Is There Something Like Organic Sunscreen?

The FDA does not allow sunscreens to be labeled as “organic sunscreens” and here is why. There are two ways sunscreens work.

  • Physical sunscreens that physically block or reflect harmful UV rays from the skin. They have mineral pigments zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as active ingredients.
  • Chemical sunscreens that absorb damaging rays using chemicals, filtering them before they reach the skin. These cannot be certified organic.

Products containing titanium dioxide can never be considered for organic certification although titanium dioxide is a wonderful and expensive ingredient that Paul Penders uses successfully for over 10 years in our Herbal Sunscreen SPF 22 and its efficacy tested by independent labs including the Korean FDA

Herbal Sunscreen SPF22 is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to provide a broad spectrum protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. Sun protection comes mainly from titanium dioxide (a naturally occurring mineral). Also added ethyl hexyl methoxycinnamat (also occurring in cinnamon leaves), LevensESSENTIE Gold® (herbal extract made from 22 organic herbs), vitamin E and vitamin A, as well as natural plant oils to soothe and moisturize.

Herbal Sunscreen SPF22 efficacy is tested by independent labs including the Korean FDA

(Image from Australian Organic Association)

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An Incredible Contest With Unique R&D Opportunities

The famous, world-known Iron Man contest may take place again this year in Langkawi. When it happens, Paul Penders Co sponsors again 57 year old New Zealander Leslie McMillan.
Leslie will be for up to 13 hours being exposed to torture under a burning tropical sun. And believe me, no peanuts to undergo such harsh tropical sun conditions hitting your body when one is in a survival mode during this race with the great obstructions.
The rainforest island of Langkawi Geopark in Malaysia is located 5 degrees north of the equator with weather temperatures at this time of the year varying from 30 to 35 degrees C or 100 degrees F – that during the entire day!
It is obvious that a whole day in the sun means an enormous attack on the skin. Sunburn and dry skin would be inevitable if adequate protection would not be taken very serious.
Therefore a wonderful opportunity for Paul Penders to perform R&D tests during this race. Where in the world to find better conditions to measure efficacy of our products? To know for sure how far our natural products can go in protecting skin and hair in a grueling sun?
Any R&D scientist would dream to test his products this way. No lab tests in artificial conditions with computers for performance tests. No, this is the real thing in hot sun and salt seawater; thus extensive scalp and hair protection is a must.

    Some 700 Iron Men contesting in the ocean in a 4.5 Km swim

What Paul Penders products will be used during the race, as well during training sessions prior to the race?

Leslie, as well as us, were quite satisfied with the protecting effects that our products offered last time. Think about this… Just a 30-minute walk in the burning sun here in Malaysia will make one totally wet and exhausted. So imagine the effect on the body when one is for 13 hours constantly swimming, biking and running?

    Finishing…!! Yvonne, R&D manager of Paul Penders brings flowers to an exhausted Iron Man

Of course, only Leslie can share the details of the experience of fighting the elements. This will be covered in an exclusive interview after the race. With over 700 Iron Man competing, Leslie may not win but for sure will be one of the best protected contestants when it comes to professional natural skin and hair care products.
Note: Each Langkawi Iron Man Race receives some 700 participants from up to 40 countries with over 1,500 volunteers helping out.

Why Sponsor an Iron Man?

Paul Penders

By Paul Penders

I would like to say few a words after the finish of the 11th Ironman race in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark. For the second time, we proudly sponsored Leslie McMillan, the 55 year old hero from New Zealand.

I would like to explain why we sponsor this. Why do we for example not sponsor an event that has impact on natural cosmetics?

Leslie McMillan looking for his bike (Photo courtesy of Emmes)

First, I have to bring up that we sponsor other things as well… like the vegetarian restaurant in Kuah Town, Langkawi, where everyone short of money can eat a free, delicious and healthy vegetarian meal, cooked the Buddhist way. The only contribution required is to wash your own plate afterwards!

