One Of My Teachers In Life

Few years ago I came to the office and at the shipping department I noticed a new employee. I noticed because her son was with her. One of the policies of Paul Penders Co is that children from employees can be at the office as well – why not? – is it not OK to hear a child laughing or crying? How much more human can that sound be also in a work place?
And every time I came to work she was working at the QC department, always quite, concentrated on her work and always busy. She got her work done in time and I was amazed with the peace surrounded her even with her small child nearby. I felt I could be in such serene peace at all times.
Because of her work and great attitude, bit by bit the company increased her responsibilities. From QC department she then became even involved upstairs in administrative tasks. I kept feeling amazed how peaceful she did her work.
Then to my great surprise she wrote 2 wonderful blog stories for our company about Malaysian food. It was written such nice and – same like all her work at the company – it was done right. The story could be published almost immediately, what has been done as well.
She had been with us for almost 1 1/2 years, but then, this year the company was split up with an office opened at another island nearby, Penang. Paul Penders R&D, marketing and QC went to Penang Island, and the warehouse that was located at another part in Malaysia went to Penang as well; therefore everything centralized. For that we could not offer her a job anymore and she and the company departed. She left the company at the same way, in peace.
But I was shocked to hear about the sudden illness of Lilly. It was told that she was diagnosed with cancer and meanwhile even got into chemotherapy and maybe soon radiation. I visited Lilly last night and she told me that the chemo therapy treatments were so painful, almost to her passing out. Lilly calm and beautiful as always kept being peace and a warm smile.
I was touched with this visit and again with her personality. I pray for Light and Healing for this beautiful spirit, a young mother who still must deserve the best in life. Of course the company takes care of her expenses. Last night when visiting Lilly, upon me leaving, walking to my car, she came up and walked to my car. She smiled and her son and husband; a coast guard officer in Malaysia, staying at the background.
This young women full of courage coming from a very small village at this rainforest island at the other side of the world, is one of my life’s teachers. Lily is in our hearts.

Fasting in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark !

I am Lily and assistant to Faye in the marketing department of Paul Penders Co in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark. I wish to tell you little bit about a very special time we have right now. The month of Ramadhan is where Muslims all over the world fast from sunrise till sunset. It is a special month for spiritual reflection, prayers, and training the body and mind to be a good, righteous, complete and trying to be a perfect Muslim.
Fasting during an entire month is not only forgoing food and drinks from sunrise till sunset. It is also “fasting” from unhealthy thoughts, from uttering bad words and even from listening to gossips as well!
For non-Muslims it must be quite strange talking about fasting, but at the same time see all these pictures from mouth watering food, isn’t? But that is because some 14 hours without any food and without anything to drink, especially in hot countries like in Malaysia is not easy, believe me!
Therefore all Muslims look forward to the end of every day!! To be able to eat and drink again, although it must be done with moderation as well. Muslims all over the world then are allowed to eat and drink till the next morning… it is then when fasting starts all over again…. This for an entire month. It is really not all that easy… believe me
Here in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark in Malaysia you can find stalls everywhere selling varieties of wonderful locally prepared food and drinks for “breaking the fast”. That is when the sun sets. These bazaars open at 3pm and close right before the breaking of fast.
I hope you enjoy looking at some of these images of our local foods. We very much enjoy them here at our small island, especially during the month of Ramadhan. In the spirit of the fasting month too, we always look forward to see as many friends and tourists as possible to join us with the daily breaking of fast.
Yes, fasting still can be a feast indeed! Fasting can be our best “health friend”. Many religions fast from time to time in order to free our bodies from toxics while fasting also brings peace to our mind. Also many beauty treatments offered today include fasting as well. Fasting is healthy and very good for our body! The cleansing effect it brings follows by radiant looking skin as well!
The fasting month ends with the new moon coming with a wonderful festival called in Malaysia “Hari Raya” and we will be visiting friends and relatives wherever we can. We also welcome everyone to my house and in case you happen to be in Malaysia… please join me and my family for a wonderful traditional Hari Raya meal