Soon increased cosmetic regulations in USA

(By Faye)

After 3 years preparation, the Personal Care Products Council proposed a five-point plan to the FDA to be deeply involved in ingredient safety for all cosmetics sold in the United States. The plan consists of:

New enhanced registration : Manufacturers must register all facilities where their products are manufactured. The FDA requires now ALL the ingredients to be declared. The manufacturer must report adverse reactions to the FDA.

New safety Levels for trace constituents : establish safe levels for trace constituents in all cosmetic products.

New ingredient review process : determine safety of ingredients and use levels for such ingredients

New oversight of findings : review findings on the safety of ingredients and determine whether the ingredient can be used or not.

New Good Manufacturing Practices : establish industry-wide GMP requirement.

Paul Penders Co is actively involved in product registrations in various countries in the world, however, especially these in Australia and Europe are extensive, take a long time to prepare (some can take up to one year) and are extremely expensive for small companies like us.

Yet Paul Penders has its own professional R&D facilities in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark island in Malaysia, the process still require the use of independent labs and independent safety assessments as well.

We see that the FDA is going to follow suit (at least makes a start). Although we believe that some of the requirements in Europe are going too far, yet we agree too that consumers deserve the best protection and 100% transparency.

The truly Amazing Parrot Flower

Incredible things one can experience living on this beautiful, magical part of the world. This blog entree was sent by Hong, Operations Manager at Paul Penders Headquarters in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark island, the oldest rainforest island in the world!

Hong and family in beautiful Langkawi

The amazing flower called: “Parrot Flower” is a strongly protected species not allowed to be taken, just looking at it may be the only way to ever see this unique tropical flower.

There are sometimes points in our lives where we realize that whatever may happen to us … well… maybe it is not all that important after all compared to the world of unimaginable beauty around us?

Because who else but the Universe is able to create such a flower for example? What are our problems and difficulties in life compared to timeless and flawless beauty?

So why worry…. why not choose to be happy ?