Brenda’s stories – Meet Hannah Montana

Did I ever tell you before how I got to know all these friends of mine in all kinds of countries? I don’t believe I did.
Before I settled down, got married and children I used to travel a lot. That already started when I was in college. I spent some time in Europe as an exchange student. After that I went back many times for my job as a wine merchant. As you will know, Europe is still the heart of wine production in the world. France obviously, but also Italy, Spain and Germany. I was always looking for fine wines for my company to buy and sell. That is how I got to know another of my friends that this story is about.
Aziza lives in Dortmund, being married to a German man called Manfred, but she actually comes from Malaysia. From Dortmund to the Southwest of Germany there are large wine estates, one of them being owned by Aziza and her husband. They produce a very fine white wine that I immediately decided to buy for my company.
As it turned out, Aziza and I got along really well so I went back as often as I possibly could. I was there when her daughter Sophie was born!
Sophie is now 5 years old and well aware of her background. One evening Aziza, keeping her Asian heritage alive, had died Sophie’s hands with henna. Something very common in Asian and Arabian culture, but not that much in Germany.

When Sophie went to school next day naturally her girlfriends asked about the painting on her hands, so Sophie explained to them it was henna. Her girlfriends, completely astonished all shouted out: What? Were they done by Hannah Montana? They all wanted to meet her and Sophie had to ask Aziza for help to explain she did NOT know Hannah Montana, but that she does know henna and how to dye hands with it.
After the girls had overcome their disappointment of not getting to meet Hannah Montana, they all went to school the next day with a beautiful henna painting on their hands.

Master Peter Erhart from Germany visits Paul Penders HQ in Langkawi

Today we got a very interesting visit from Germany!

Master Peter Erhart is an accomplished trainer and works for multinational cosmetic companies such as Wella, Schwartzkopf and L’Oreal. He conducts professional training classes for beauticians in Europe with students from Europe and also from the U.S. He is a creative master in a special developed technique in hair and makeup style and applications. Peter worked in that position in London, Paris, Berlin and several other cities.

Both of us coming from the same background (women cosmetologists) we had lots to discuss and also shared few interesting stories from our careers.

Now Master Erhart specializes in a new scientific approach involves hair care and makeup technology. He achieved lots of success in that direction from various professional sources.

Peter and I discussed how to develop advanced application techniques for Paul Penders natural organic makeup products as well. Maybe him to become a member of the new Paul Penders Advisory Board as well?
He truly loves Langkawi UNESCO Geopark. Like me, Master Erhart loves the ocean waves, the rainforests and mountains on this beautiful island. I am sure we will hear more from Peter shortly and we wish him success in his life-time search for new techniques in creating the best in natural beauty products for women all over the world.

Thanks Master Peter for your very interesting visit.