We also pay for eye operations for blind children in China, enabling the children to see and live a normal life again. When the tsunami-disaster happened 5 years ago, we were the first company – one day after the tsunami hit the island – to donate a sizeable sum for relief to the local mosque.

So why sponsor Leslie as well?

Leslie McMillan and his wife Jackie

We do it because we believe in the human spirit. Here we have one of the gentlest persons imaginable. A person, who is going to the extremes to test his body and spirit. Several younger men had to drop out of this race (including last year’s winner…), but Leslie continued!

At the age of 55, he sets an example by stating that life is not over at 55. Heck no – he will be doing this till he is 65 or till whatever age, before he decides to stop.

Herbal Sunscreen SPF 22

Meanwhile, during training and during this unforgettable Ironman race, he tests Paul Penders products.

Others finished the race with sunburned skin – but not so with Leslie! And not so with Paul Penders customers, who uses the same sun protection.

Because Paul Penders products has been tested – in practice. By someone like Leslie. Making sure the products hold up, even in extreme weather and sporting conditions.

Lastly, Leslie is one of my favorite people here on the island. Wherever he goes, he is received well. He is naturally kind and good-humoured!

There is always a positive word to others from Leslie.  He even encouraged his competitors in the race not to give up, while at the same time being close to exhaustion himself. People like Leslie are for sure hard to find.

For that, we love Leslie.

Paul Penders Co proudly sponsors this very special Iron Man!

Paul Penders, CEO

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Ironman 2010: The Ultimate Challenge – Part 1

Leslie McMillan, the 55 year old New Zealander sponsored by Paul Penders, completed his third consecutive Ironman on Langkawi island in Malaysia last Saturday.

Sunburned Back - but NOT Leslie's. He was protected by Herbal Sunscreen SPF 22 and did not suffer any burns at all

Leslie was sponsored by Paul Penders. Everything was done to protect his skin, body and hair during the race. Read here how to be protected in extreme weather conditions.

The story of his race experiences this year is a story of fight and struggle, about pain and agony, about weather conditions close to being inhuman, and about the change between fear and hope. In other words; it is a fascinating story, no matter if you like sport or not.

It is the story of winning – not the race, but winning one’s own inner fight.

Here are the first of two parts of Leslie’s fascinating experience – as told by Leslie himself.

By Leslie McMillan:

Last Saturday’s event was just as exciting as the previous two and I felt I had trained well for what lay ahead.

My day started early as it was necessary to rise at 4 AM to eat a good breakfast that would allow adequate digestion prior to the race start at 7.45 AM.

I arrived at the race venue about 6 AM, and there was a buzz of excitement as everyone prepared themselves for the long day ahead. Bicycle tires had to be inflated correctly, food and drink supplies loaded on to the bike, and, of course, a few quiet moments to just relax and focus the mind.

The swim has just started

After the professionals started at 7.30 AM sharp, I made my way into the water with a plan to stay to the far side of the course, and avoid the congestion of some 500 other swimmers who  tended to favor the inside and middle part of the course. It can get a little brutal out there in the excitement of the start; swimmers can get in your way and can even come to blows.

I had planned to swim slowly towards the start line at the two minute countdown, so I would be moving across the line when the gun went off at 7.45 AM.

Unfortunately, the local dignitary entrusted to fire the starting pistol proceeded to fire it prematurely, and I was left some 50 meters short of the line. Many others were in the same predicament.

My swim went well, and I managed to have plenty of space to myself, only getting caught up with diagonal swimmers a couple of times. I don’t mean that term in a derogatory way, but many swimmers only train in a pool, and have difficulties holding a straight line. It can be frustrating having them banging into you. I swim straight, because I only train in the ocean.

Leslie has finished his swim and heads on to his bike (Photo courtesy of Emmes)

It was a hard swim out to the turning point at halfway distance of 1.9 km. Everyone had to battle a strong incoming tide that was not present in the previous year’s race.

