Part 2: A Blogger fights Ageing — the Adventure Continues…

Do you know…what moisturizers do?

Oh, these last hot days of summer! Days when we crave moisture — the splash of a fountain that refreshes as you walk by, a plunge into a pool, a long cool drink of water… Your body thirsts for moisture in summer heat – and unless you live in the tropics — you can look forward to the long dry months of winter as well.

I’ve just come indoors from gardening, feeling all hot and sweaty. I shower off and pass by the mirror. Shockingly, instead of looking refreshed, the skin on my neck and face looks wrinkly; the creases and age lines much deeper than they were this morning. I’m all wet but my skin looks dry – how can this be? Is it the sun? I’d carefully smoothed on an SPF sunscreen but still my skin looks a bit sun-damaged. Must be the soap. Being dirty, I’d washed with an antibacterial product which seems to have sucked the last bit of moisture out of my skin.

Quickly, I head to the assortment of Paul Penders products that I have lined up on the dresser. There’s one called ‘Hydrating Control Serum.’ Hydrating – that must mean it adds water to the skin. Yes, just what I need! I dab the white cream on – and the results are instantaneous! My skin instantly looks normal again! What’s in this ‘magic cream’ anyway?

I look up the product on which lists all the ingredients in detail. The two main active ingredients listed are Cocos nucifera (Coconut) extract and Caprylic/Capric triglycerides. I don’t really know what caprylic means (have to look that one up) but I love coconut in all its many forms! Now I can personally recommend it:

Coconut oil is great for your skin.

I have embarked on an adventure – ‘traveling’ through the product line and trying to learn more about their ingredients and formulas. I’m no scientist but I know what “feels” good. So often I just grab the nearest product rather than spending time to research and make an informed decision about whether it will be good for my body.

Getting moisture into skin by using a “moisturizer” is a case in point.

I tend to have dry skin, especially now as I start to see signs of “mature skin.” In the past, I usually rushed to the nearest tube or bottle whenever my skin felt dry. But now I’ve started a morning and evening “Skin Care Regime.”

Each morning, I apply A.M. Moisturizer which is a light cream which contains lavender and aloe vera extracts, and fine calendula and flaxseed oils. I like the light fragrance of lavender – there’s something both calm but energizing about it.

Before bed, it’s time to get more serious with the P.M. Moisturizer, a lotion that’s concocted with avocado and cranberry, as well as the seed oil from the jojoba plant that survives in the most desert conditions. This product has won awards in the U.K. two years running.

I apply the P.M. Moisturizer to my face and hands and wherever my skin feels dry. It feels really nice on my feet – especially if I can get someone to give me a foot massage…

I slather on creams, gels or lotions at other times of the day. They make me feel better – but what do they actually do? How do they work? Which ones should I use? Here’s what I’ve learned:

An “occlusive” moisturizer acts like another coat for your skin – especially useful if you will be out in the wind or strong sun.

On dry days – whether the weather is hot or cold – you will want a “humectant” to draw water from the air onto your skin.

If you have stressed your body in some way, through poor diet, lack of exercise, accident or illness, or simply working too hard, your skin will show it. To restore its natural balance, look for “restorative” products that provide vitamins, minerals, amino-lipids and other skin-healthy ingredients.

All three of the products described here act as occlusives and humectants. With the addition of Paul Penders exclusive Organic LevensESSENTIE Gold® and other ingredients, they all also act as “restoratives” to support your skin’s natural health and most beautiful appearance.

By Teviot Fairservis.


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An Adventure In Exploring Natural Beauty Products

Help! Am I getting old? My skin is so dry!

Just finished washing dishes and sat down to write on the computer when suddenly I realize: my hands feel so dry! I look down to see creases and wrinkles and the slightly swollen knuckles of an ageing woman’s hands. Help!

Luckily, I remember that tucked in my closet are two bags filled with samples of Paul Penders products. I line the boxes and tubes along my dresser and wonder which one to choose. Here’s a collection of baby items – shampoo, shower gel, body lotion. Over there is a box marked ‘A.M. Moisturizer’ containing aloe and lavender; is there a ‘P.M.’ one as well? Yes! And here is a tube of ‘Lavender Body Lotion.’ But will it be strong enough? Ah, there it is, just what I need – ‘Hydrating Control Serum’ which the box reports, “adds moisture to very dry skin.” Perfect! Sweet relief…

And here’s what I should have put on right after rinsing the dishes: ‘Marigold Hand Cream.’ And there’s a box labeled a ‘Juniper and Yarrow 24-Hr Moisturizer.’ I am going to try them all!

The signs of ageing don’t seem to jump out at me every day. It’s a slow but, of course, inevitable process. I pass a mirror and see a new furrow on my brow. My chin line is starting to show a sag. I find myself buttoning up my shirt a little higher to cover the crepe starting to show on my neck.

I am about to embark on an adventure.

