Happy Valentine’s Day !

Give Yourself A Valentine’s Date Night Beauty Treatment

Valentine’s Day, February 14th falls this year on a Thursday night, which only means you can keep on celebrating through the weekend! It’s time to be your most beautiful YOU!

Have you got plans for a Valentine’s Date Night? Going out or staying in? Whether you’re celebrating with a long-time love, a new prospect, or just in front of the TV on your own – it’s a good time to lift yourself out of the ‘February Blues’ and get dressed up!

Why not give yourself a “Do It Yourself Valentine” – in the form of a full on, all-over beauty treatment that you can do at home with our natural herbal products? Made with organic herbs carefully formulated to effectively enhance your beauty, our products unique formulas feature LevensESSENTIE Gold®, a 100-year old traditional formulation of the Penders family. This unique herbal extract combines 22 Eastern and Western certified organic herbs.

Isn’t it fun trying out pure natural beauty products for skin and hair? We can play with makeup and try out various effects. Other days, of course, we may choose to face the world barefaced. But truth to tell – even if you choose the most ‘natural look,’ all of us (women and men, too!) can use a little help to look and feel our most beautiful.

Here’s a beauty treatment plan to get you ready for your most romantic Valentine’s Day!

Start by pampering yourself with a long hot bath or shower to open pores and deep cleanse skin. I use an antibacterial soap to slough off any germs but that’s awfully harsh and drying – I used to come out slightly pruned. Now I’ve taken to following a good soaping with Paul Penders wonderful Herbal Moisture Shower Gel.

Paul Penders also has a variety of great hair care products to help give you the cleanest scalp and shiniest hair. I particularly love the immediate change in texture that happens when I apply the Herbal Lemon Conditioner. Suddenly it’s smooth. My hair dries soft, smooth, and feels so light on my head.

Towel off and slather on the moisturizers all over your body for your softest, most glowing skin. Give yourself a gentle massage as you stroke on the lotions – so you’ll feel very relaxed when the time comes to face the mirror!

You’ll get another level of moisturizing protection with the Natural Moisture Foundation in the Paul Penders makeup line, which comes in 6 shades so you can exactly match your skin tone.

You can play with eye shadow colors to match or contrast with your outfit. Alternatively, over a dark brown eyeliner, dab on shadow all the way around your eyes for large sexy, smoky eyes. Be sure to apply a light-colored highlighting shadow up just below the eyebrow to make your eyes even larger. You can use that same highlighter powder on your cheekbones and down the length of your nose to give more definition and glow to your face.

Tip: You can borrow a trick from stage makeup — dab a bit of pink blush or even lipstick on the inner corner of your eyes, either side of your nose. This trick will make your eyes look wider apart.


Then to finish off – get your most flirtatious eyes by applying lots of mascara. Give the first coat a few minutes to dry, then apply a second, or even a third one!

Last but not least, for your most kiss-able Valentine’s lips, be brave and go for a really bright red or strong rose pink. After all, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year!


Be your most beautiful YOU this Valentine’s Day! Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day – and every day – is filled with Beauty, Happiness and Love!

By Teviot Fairservis.


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Meet the PP Staff… HONG, Operations Manager

Hong (center) and her beautiful family on Langkawi
There is something about Langkawi. Paul Penders’ Operations Manager Hong was born on the island and it was not until she was 16 years old that she went to the mainland to study. While in Alor Setar and Penang, she says, “I really did not go anywhere except school. Just study, maybe to a cinema. I never went anywhere…school/study/school activities eg sport/… if there was a long holiday, went out with a gang of friends for holiday/mountain hiking/beach….”When she took a job with Malaysia Airlines, she had the possibility of living almost anywhere in the country or even overseas if there were a staff shortage. Still she decided to return to Langkawi which she tells me she loves. She continued to work for nearly 15 years for the airline in customer service and ticketing at the island’s international airport.

Some of the members of the Malaysia-based staff of Paul Penders International gathered for a planning meeting. Hong is on Paul’s left (top left of photo)
Now Hong travels the world from her phone and computer. Every day of the week, she’s connecting with the UK, the USA, most of the countries in Europe. Requests come in from Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Japan, Korea and from elsewhere in Malaysia. “Most of the time, communications are via email with the customer unless there is an urgent matter, they’ll contact me via phone.” Luckily, she speaks three languages!
If you call the “hotline” to place a volume order for Paul Penders products, chances are you will be greeted by Hong’s warm and friendly voice. You may not see her sweet smile (unless you Skype) but you’re likely to feel it. Hong oversees the international operations from the main office on Langkawi island in Malaysia. She is in overall charge of receiving and shipping — coordinating with the several factories spread around the world to see orders are shipped correctly and in a timely manner.