I remember looking out to my right and seeing a marker saying I had only covered 600 meters. It felt like I had already been swimming a considerable time.

The return leg was much easier, and I exited the water after the 3.8 km feeling strong. My time for the swim was 1 hour and 31 minutes, around 15 minutes slower than last year’s .This was OK because, due to the strong tide, it seemed many competitors had a similar story of slower swim times.

My transition from swim to bike took just over 4 minutes, and before I knew it, I was heading out on the road…

Leslie on his way to hit the road (Photo courtesy of Emmes)

Little did he know he was headed for something far more turbulent!

Part 2 tomorrow!

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How Paul Penders Products Help an Iron Man

    Leslie McMillan – sponsored by Paul Penders

On Saturday, February 27, the annual Langkawi Ironman contest takes place, and – as last year – Paul Penders are sponsoring the now 55 years old New Zealander Leslie McMillan.
We had a Pre-Race interview with Leslie two days ago – it can be read here – but today we will concentrate more on what it means and involves being a sponsor for an Iron Man.
13 hours, 17 minutes, and 22 seconds. This was the time Leslie McMillan was exposed to the burning tropical sun during last years Langkawi Ironman contest.
And it IS tropical sun. Langkawi, in Malaysia, is located only 5 degrees north of Equator. The weather forecast for Saturday’s race promises a sunny day, with temperatures very constant at 30 degrees (86 F) during all day.

    Herbal Sunscreen SPF22

It is obvious that a whole day in the sun means an enormous skin exposure to the sun. Sunburns and dry skin would be the inevitable result, was protection not used.
So, to protect against the grueling sun, Paul Penders Herbal Sunscreen SPF22 is applied to Leslie’s face, arms, hands, and legs before the race.
Before applying the Herbal Sunscreen SPF 22, a foundation of Paul Penders Aloe & Lavender A.M. Moisturizer is used on all skin areas. This is to preserve the skins natural moisture level.
Since the contest starts with a 3.9 km (2.4 mile) swim in salty water, the hair is an important thing to care for as well.

    Time-Release Jasmine Shampoo

Before and after the race, Leslie washes his hair with Paul Penders Time-Release Jasmine Shampoo, and as a conditioner, Paul Penders Herbal Lemon Conditioner is used. This, in combination, is the best thinkable preparation for Leslie’s hair before a swim in the salty water and the following exposure to the sun.
As follow-up treatment of the hair, Paul Penders Holy Basil Conditioning Scalp Toner is used for a period after the race. This is to ensure the correct nutrient intake, and to balance the sebum production, as well as to prevent dandruff, and to repair any damaged hair.

    This is how you look after 2.4 miles (3.9 km) of swimming, 112 miles (180 km) of biking, and 26.2 miles (42.2 km) of running – all in 13 hrs 17 min and 22 sec

Finally, after each training session – and there have been a lot of them – before resting, Leslie has used Paul Penders Ceramide Recovery Lipo A, C & E , which is a natural skin rescue treatment that helps retexture the skin’s surface, gives a smoother appearance, and has an immediate firming effect.
Leslie might not win the race, but he will for sure be one of the best protected and well prepared contestants when it comes to personal hair and skincare.
Let us finish off with a few facts about Langkawi Ironman:
This year, Langkawi Ironman has 736 participants from 41 countries (as of 15 February).
There will be more than 1.500 volunteers to help out during the race.
A brisk 20 minutes walk during the day will make you sweaty. Imagine, how more than 13 hours of swimming, biking and running will make you feel…
Leslie will be able to tell. And he will certainly share his experiences during the race with us in an interview on the blog next week.
Only one thing remains, and that is to say: Leslie, all of us from Paul Penders Co are full of admiration for what you are doing, and we wish you all the best on Saturday.

    Leslie during his 112 miles (180 km) biking last year

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