‘Thank You’ To Such A Wonderful Team!

    On the beach on Penang Island – L to R – Mei Ling, Bastiaan Penders,
    Lee Booi, Paul Penders, Salina Abdullah, Yen Dinh Phipp, Katja Penders

Today we had few of our favorite visitors at the Penang Island office: our friends and the Master Distributor for Paul Penders products in Malaysia. Two representatives from ‘NIC Intl’ arrived from Kuala Lumpur – Mei Ling and Lee Booi. For the past 7 years, they have handled all business for Paul Penders products in Malaysia and Singapore.

Their markets also include the beautiful West Malaysia (Borneo) area as well as the Penang and Langkawi rainforest islands. These folks are well organized, make excellent promotions and are active at trade shows in spreading the word about our natural botanical cosmetics.

But more than ‘just’ distributors, over the years, they have become very good friends as well. We support each other wherever we can, and in that way make our unique cooperation stronger and more meaningful than just doing “pure business.” And that is the way we like it — as we believe this relationship is an example of how the world of business can be.

Green Meadow, Pahang

In the beautiful State of Pahang in Malaysia, their sister company, “Green Meadow,” hosts programs on a wonderful piece of land in the Malaysian mountains. They organize training programs for consumers to educate them in vegetarian cooking, learn about herbs and herbal medicines, participate in healing sessions and much more.

The land in Pahang belongs to an organic farmer, and “Green Meadow” works together with him to organize activities to educate and create awareness in the local community for healthy living. They hold camps: detox camp, nourishment camp, and fasting camp. Their leader, Mme. Chin, is a famous teacher and much respected in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

I plan to attend a weekend session soon to broaden my horizons and enjoy the serenity of nature in those beautiful mountains. How much more fun can there be than doing business like that?

NIC Corp, as our country distributor in Malaysia, also manages several ‘Paul Penders Organic Beauty Salons’ located in several parts of Kuala Lumpur. Customers there are being pampered with our fine products; they can relax and can enjoy a sauna and a full-body massage besides an array of other beauty therapy services.

Thanks, LeeBooi and Mei Ling, for visiting us again. We always love your upbeat, positive attitude that – for sure – helps to create friendships and the trust that is so needed in the growing (but stable) business environment in Malaysia and Singapore.

We are just lucky to be working with you and with the entire team of NIC!  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for being able together to create vision… Such is the uniqueness of a happy business!!!

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The Get-together Dinner

I had been invited to a dinner on Monday night and was asked to be at Paul Penders office from 7.30pm onwards, when the guests were expected to be arriving. Upon reaching, I was amazed to see the brightly lit up office building. The lights made it look like a magnificent mansion from far away. See the photo of Paul Penders office taken during the day.

As I entered into the building, I was greeted by unrecognized faces but with firm handshakes and shy smiles. I proceeded upstairs and I saw Susan. I remember putting in a contribution from her into Paul Penders blog regarding the changes of her skin and life after using Paul Penders products. Besides, she is also a regular reader of the blog who leaves comments occasionally. Although it’s my first time meeting her, I felt a sense of familiarity with her. She looked beautiful in her midnight blue dress, which she paired with a seashell necklace. I was impressed with her fair and smooth skin that barely had any make-up on.

As the time passed, more guests began to turn up. I thought there would only be the Langkawi staff and I was taken aback to see more than 20 people showed up that night, who came from different places including Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Bangkok, Vietnam, and Netherlands. They were the distributors, the staff in the Langkawi headquarter, the website designers and the representatives from the manufacturing, packaging and shipping, and others who work indirectly with Paul Penders company.

I had also met Chan and Anne, a couple who is in charge of the manufacturing in Kuala Lumpur, Kaye and Lee Booi from the Green Meadow, and Mariek, the talented and experienced Executive Director of worldwide Marketing & Sales, and Nic and Krista.

After everyone had arrived, we made our way to the lawn in front of the office building for dinner. Although the buffet spread was simple, the food was wholesome and extravagant. Our meal was completed with fried noodle, fried rice, sambal chicken, mutton curry, stir-fried vegetables, salad, sambal prawns, fresh pegaga, hotdogs, nuggets and French fries, and pudding for dessert.

A variety of beverages were served to cater to different age groups and individual preferences, such as orange juice, soft drinks, mineral water, beer, wine and Whiskey.

After a hearty dinner, everyone started to mingle around and take photos to preserve the memories of that night. Some of the married ones brought their family along too and the kids were having fun playing tag and hide-and-seek together.

Although the party wasn’t a grand one, the chance to understand more about this company and the excitement of meeting new people made the night a memorable one. As the night progressed, the guests gradually left the party. We bid each other goodbye and wished goodnight. I went home covering sweat (due to the humid weather in Langkawi), but I was all wrapped up with friendly hugs and kisses. Thanks for the wonderful dinner and experience, everyone!

Recession… Where? No, RECORD SALES!

SmileyThe first six months of 2009 has now run out.

Whether we listen to the news on TV or read a newspaper, one of the most repeated words is “recession”. Employment and sales seem to be declining everywhere. It is a quite depressing reality.

You should think there were no good news to tell when it comes to business…

But, there is! It seems like someone has discovered the secret of doing business during a recession. Continue reading “Recession… Where? No, RECORD SALES!”