There are 36 Paul Penders products lined up along the dresser – I plan to try out each one and learn what it does, what it is made out of, and to see if I can find out why the ingredients were chosen. I want to more about the science out of sheer intellectual curiosity and as topics to write about – and pure vanity, of course – I’d like to look younger and more beautiful than I am.

It’s so easy to forget that we grow older on the outside when you feel – relatively – healthy and young inside. Recently I noticed that I don’t seem to receive many compliments any more. It’s rare that someone says, “Oh, you have such beautiful skin!” Or, “Is your hair color really natural?” Or, “Where did you get that gorgeous lipstick?” when actually my lips were bare.

I don’t think of myself as old, rather I identify myself as a “maturing woman.” Don’t put me out to pasture; I’m not out of the running or over the hill yet. I tell myself I’ve still got plenty of useful years ahead.

Still – I don’t think I’m the only woman in the world whose heart goes all warm and gushy when someone says, “You are so beautiful.” I’d like to hear those words again…

Maybe these natural beauty products that Paul gave me to try will help… And I wonder, “Does becoming more ‘beauty conscious’ help make you more beautiful?” I’ll try to answer these and other questions in future.

Photo Credit: Azizul Zulzaha

By Teviot Fairservis.


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Our Products Thoroughly Tested by Beauty Journal (Part 2) is by far the very best website available that educates consumers concerning all areas of cosmetics; including cosmetic surgery, cosmetic ingredients and the newest cosmetic products on the market. This website provides ‘no-nonsense’ professional in-depth reviews about “the good and the bad” in the cosmetic world. High-end professionals from medical and cosmetic fields are associated with this highly successful web-magazine making it the world’s leading site for honest and true education on cosmetics. Debbie in the Netherlands is one of the officials Test Judges of the Beauty Journal and tested 3 of Paul Penders natural herbal skincare products. Below is her report.

What 3 Paul Penders products did Debbie test?

Paul Penders Hydrating Control Serum

This serum surely feels comfortable on my face thanks to the almost creamy effect. I noticed that it easily spreads out and quickly absorbed into my skin. I decided to use only this serum before going to bed, once a day, because it is of such a firm consistence. Sometimes I use Aloe & Lavender A.M. Moisturizer for the day, but also sometimes I use Aloe & Lavender A.M. Moisturizer for the night as well because I do not like to apply two “thick” layers of skincare on my face.
I noticed every time when I woke up that my skin looked more radiant and smooth. In fact my skin looked very healthy and seemed even firmer than before. The smell of the product is ‘herbalish’ and honestly, I had to get used to it although that particular herbal scent disappears after a couple of minutes.
Paul Penders Aloe & Lavender A.M. Moisturizer

This day care product is of a light composition and gets easily absorbed into the skin. It spreads out wonderfully and I can feel that is soothes my skin. Immediately after application my face feels well moisturized and therefore really soft. It gives my face the comparative matte taint that I like so much. The scent is very fresh and certainly not overwhelming. It’s actually a very nice smell and the texture of the product turns this day care into the perfect product for the typical summer weather conditions in The Netherlands!
Paul Penders Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer

This night moisturizer is of a perfect creamy substance and it feels great on my skin. It’s slightly thicker than the day care moisturizer but still quickly absorbed into my skin. It doesn’t feel oily and that’s a great advantage compared to some other organic night creams I’ve been testing before!
This time I really feel that I am giving my skin a little extra for the night and I am actually looking forward to every new evening when I can use the personal night cream that I have now adopted to love…
This Avocado & Cranberry PM Moisturizer also has the specific Paul Penders herbal like scent but… meanwhile I have grown into loving it!!! Because of this herbal smell I am starting to think that it might just really do the work for my skin. This scent helps me to keep close to nature and makes me realize that this is just what we have forgotten. Staying close to Mother Nature for she provides in life all we need.

My conclusion about Paul Penders Cosmetics:
Using all these 3 products result in a healthier looking skin and makes me really happy to look into the mirror. My skin looks well nourished and firmer. I do not expect my lines to disappear or even become less because the most important thing for me is radiant skin and a healthy glow. The paradox of this conclusion is that at first I was afraid to write this positive review because one could not possibly be so enthusiastic about Paul’s products. My test results seem exaggerated but then, I am truly THAT enthusiastic! Surely there must be a minor….
Well there could be two little minors of Paul’s products:

  • They smell like herbal garden in summer and that is a matter of taste.
  • The packaging is simple and beautiful but not significant. The consumer might not be easily drawn towards the packaging and that would be a shame! Because Paul Penders products really deserve your full attention!

Last but not least….:
I’ve fallen in love with Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics. The 3 products I tried feel like trying more of Paul’s products. In addition I have also fallen in love with the mission, the vision and the passion of the Paul Penders Company.
Cruelty free organic cosmetics will give the same results as non-organic, chemical cosmetics. Life’s responsibilities; hold on to your principles… “Just do your thing and go for it”!
Test Judge of Beauty Journal
April 2011

An encouragement to wake up

After we have tested this product, we say… please.. DO try Paul Penders Hydrating Control Serum (HCS) at home, will you? Because it is a real savior when your face is in trouble!

