Meet Our Distributors – Mei Sin, Brunei

Several lively and encouraging photos were sent in by our buyer and distributor in the country of Brunei.

A dynamic young couple in their early thirties, Ms. Mei Sin and her husband Simon Chin opened a beauty salon some time ago. Recently, she renovated it into a Paul Penders beauty salon. With her team, they put real effort into the design and display there.

Simon Chin, Mei Sin’s husband, runs a business importing and supplying spare parts and mechanical devices to the Shell corporation. They are based in Kuala Beilat, Brunei’s second largest city. They had their second baby just a couple months ago. On returning to her beauty salon after her maternity break, Mei Sin decided to turn it into a Paul Penders specialty salon. With the help of her husband and team, this entrepreneurial young woman is well on her way to success.

Brunei salon owner Mei Sin is on the right in the green jacket.

We are always curious to know more about our distributors and their interests. It is always a benefit to hear from professionals in the field. We asked Mei Sin about her preferences and why she chose Paul Penders products for her salon.

She told us:

    “My favorite products in PP are Skin toner, A.M Moisturizer, (especially) P.M Moisturizer, Exfoliant, Body firming Cellulite Serum & Lip gloss.“

“I like the skin toner coz its got firming effects. A.M & P.M Moisturizers are my favourites coz they feel smooth, supple, refreshing after use. The more important thing is they do not feel sticky or oily after being applied.

For the exfoliant, I’m applying it after the toner and before the moisturizer, the results come out good. It cleans and gives my skin more radiance and glow as well.

The body firming cellulite serum is non-sticky after application; it feels smooth and helps me to firm up my flabby arms.

It’s very simple why I like the lip gloss — coz it’s rich in moisture!

Lastly, the smell is nice in all these PP products. :)”

She also gave four great reasons she chose to present Paul Penders products:

  • Organic Products
  • Halal
  • No chemicals &
  • No animal testing. 

When asked who would take care of the salon with the demands of a new baby, Mei Sin smiled happily and said that her mother-in-law would be helping out so she can take care of the newborn and get a little rest.

We wish them good luck and continued success.

By TeamPP

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Why Halal Certified Cosmetics?

Often people in the US or Europe ask me what halal cosmetics are. Many have heard about the word “kosher” but not “halal”. Long before the term “certified organic” became the newest kid on the block, Paul Penders cosmetics were already halal formulated. We are intensely serious about quality of our products and all Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics are CERTIFIED HALAL
At the international cosmetics convention in Bangkok few months ago, Darhim Hashim of the International Halal Integrity Alliance spoke on the growing interest of halal formulated cosmetics world-wide.
The word halal means: permissible in Arabic. In the scope of halal cosmetics, the concept covers critical aspects of: production, sourcing of raw materials, and usage of permissible substances. All must be manufactured, stored and packaged according to specific halal requirements.
One of the reasons why I have been an advocate of halal cosmetics is that no animal products can be used, no animal by-products or slaughter products can be used, and no alcohol. But also, in order to get a government halal certification, manufacturing is a way more stringent process than simply GMP manufacturing.
Halal requirements for cosmetics have never been changed and are the same for ages. The process of certification is simple and clear; for everyone in any country of the world the same. In the US are no different requirements than in The Netherlands or in Malaysia. That too is why I like halal.
I found out 20 years ago that the halal requirements are exactly as to my own values. Our products are natural and use certified organic ingredients, no animal ingredients or whatsoever. Paul Penders products are officially halal certified not just the same process like organic certification board that wants to be in the business too and like the money aspects involved too. With halal certification is no money involved, period.
Paul Penders products are government halal certified in order to guarantee the best of ethically produced cosmetics made in the most clean environment, produced by people who care for these specific principles for the benefit of our consumers world-wide.

When you enter the Paul Penders offices at Langkawi UNESCO Geopark Island, the first thing is noticed are the many certificates hanging on the wall. We call it COMMITMENT towards quality of ethically produced cosmetic products without fanfare, without confusion and without sneaky business practices. A government approved halal certification for cosmetics means that these products are simply the best.

Asian markets are getting hungry for real stuff

Words like halal, ayurvedic, biodynamic are actually statements in Asia. Even the word “natural” has special meaning here because of a different cultural background. The lifestyle of people in countries in Asia seems more connected to nature than the commercialized lifestyles of most people in the west. The word “natural” is not being raped of its true meaning like in the U.S. and Europe.

Asia is certainly turning green! But not much interested in confusing regulations of few certifying organic bodies in the U.S. and Europe. In Asia people seem to think conservative but I rather use the word “pure” in stead. People seem to understand the ego, greed and competitive business few certifying bodies have become in. In Asia they look at things in mature ways and as far as I have seen rather develop their own unified certified standards for cosmetics.

Meeting at Indocert

Interesting enough I was several weeks ago a guest at Indocert (the Indian certifying body accredited by DAkks, Ecocert, USDA, etc.) I felt inspired with that visit and surprised too because of the professional, clean and kind ways Indocert goes about its business of certifications.

Compare to what happened at the last Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California? Wasn’t this a disgrace? Of course it was. U.S. and European certifying bodies can learn a bit from the approach here in Asia.

Here some results of a recent research about how Asians think about “their” own standards regarding natural organic products and its certification process:

Here is what I think.

Whatever happens in the future in Asia, true winners are consumers looking to get true information with a cosmetic purchase. No hoopla stories of some certifying bodies. And I can say you this. With all what I saw and heard at my visit at Indocert, I believe that Asian countries may come up with the right dose of honesty.

Of course I look forward to your comments, not really like that lady from New York who recently scolded me about natural soybean oil, using words I can’t use here for thousands of people reading this blog.

I start to love Asia more and more. Talk about culture, kindness, understanding and respect… well, the certified organic game is on in Asia as well. And I am watching.