Paul Penders International main office is located on Langkawi Geopark Island, Malaysia (Photo Credit: Jarina)
When a call comes in, Hong enters all details in the computer, then contacts the designated factory to tell them to start manufacturing. Each shipment of Paul Penders products is freshly made by the PP chemists in the laboratories, then the factory fills jars and bottles, boxes them, and readies the batch for shipping.
“Shipping can be quite troublesome for customers,” she says. Hong asks distributors who want large volume if they have a shipping agent. She recommends using a forwarding agent. If they have an existing relationship, then she will communicate directly with the agent. If not, she searches for a local agent to deliver the goods. She checks the shipping agent is reliable, then sends them all the necessary information for transport through customs.
“The most difficult part of my job,” she says, “is remembering all the changes that customers require.” Shipments across international borders have become so complex that constant adjustments are required.
Family is the center of Hong’s life. Her husband manages a car repair operation that has been in the family for years and many relatives gather on Langkawi for the holidays (but she says she cannot change a tire). She’s the mother of three and concerned about her children’s education and opportunities. Her eldest son is now 17 and will take his exams next fall, then they will figure out which university he will attend. Her 15-year old daughter will also be off to college in the next few years. Still she won’t have ‘an empty nest’ as her baby girl is still only 4 years old.

Hong’s children in London
She loves Langkawi, loves her job, and has such a love for life. She says she has “an excellent boss, the job is challenging, but there’s lots of good support and understanding.” When she started the job, she says, “Actually, at first I felt scared. This was almost a new field for me, especially because most of the time I have to communicate with the customer via email. Before (at the airline) I was face-to-face with customers; now you are communicating using email and phone.”
At first, she was also a little worried that to work for Paul Penders, she would have to wear a lot of cosmetics! She says, “I don’t normally like to put on makeup. I clean my face (and uses Paul Penders cleansers, moisturizers, and shampoos) but I don’t wear anything – I’m not the type of woman who likes to put on cosmetics,” especially in Langkawi’s tropical climate.
By Teviot Fairservis.


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The Story of Michelle

“I have been using your products for more than 20 years as I am chemically allergic to cosmetics. I use your black eye pencil and mascara exclusively. These are the ONLY I do not react to. I can not wear any other makeup as I react severely to them. I beg you to not to remove these products ever from production. Thank you!”

    Michelle deJarld, California, USA
    (Address not disclosed on request)

I use a great testimonial as follow-up to my blog article of a while ago because of the scare tactics by “The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics” where our customers spontaneously write us that show that Paul Penders cosmetics are SAFE even for people with most sensitive skin.
What makes me upset is that our time-tested natural ingredients, according to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, are linked to cancer and a host of diseases without any scientific evidence presented by them. How is this possible in a country like the US? We receive testimonials from satisfied people all the time, but this one is special. I wish to share especially this one with you too.
The Story of Michelle.
Dear Paul,
I would be honored if you use my letter as a testimonial.  My name is Michelle deJarld and I live in California. I have had allergies all my life to foods, chemicals, environmental factors and most anything and everything. Wearing make-up has been very difficult as I am allergic to so many products. Paul Penders is the only eyeliner and mascara that I have been able to find anywhere that I won’t react to.
I was born with hives, an allergic reaction to a medication my mother had taken before delivery.  I have a lot of food allergies also. It’s been an interesting and very challenging journey so far!!
I am an official court reporter by day and a rock drummer in a local band by night.

