The Story of Michelle

“I have been using your products for more than 20 years as I am chemically allergic to cosmetics. I use your black eye pencil and mascara exclusively. These are the ONLY I do not react to. I can not wear any other makeup as I react severely to them. I beg you to not to remove these products ever from production. Thank you!”

    Michelle deJarld, California, USA
    (Address not disclosed on request)

I use a great testimonial as follow-up to my blog article of a while ago because of the scare tactics by “The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics” where our customers spontaneously write us that show that Paul Penders cosmetics are SAFE even for people with most sensitive skin.
What makes me upset is that our time-tested natural ingredients, according to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, are linked to cancer and a host of diseases without any scientific evidence presented by them. How is this possible in a country like the US? We receive testimonials from satisfied people all the time, but this one is special. I wish to share especially this one with you too.
The Story of Michelle.
Dear Paul,
I would be honored if you use my letter as a testimonial.  My name is Michelle deJarld and I live in California. I have had allergies all my life to foods, chemicals, environmental factors and most anything and everything. Wearing make-up has been very difficult as I am allergic to so many products. Paul Penders is the only eyeliner and mascara that I have been able to find anywhere that I won’t react to.
I was born with hives, an allergic reaction to a medication my mother had taken before delivery.  I have a lot of food allergies also. It’s been an interesting and very challenging journey so far!!
I am an official court reporter by day and a rock drummer in a local band by night.

The band I play in is called “Moe and the Sparrows” and we do all original Christian rock songs. I enjoy classical music very much as well, and any guitarist that I have worked with a classical background is always a wonderful musician!
I also have played bass guitar in a cover band doing early 60s through 90s along with current rock music. Drumming and guitar are great outlets for stress and a lot of fun!!  The stress of my day job is tremendous so to have a great outlet like this really helps!
I am a Blink 182 fan, but I love all kinds of music and bands out there currently. And past, from the Blues, some Jazz, rap, and of course rock artists like the Rolling Stones to the Beatles to Led Zeppelin (whose drummer John Bonham was a great influence)  to Pearl Jam to No Doubt, to Lincoln Park to Kings of Leon, etc., the list is infinite.
I am a Cancer Moonchild
Very sensitive internally along with the external sensitivities! I’m also a natural very dark redhead; French and Irish, which again adds to the sensitivities! Anyhow, for over 20 years now your products help me to be able to wear makeup like the rest of the world and even more needed and useful for my performances!
Michelle deJarld

Brenda’s Friends – Give the girl a break!

Let me tell you something about some friends of mine.
I start with Lynn, picture her as a western women in her early thirties.
Happy living together with her boyfriend. Good education, works 4 days a week, healthy living, though a bit overweight but no problems with this. And very, very enthusiastic and always busy!

When I meet her, she is always talking, and I am listening to the many stories she tells me. Telling about her travelling tour to Cambodia, exercise for the 10miles marathon in few months, preparing a trip with her family for her mother’s birthday, the pressure at work because there as so many projects that need to be finished, attending a workshop in the evening for mastering her skills, carrying heavy stones from the garden, for it has to be restructured, the coming weekend parasailing with her boyfriend…and even more.
Can you imagine that I always have fun when she comes around?
And she is happy, I can see it in her eyes.
Because I have so much fun with her, but also was wondering if she would like to have a day with nothing around, I decided to give her a break.
We went to my friend’s beauty salon for a well deserved, relaxing Ramuan treatment.
And there I could see it: Lynn talked and talked about her new exciting projects, but after an hour Lynn got silent. I saw her drifting into a relaxing state of mind. She looked at ease and enjoyed the silence.

At the end of the Ramuan day, Lynn looked even more shiny and glowing than ever before.
And do you know what she told me? We should take more moments of silence and even more, appreciate silence around us!
Can you understand why I love this lady?
Brenda’s friends are short stories of experiences of modern women. As Brenda is entirely made up by the writer, notice that she and her friends do not really exist! Thus people and stories are fiction. We hope you get an insight in our thoughts and values in life. Sometimes serious, sometimes just funny. Enjoy and we hope you get good understanding about Brenda’s approach to life!