The tube contains a creamy serum with a surprising effect! Your skin will feel soft and smooth, and it seems like your face is being ‘tight up’ a little. You’re now ready to face the outside world all bright and shiny!
Hydrating Control Serum provides your skin with her need for hydration and attends her natural resilience, softness and radiant complexion.
The purely natural ingredients of this serum richly provide your skin with the right vitamins, ceramides, liposomes and powerful anti-oxidants to prevent the early signs of aging and simultaneously encourage the production of healthy chloroplasts.
Hydrating Control Serum is preferably used underneath your day moisturizer as it increases the activity of the moisturizer in that way.
The special LevensESSENTIE Gold® certified organic herbs, as well as plants extracts are for women who believe that nature provides the best ingredients to keep their skin healthy.

But also to people who believe that their choice for honest natural products give a fair chance to nature, because these specific choices defines the future of our earth’s children as well.
Author: Maureen (Translation testimonial from Beauty Journal in Europe)

Singer Anna David now Paul Penders Ambassador in Denmark

Our Paul Penders distributor in Denmark is Milla Jorgensen, besides the marketing of our products she also works also very hard on PR. Lately she got in contact with Anna David, a double-platinum-selling artist in Scandinavia. Especially in Denmark, everyone knows Anna from her lively shows and TV performances.
Milla offered Anna to try out Paul Penders ICT (Intensive Clarifying Therapy) plus a few other products of our natural herbal cosmetics. She then wrote wonderfully about her experience doing the treatment what is put here below but first something about Anna David herself, and her amazing music and acting career and also her being a true philanthropist.

Anna and her mother applied ICT treatment on each other’s face and had lots of fun about their clowns-like-face after ICT was applied. She loved what ICT did for her face. Here is her spontaneous testimonial (in Danish) which was also translated by herself in English as well 🙂
PåskeSkønhed (Easter Beauty)
Dejligt Solskinvejr, igen i dag. Min mor og jeg føler os superfriske nu :-). Vi har lige afprøvet ansigtsmasken af Paul Penders og grinet af hinandens Klovneansigter. Paul Penders er 100% naturlige produkter. (Det er jo fedt, når skønhedspleje og økologi kan gå hånd i hånd. Efter jeg er blevet gravid er jeg blevet mere obs på, hvad jeg propper i munden og smører på kroppen 🙂 )
Huden elsker denne ansigtsmaske (ITC Intensive Clarifying Therapy). Mens cremen tørrer giver dens pebermynteduft en frydefuld inspiration til lugtesansen. Den dufter virkelig superlækker og huden bliver isnende kølig, mens cremen størkner. Det tager ca. 3 minutter og føles skønt, en sand sanselig nydelse.
Min mor og jeg beholdt masken på i ca. 25 minutter og huden bliver silkeblød og fresh. Det er den bedste ansigtsmaske jeg har prøvet!!! Bagefter puttede vi Skin Care Hydrating Control Serum på huden og til øjenpartiet Plantago Essential Eye Gel. Skønt. Nu skal jeg gøre mig klar til en dejlig udendørs påskefrokost 🙂

Anna’s translation in English:

    Easter Beauty

    Lovely sunny weather is here again in beautiful Denmark. My mother and I myself feel super fresh right now because we just tried ICT (Intensive Clarifying Therapy) the parade product by Paul Penders Company and …. we are having lots of fun…. We are laughing at each others white ‘clown faces’. Paul Penders products are all-natural where beauty and ecology go hand in hand. After I became pregnant I have become more observant as to what I put in on my body, as well as my baby’s body as well..
    My mother’s and my own skin really love this ICT treatment. While it is drying at the face, gentle peppermint fragrance feels like a joyous inspiration. It really smells super yummy. The skin is icy cool as ICT solidifies on face which takes a few minutes. It feels great and is a true sensory delight! My mother and I kept ICT on for approximately 25 minutes before we rinsed it off our faces and neck.. The result was us feeling silky-soft and very fresh. It is the best facial mask we have ever used!
    After ICT we applied Hydrating Control Serum moisturizer and Plantago Essential Eye Gel to the eye area. And now…. I make myself ready for our beautiful Danish outdoor Easter festivities.
    Anna David
    April 2011

While waiting for ICT, the peppermint scent is a joyous inspirational smell. It takes approximately 3 minutes after application to feel it’s great, truly sensory delight. After 25minutes Anna and her mom rinsed off and both were delighted with the feel of freshness and silky skin feel… Anne mentioned this is the best beauty mask she had ever had!
After the ICT treatment she followed up with Hydrating Control Serum & Plantago Essential Eye Gel for a total facial care…

Here is Anna David’s website:
Thanks Milla for your efforts in promoting Paul Penders products in Denmark!