…

Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer is a Paul Penders natural herbal night-time moisturizer that aids in providing more moisture for dry & sensitive skin types, thus protecting skin from dehydration. Of course, it is very suitable to use during winter conditions in Europe, North America and some parts of Asia, such as Korea, Japan and Northern China as well.
Lately, Bee, a partner in “Paul Penders Australia Pte.” (our exclusive distributor in ‘down under’ ), had a slight burn on her hand. She start using Avocado & Cranberry P.M Moisturizer to treat the burned skin. She was very happy that this moisturizer soothed and healed her hand wonderfully and even just within a few applications.
We also have a friend here in Langkawi Island. Last year he had a wound on his leg that seemed to be healing slowly or not at all. He too applied Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer and was happy to report that his wound healed beautifully and fast as well. Few weeks ago however the same condition reappeared. So he requested a new product and we hope he will experience the same good result.
Of course, these are great testimonials that make us happy as well.
It also makes us feel more confident in “the power of natural ingredients”, especially the ones we use for Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer.
And did you know that this product also has the ability to remedy some types of light skin irritation…. Often within just few applications? Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer can be amazingly effective!

Author: Faye (Information by Bee, Paul Penders Australia)

Paul Penders Jasmine Shampoo goes where ever I go! 

I start using Paul Penders Time Release Jasmine Shampoo (TRJS) this year and pleased me immediately with the difference it made to my hair. I have very thick and long hair. Normally I have to use LOTS of shampoo, and, being a fitness & swimming instructor, of course, I need to wash my hair every day. Over time this has made my hair dry, dull and always entangled.
A friend with a hair salon in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark island, introduced me to TRJS. She gave me a nice treat by washing my hair with Paul’s shampoo. I have to say that scent is important to me as well, and this shampoo was the one I liked right away!
Now, most shampoos foam like a bubble bath and at the same time very drying to my hair. They wash away self-produced oil from the scalp. With TRJS it doesn’t foam like a bubble bath, yet my hair and scalp is clean, moisturized and the best part…. it is softer and shinier!
Thanks Paul for this wonderful shampoo and for you to know is that TRJS goes where ever I go… to hair salons and vacations as well! 
Author: Ann Victor

Time-Release Jasmine Shampoo
Adds volume and shine, restores balance for all hair types
Paul Penders Time-Release Jasmine Shampoo is a unique approach to washing the hair based on organic olive oil as cleansing agent. The shampoo is designed to foam minimally as it is first applied to the scalp to ensure a healthy foundation for beautiful hair. After some water is added, it releases gentle foam for cleansing the hair. If you prefer the feel of foam, you can wash a second time using only a minimal amount of shampoo, and foam appears. Paul Penders Time-Release Jasmine Shampoo leaves hair shiny, soft and free of fly away strands.
Directions: Apply onto wet hair, add a small amount of shampoo and gently massage. Rinse thoroughly.
Ann is a certified Fitness Professional and being in the fitness industry for more than a decade now. Ann fitness genres started from aerobics to aqua fitness, kick boxing, Pilates to Yoga, children to senior workout and Jazz Dance to Hip Hop. Therefore Anne is specializes in group fitness program for adults as well as kids. For more information about Ann’s fitness program, please visit