Bismuth Oxychloride…..? Hmmm… Isn’t That A Synthetic?!

More people today choose to be “as natural as possible” which is a worthwhile, however, in some cases consumers may be finding themselves at crossroads to use natural organic color cosmetics with an ingredients deemed to be “unnatural” and “unsafe”. Nevertheless, these products are still considered “certified organic” guaranteed by certifiers like Ecocert and others.
One of these ingredients is bismuth oxychloride; a chemical compound that is is found as a harmless ingredient in a variety of color cosmetics.
Bismuth oxychloride is a synthetically-prepared powder created from bismuth, oxygen and chlorine that is used in color cosmetics because of its abilities to create a white pigment, shimmery look, and silky feel in addition to its exceptional ability to adhere to the skin. Although it is synthetically prepared, bismuth oxychloride is derived from natural elements.
Bismuth oxychloride is approved for cosmetics, why the noise?
A concern touted by opponents of bismuth oxychloride is that the Material Safety Data Sheets mention that it can cause irritation. But mica and other compounds found in color cosmetics are also known to be able to cause irritation in very few cases. Just because a very small group of people have a mild reaction to a compound does not mean it should be outlawed.
As it is approved by the FDA and in EU, consumers will most likely continue to see bismuth oxychloride on the list of ingredients found on many natural and organic makeup product labels.

Consumers can confidently purchase natural and organic color cosmetics containing bismuth oxychloride, knowing that it is a perfect and preferred ingredient by a number of famous makeup artists and cosmetic chemists due to its numerous positive attributes. More importantly, it is perfect safe ingredient as well.

There Must Be A Better Way – Part #1

As our products are sold to countries in Europe, Asia and US markets, obviously we get often mail from anywhere in the world with all kind of questions. I am always curious to know about people who take the effort to write a company located at the other end of the world.
I never do it myself and maybe because of that I am interested to know about these people who write us about what they feel so strongly about us and or our products. Much of the time I try to answer them myself. And most of the times I am correct that people who undertake the effort of writing us are special people.
Last month we received a letter of Nicky Jones from UK concerning the use of carmine. For the ones not familiar with carmine; it is a natural red natural color pigment that the FDA allows us to use in cosmetics without restrictions.

There are plenty of other ways to extract red colors from natural materials, such as flowers, but these are not always safe to be consumed (lipsticks are being consumed!) or there is a concern for allergic reactions. Carmine is the natural red colour pigment ingredient for lipsticks, and other makeup products, what we have been using for decades.
The concern some people have is that the colour is extracted from the wings of an insect while that insect in most cases dies an artificial death; being gassed. Especially vegetarians have an issue with that and I share their concern.

But since about 2 years we have a solution where we use certified organic red color instead of carmine and this color is now approved for cosmetics by the FDA. Of course we are very happy with this new colour ingredient compared to the insect-based ingredient that we were forced to use for so many years as there was no alternative.
The only “alternative” was using the petroleum-based chemical dies of what we have read terrible health reports over the years. It was told me not to use these chemical coal tar dyes as the concern for the health of our customers always have been our first priority.
Now with the new certified organic red-colour ingredient, we can serve ALL customers wanting truly natural herbal color cosmetics. Nobody needs to be afraid of hurting insects, or for those not wanting to use the extraction of an insect on their lips.
Letter of Nicky Jones

So I received a nice letter of Nicky Jones from UK with the issue of carmine at mind. She was really concerned about us using carmine for ethical reasons while in fact we have stopped using carmine already few years back. So were happy to assure her about this.
And in the case of Nicky who took the time and effort to write us, it was indeed another interesting surprise of who this person was, and I am so exciting to tell you more about her. Actually I can’t wait to share this next story with our readers in the next issue of our blog Part #2 of “There Must Be A Better Way”

America Back in the BUSINESS of Animal Tests?

From the great people of “Personal Care – Truth or Scare” in California I received message that “The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics” (CCIC) who runs “The Leaping Bunny Program” has the same concerns about the newly proposed “Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011” as they had before with the “Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010” that was rightfully rejected in Colorado and by U.S. Congress.

The new proposed Safe Cosmetics Act 2011 will overhaul the way cosmetic products are regulated in the United States. While the purpose of this legislation is good to ensure that cosmetic products are safe, it will have disastrous consequences for laboratory animals. Innocent creatures used to undergo cruel test for cosmetic products and their ingredients.
Although this newly proposed Act endorses the development of non-animal testing methods, there is little doubt that animal testing will be required by this bill! It will result in a substantial increase of animal tests!
Here is my vision on this bad news.
CCIC hopes that changing the cosmetic regulations can be done without animal tests. They believe that harmonize U.S. law with the European Union would be the best and I totally agree! In Europe they make safe cosmetics but also prohibit the use of animal tests for cosmetics! So in America we are going to re-invent the wheel. Why not totally disregard what scientists already know in Europe for many years? Or are the cosmetic products made by L’Oreal and Chanel regarded as unsafe in America?
Most of this incredible stuff right now just starts here.
To me, for the last 10 years, few things seem to go little but awkward in my own country. Maybe Americans have become little bit isolated compared to modern developments in the rest of the world? For example, here in the US we have the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that consists of no cosmetic chemists and they seem to act totally confused.

What disturbs me most is that our company in the past helping to establish a law in The Netherlands to prohibit animal tests for cosmetics already 25 years ago! The Netherlands was actually the first country in the world to make it ILLEGAL to do animal tests for cosmetics and its ingredients…. and now after all this time, the US wants to start doing it all over again?!
How many of us Americans feel lost in a society run by legislators and lobbyiests?
Also lawyers who make money in any way they can? Does neglecting all they learned in Europe bring us to more safe cosmetics and closer to nature? The EWG makes it sound like using a simple herb used for centuries with great results, now suddenly can cause death, or risk getting terrible diseases like cancer and more?

Consumers are made scared by scare-tactics of EWG
New “arm-chair scientists” coming along making things bad that later need to be fix that didn’t need to be fixed in the first place. Here is the business part that comes in. Because for centuries people in Europe use simple herbs for improvement of their health and cosmetic purposes. Now EWG and their “scientists” claim we are at risk from these same herbs. Of course, these scientists do not understand the miracles of how nature works… therefore it is suddenly no good anymore. How arrogant can we be?
But maybe there is more to it?
Maybe it is just pure business. Because who pays for all this nonsense? With all we do we are missing the boat. I think we are little bit lost as a Nation.
Most people in the world believe animal tests for cosmetics is terrible.
Useless and some find it even a crime. In Europe they stopped doing it a decade ago. In name of innocent animals, please stop the stupidity; the ignorance! Please let’s start to educate ourselves. When one buy a cosmetic product look for the track record of a company. Also be aware that “the new kid on the block” is not always the best but some tell great stories.
Please be not confused like many of us. Do not support EWG. They are simply not qualified to make their strange assumptions.