Truth & a Salute at Arab Health in Dubai

I have been ‘doing tradeshows’ all my life, actually too many to remember in many places of the world. As a small company we must compete in a rapid changing world. I tell you… being a small cosmetics company doesn’t get easier these days. The fierce grip of multinationals gets almost immoral.
Multinationals get involved at regulatory issues at government levels, lobbying politicians and make life hell for a small, creative business. Reason why a company as “Paul Penders” survives in this hard environment is because we are small. We have chosen to be small and for that it is easier to take a lead, to be outspoken and even ready to take on a fight. Being small has its fine advantages as well. Defending your position as a small creative company helps to make different, better and more creative natural cosmetics.

    Dr. Gatot discusses newest natural ingredients

For that we are at the Arab Health Show here in Dubai as well. We like to know the industry that we are still there. That Paul Penders products continue to be there for many more years to come. We don’t fear competition and just do what we think is best.
Working tradeshows is hard what makes one extremely tired!

    Faye explains our products to a buyer from Egypt

First the preparations, often months of work. Then long international flights to a far away country sleeping in beds not your own. Talking to hundreds of people on the show floor, ones you never met before. Then… walking; lots of walking. Because taxis are all booked at closing time, Bas and Faye, after 10 hours on their feet that day, have to walk for over one hour to their hotel!
I look at pictures and see that already the 2nd day the event weirs on their body; yet they keep a positive outlook, ready to take on yet another conversation… hopefully a new distributor! The excitement to expand in the Middle East makes them upbeat at all times.
About show emotions

    Morning calm at the show floor…

A still empty hallway… the morning before the show starts – almost a serene feel before it starts to get very hectic with people moving everywhere. Then at night the atmosphere of the busy days changes. It gets quite after having worked a full day at the booth. Tired but happy that the day is over but also knowing another busy day is yet to come!
I, personal, at the end of each show get little sentimental!

    A medical doctor from Afghanistan wants Bas to wear his hat. Always new friends being made.

I am not sure why because are tradeshows not only about business? However, at each show we make new friends. Sometimes we have dinner together after a day of hard work. Then when the show is finally over, the excitement dies. People drive to airports to go home in all directions. With the show adrenaline gone some are happy and some wished they would have done better.
Salute to Bastiaan and Faye standing tall at this major show!

    Ready to go back to the hotel

Paul Penders Co is not afraid of multinationals. We won our own place in the world of cosmetics already and believe we have not too much too worry about them simply because we are smaller. We are more outspoken.
We make natural cosmetics the best way … the Paul Penders way.

Presentation review on Paul Penders in Salt Lake City, Utah

Who doesn’t love sharing positive news about special people making a difference? This is about Sherry from Salt Lake City, Utah. She recently finished a special esthetician course and now puts her dream into reality… finally her very own skincare practice! She finished this course besides being a housewife and mother to 5 children!
All at Paul Penders Company say CONGRULATIONS SHERRY….
You did it and you can be very proud on your achievement. We wish you all success possible!


    Sherry & family

My Name is Sherry Zerba and live Salt Lake City, Utah. I just graduated from a Master Esthetician Program at “Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare”.
This professional course is needed to start my own skincare practice. I got educated deeply about the skin and its functions, special treatments and an intensive product knowledge, including the importance of high quality product ingredients.
At my assignment I had to pick a product line and give a full presentation on that line as if we were the representative for that product. We then had to tell the class if it was a product line we all would approve of. I feel very privileged to have had Paul Penders Natural Organic Herbal Cosmetics as the focus of my assignment.

    During the presentation

It is so important what we put on our skin. Other students who had also given reports on other product lines could not say they would ever use the products as they have chemicals in them linked to cancer. Other chemicals not linked to cancer but have been shown to contribute to hormonal problems, headaches, allergies, depression, fatigue, learning disabilities, hyperactivity and irritability.
I felt that it was good to be able to do my report on products that were not only all-natural, but also backed up with a good philosophy and strong reputation.

    Finalized the presentation

Also what I like about the Paul Penders website is that you can view all ingredients and if you don’t know what that ingredient means you go to a specific ingredient page that will tell you exactly what benefits that ingredient has for your skin.
Anyway I want you to know that I got an “A” on my assignment.  My entire class was impressed. It made me wish that I was really a representative for Paul Penders products in the United States! So I can say: I am a Paul Penders fan!!
Thank you Paul Penders Co for giving the unique opportunity to represent your company and sharing the wonderful philosophy. Thanks for all the support given in helping making my project such a success!

PS: and now I am opening my own skincare salon in Utah in the next few months! The name will be “2 Beautifly”….
I’m so excited.
Paul Penders Team wish you, Sherry, Happy Birthday!!

Fasting in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark !

I am Lily and assistant to Faye in the marketing department of Paul Penders Co in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark. I wish to tell you little bit about a very special time we have right now. The month of Ramadhan is where Muslims all over the world fast from sunrise till sunset. It is a special month for spiritual reflection, prayers, and training the body and mind to be a good, righteous, complete and trying to be a perfect Muslim.
Fasting during an entire month is not only forgoing food and drinks from sunrise till sunset. It is also “fasting” from unhealthy thoughts, from uttering bad words and even from listening to gossips as well!
For non-Muslims it must be quite strange talking about fasting, but at the same time see all these pictures from mouth watering food, isn’t? But that is because some 14 hours without any food and without anything to drink, especially in hot countries like in Malaysia is not easy, believe me!
Therefore all Muslims look forward to the end of every day!! To be able to eat and drink again, although it must be done with moderation as well. Muslims all over the world then are allowed to eat and drink till the next morning… it is then when fasting starts all over again…. This for an entire month. It is really not all that easy… believe me
Here in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark in Malaysia you can find stalls everywhere selling varieties of wonderful locally prepared food and drinks for “breaking the fast”. That is when the sun sets. These bazaars open at 3pm and close right before the breaking of fast.
I hope you enjoy looking at some of these images of our local foods. We very much enjoy them here at our small island, especially during the month of Ramadhan. In the spirit of the fasting month too, we always look forward to see as many friends and tourists as possible to join us with the daily breaking of fast.
Yes, fasting still can be a feast indeed! Fasting can be our best “health friend”. Many religions fast from time to time in order to free our bodies from toxics while fasting also brings peace to our mind. Also many beauty treatments offered today include fasting as well. Fasting is healthy and very good for our body! The cleansing effect it brings follows by radiant looking skin as well!
The fasting month ends with the new moon coming with a wonderful festival called in Malaysia “Hari Raya” and we will be visiting friends and relatives wherever we can. We also welcome everyone to my house and in case you happen to be in Malaysia… please join me and my family for a wonderful traditional Hari Raya meal