Product Spotlight: Paul Penders Mascara

Many people are familiar with Paul Penders skin care and body care products. But fewer realize that Paul Penders also manufactures a line of natural makeup that contain natural and organic herbs and organic color ingredients as well.

Unlike few other mascaras, Paul Penders mascara does not contain tar, alcohol or petroleum-based drying agents. Instead panthenol is used to thicken lashes. This ingredient also eliminates dryness and heaviness for the eye lashes.

“My eyes have become allergic to mascara since I’ve started wearing contact lenses,” says one mascara user. “My lashes feel very heavy and droop at the end of the day. Since I’ve been wearing Paul Penders mascara though, I haven’t had this problem. It makes my lashes feel very light and moisturized.”

Paul Penders natural mascara is exceptionally gentle.

“My eyes are very sensitive and mascara makes them red and itchy after 4 or 5 hours. Paul Penders Mascara didn’t have this effect – I felt comfortable all day long!” says another mascara wearer.

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