The band I play in is called “Moe and the Sparrows” and we do all original Christian rock songs. I enjoy classical music very much as well, and any guitarist that I have worked with a classical background is always a wonderful musician!
I also have played bass guitar in a cover band doing early 60s through 90s along with current rock music. Drumming and guitar are great outlets for stress and a lot of fun!!  The stress of my day job is tremendous so to have a great outlet like this really helps!
I am a Blink 182 fan, but I love all kinds of music and bands out there currently. And past, from the Blues, some Jazz, rap, and of course rock artists like the Rolling Stones to the Beatles to Led Zeppelin (whose drummer John Bonham was a great influence)  to Pearl Jam to No Doubt, to Lincoln Park to Kings of Leon, etc., the list is infinite.
I am a Cancer Moonchild
Very sensitive internally along with the external sensitivities! I’m also a natural very dark redhead; French and Irish, which again adds to the sensitivities! Anyhow, for over 20 years now your products help me to be able to wear makeup like the rest of the world and even more needed and useful for my performances!
Michelle deJarld

Bismuth Oxychloride…..? Hmmm… Isn’t That A Synthetic?!

More people today choose to be “as natural as possible” which is a worthwhile, however, in some cases consumers may be finding themselves at crossroads to use natural organic color cosmetics with an ingredients deemed to be “unnatural” and “unsafe”. Nevertheless, these products are still considered “certified organic” guaranteed by certifiers like Ecocert and others.
One of these ingredients is bismuth oxychloride; a chemical compound that is is found as a harmless ingredient in a variety of color cosmetics.
Bismuth oxychloride is a synthetically-prepared powder created from bismuth, oxygen and chlorine that is used in color cosmetics because of its abilities to create a white pigment, shimmery look, and silky feel in addition to its exceptional ability to adhere to the skin. Although it is synthetically prepared, bismuth oxychloride is derived from natural elements.
Bismuth oxychloride is approved for cosmetics, why the noise?
A concern touted by opponents of bismuth oxychloride is that the Material Safety Data Sheets mention that it can cause irritation. But mica and other compounds found in color cosmetics are also known to be able to cause irritation in very few cases. Just because a very small group of people have a mild reaction to a compound does not mean it should be outlawed.
As it is approved by the FDA and in EU, consumers will most likely continue to see bismuth oxychloride on the list of ingredients found on many natural and organic makeup product labels.

Consumers can confidently purchase natural and organic color cosmetics containing bismuth oxychloride, knowing that it is a perfect and preferred ingredient by a number of famous makeup artists and cosmetic chemists due to its numerous positive attributes. More importantly, it is perfect safe ingredient as well.

Hear it from someone else

Author: Anna Rodgers on September 19th 2011
Once in a while I come across a new skincare range that is just amazing! I heard through Sarah Best who was the editor of Get Fresh Magazine for about 6 years about this range and Sarah spoke so highly of it. Editors of Magazine get the best products to try and when they continue on using something, you know that it must be great!
Paul Penders range began in the 1900’s when Paul’s grandparents both ran well known beauty salons in the Netherlands. Paul wanted to make skincare that did not rely on chemical based ingredients so set about creating a range that was based on the purest ingredients and used a cold pressing process. This meant that the ingredients remained ‘raw’ and highly active.

With the help of Dutch herbal master and apothecary Herma Eeftink and also the famous natural healer Dr. Ab Steyn, they all encouraged Paul to incorporate a unique family-devised herbal extract into his products. Called LevensESSENTIE Gold® (Dutch for “Essence of Life”), his grandmother had used the extract for extraordinary homemade skin and hair-care formulations for many years.

LevensESSENTIE Gold® is made with coconut water (wow!) and ceramides, vitamin A, B, C, E, Alpha Tocotrienol (best quality form of Vitamin E) and enzymes and is in each and every single product. This special combination creates the highest quality effect on the skin and is well loved by many women and men around the world. The cold processing is unique as most companies use heat to mix their creams and lotions and this heating will of course affect the structure of the enzymes and other precious ingredients. So for many of us, the creams that you put on, are not what you think they are! They tend to just sit on the skin and not improve the condition in a way that is noticeable.
The Paul Penders range has skincare, haircare, makeup and bodycare and even a very very impressive product called Intensive Clarifying Therapy, ICT, which is an at home mask treatment kit which gives salon worthy results but without the use of harsh chemicals. This is one of their star products and one that people rave about! This is on my list of things to test out!

The Natural Skincare Company, who distributes Paul Penders in the UK, was kind enough to send me a few samples of some of their products. This website is absolutely brilliant because all of the brands are very trustworthy and high quality so I can safely say to anyone, if you want to find the best natural beauty products, then head on over!

View blog at: http://blog.missecoglam.com/2011/09/paul-penders-cold-pressed-skin-hair-make-up-and-body-care-range-totally-gorgeous.html