Behind the Scene – Meet Nic

One of the many people behind the public face of Paul Penders Co is Nic Sim from Redbox Studio. The company is our web-partner and – besides being close friends – behind the design of our website. Nic runs Redbox studio together with Krista Goon, who sometimes is a guest writer on these pages.

We asked Nic to tell a little bit about himself, so we all could get to know him better – and here is what he wrote:

I started Redbox Studio in 1998 to specialize in designing business websites. With my background in Fine Art and a love for computers, I felt that combining the two was the best way to make full use of my talents and skills.

I don’t like it when I see that most designs out there either do 2 things: satisfy the business owner’s ego or satisfies the designer’s ego.

And I get mad because most designers use design as their playground, disregarding the client’s needs. Most designs were absolute ego trips and a pure waste of the client’s money.

If a designer wants to ‘be creative’, he should just pick up a paint brush and become an artist. This way, he can paint and draw to his heart’s desire and be as creative as he wants. That’s what Art is. Art’s about feelings and emotions.

And I think the problem starts when designers confuse Art with Design.

To step into the world of design, a designer must remember always that design is all about communication.

If the design does not communicate the client’s core message, that design has failed. If the design has not allowed people to understand its message, it has failed.

And failed designs do not bring in results.

From the start I knew that designs which made sense and functioned as communication tools would never be out of style. In fact such designs would go on to produce great results for their owners.

While many designers like to add on more and more stuff for their clients, I like to eliminate, pare down and simplify whenever I can.

That’s why the Redbox Studio design philosophy is clear and simple – our formula for creating a successful business website means we eliminate the unnecessary by zooming in on usability, simplicity and sophistication.

For us, the best thing ever is to hear the results our work produces for clients.

Our clients get a “salesman” that produces positive return-on-investment year after year. How’s that for a true business asset?

Other things you may not know about me – I’ve been an art director in an advertising agency prior to setting up my own business. I am an artist whose work has been sold to art collectors in Singapore and Holland.

I am a Mensa member and a Mensa Committee member where I volunteer with updating the Mensa Penang website.

And finally, I have a secret passion – I love the art and beauty of tarot cards and I also read them, but for close friends only!

Nic Sim

Thanks, Nic!

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Fresh from the oven!

Guess what? Paul Penders Co. is going to create a new website for PP Europe, which is to cater to the European market.

I was in Penang last weekend and I managed to dig out some time to meet up with Krista and Nic from Red Box Studio, a website designing company that designed Paul Penders’ first website. Came along with me was Nash, my friend who is a photographer like me but is ready to take up photography jobs. We were sitting in a cozy cafe where the discussion about taking photos for the new website took place.

Katja Penders
Katja Penders

During the briefing, me and Nash were told that Katja would be the model, who would have her photos taken amidst of the lush beauty of Langkawi. Besides, PP products and fresh ingredients would also be included in the website, along with close-up shots of natural herbs and flowers. During the brainstorming session, Krista and Nic were very helpful in providing ideas on how to take good photos that meet the requirements.

Last night, me and Nash made an appointment to meet up with Katja to let her know about where to take photos, what to wear, what to bring and how the photos would be taken. She also gave us some of her ideas based from her 2-year experience as a model and it was very helpful. We also showed her photos from professional photographers found on the Internet that gave us the inspirations. She loved them! And I could see that she was as excited as we were.

We had arranged the photo-shoot to be done during this weekend. I feel optimistic about the photo-shoot because I strongly believe that we will work well together. I can’t wait to start!

Meet the Penders!

pp-officeOne of the best things of being a blog writer for Paul Penders is that I’m able to meet up with the Penders family. Every member in the family has different backgrounds, characters and personalities. But all of us have the same objectives – to work together as a team in order to promote the growth of Paul Penders Co. and let all the women around the world find their confidence.

krista-nicLast weekend, Krista and Nic were here in Langkawi to visit. We had never personally met each other until last Sunday. Krista said that we should meet up and I happily agreed. Otherwise, I think it would have been a waste if we didn’t because I’d always wanted to meet this nice lady whom I chat with online.

On Sunday, I rushed to Wan Thai Restaurant to meet Krista and Nic for lunch. Upon arrival, I scanned around the restaurant and I could immediately spot them, who were sitting at the table on the far left corner. It was a pleasure to have met this sweet and warm lady behind the monitor. She told me how she first got involved with PP blog, about the hardship she and Paul were facing when they tried to find an ideal person to manage the blog, and a little about her web design business in Penang and Langkawi.

I had a good time talking to them but time didn’t permit me to stay for long. Time flew and I had to excuse myself after an hour. I wish I could stay longer, though. We bid farewell and went our seperate ways, but in my heart, I was looking forward to catch up with them again soon.

pp-mineral-eyeshadowTwo days ago, me, Alia and Ronny met up to create leaflets for Paul Penders’ organic cosmetic range. Alia had invented new colours for eyeshadow, blusher and foundation. I especially had my eyes on the candy-coloured eyeshadows. The colours were so amazing and attracitve that I couldn’t resist trying them on my skin.

katja-and-aliaKatja was giving her opinions on the colours of the cosmetics as Alia listened attentively.

discussion1Ronny was making some changes on the leaflet he designed earlier, while Katja and Azizah were discussing about the new colours of the cosmetics.

Ronny had pre-designed the leaflet. We weren’t really certain how the result would be, so Alia asked Katja, Ina and Azizah to give us their honest opinions. They gave us some helpful tips that would most probably make our job easier.

We needed pictures that would tell users how to apply the cosmetics. So, I brought my trusty camera there and with my lousy photography skills, I managed to take photos of Alia (the model for the leaflets) demonstrating the steps to apply make-up. Now, it’s up to Ronny (who is very good in graphic design) to do some editing and touch-up on the photos taken.

fooling-aroundAlia was laughing freely at Ronny’s joke.

There’s a saying: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Well, I couldn’t agree more! In between works, we snacked, listened to the music, chit-chatting, joked and fooled around. Time seemed to pass faster that way…

shirley-cutting-cheesecakeAlia looked on as I was cutting the cheesecake.

I thought of bringing something to share with the members before my visit. So, I decided to bake a cheesecake the night before and chill it in the fridge overnight.

Although it was a long day at Paul Penders’ office, I had a great time catching up the other members. The office didn’t feel like a workplace at all! With all those warm and friendly people around, it felt more like home.