Enjoy Dinner Out – And Walk Home in New Shoes!

Restaurant Juuls in Amsterdam in the Netherlands is booming. The restaurant attracts a certain group of women. Women who like shoes – because at Juuls shoes can be exchanged for free.

Restaurant Juuls, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Art van de Heg, the owner of Juuls, says that the idea came from his girlfriend. “Often women do not know exactly what they need. They spend hours trying to work out what to buy. If you go out for dinner, suddenly you might see exactly the shoes you have been looking for,” says the owner to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraff.

“It is a quite hot idea,” continues the owner. “The shoes hang on a rack next to the ladies room. To avoid theft, only one shoe is displayed. You will get the other when you have made your choice and paid the bill. We have a cabinet where all the shoes are kept, sorted by color and size.”

The idea of a “shoe-bar” in the restaurant not only requires more work, but also the necessary publicity. As a result, it delivers extra sales to Restaurant Juuls.

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This was a story contributed by Mariek Wilms, our Director of Marketing & Sales in Europe (The Netherlands).

Mariek adds that the restaurant is indeed VERY popular (a good guess would be that someone has been there herself … ). “The morale from this story could easily be,” says Mariek “that there is more in life than endless spending – although it can be fun! This is an alternative way not to overspend and at the same time get something “new” and different.”

“But, when it comes to cosmetics,”
Mariek adds “please make a choice you back up completely. It is not only a matter of looking good, but also of having a good feeling about how you spend your money.”

Have a nice weekend.

The Get-together Dinner

I had been invited to a dinner on Monday night and was asked to be at Paul Penders office from 7.30pm onwards, when the guests were expected to be arriving. Upon reaching, I was amazed to see the brightly lit up office building. The lights made it look like a magnificent mansion from far away. See the photo of Paul Penders office taken during the day.

As I entered into the building, I was greeted by unrecognized faces but with firm handshakes and shy smiles. I proceeded upstairs and I saw Susan. I remember putting in a contribution from her into Paul Penders blog regarding the changes of her skin and life after using Paul Penders products. Besides, she is also a regular reader of the blog who leaves comments occasionally. Although it’s my first time meeting her, I felt a sense of familiarity with her. She looked beautiful in her midnight blue dress, which she paired with a seashell necklace. I was impressed with her fair and smooth skin that barely had any make-up on.

As the time passed, more guests began to turn up. I thought there would only be the Langkawi staff and I was taken aback to see more than 20 people showed up that night, who came from different places including Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Bangkok, Vietnam, and Netherlands. They were the distributors, the staff in the Langkawi headquarter, the website designers and the representatives from the manufacturing, packaging and shipping, and others who work indirectly with Paul Penders company.

I had also met Chan and Anne, a couple who is in charge of the manufacturing in Kuala Lumpur, Kaye and Lee Booi from the Green Meadow, and Mariek, the talented and experienced Executive Director of worldwide Marketing & Sales, and Nic and Krista.

After everyone had arrived, we made our way to the lawn in front of the office building for dinner. Although the buffet spread was simple, the food was wholesome and extravagant. Our meal was completed with fried noodle, fried rice, sambal chicken, mutton curry, stir-fried vegetables, salad, sambal prawns, fresh pegaga, hotdogs, nuggets and French fries, and pudding for dessert.

A variety of beverages were served to cater to different age groups and individual preferences, such as orange juice, soft drinks, mineral water, beer, wine and Whiskey.

After a hearty dinner, everyone started to mingle around and take photos to preserve the memories of that night. Some of the married ones brought their family along too and the kids were having fun playing tag and hide-and-seek together.

Although the party wasn’t a grand one, the chance to understand more about this company and the excitement of meeting new people made the night a memorable one. As the night progressed, the guests gradually left the party. We bid each other goodbye and wished goodnight. I went home covering sweat (due to the humid weather in Langkawi), but I was all wrapped up with friendly hugs and kisses. Thanks for the wonderful dinner and experience, everyone!

Meet Mariek Wilms

The new Executive Director of world-wide Marketing & Sales at Paul Penders, Mariek Wilms from The Netherlands, is married in her 13th year and a proud mother of a girl and a boy.

Dr. Gatot & Mariek Wilms
Dr. Gatot & Mariek Wilms

While having a two decade long career in marketing and sales at global organized companies, a huge experience in these areas was gathered with emphasis on the cosmetic market.

Originally, Mariek studied to become a teacher at secondary school, but moved on to a MBA degree which was finalized in the UK. Additional training in online marketing and PR was obtained from a well known business school in The Netherlands.

Besides being very energetic, Mariek has a great sense of humor.

Mariek about her career:

Dr. Gatot & Mariek Wilms
Dr. Gatot & Mariek Wilms

“I learned so much at the companies I worked for, and I am proud having been employed by them. Since they had a very commercial approach, I learned to deliver. Next, these companies inspired and taught me that even if you work in a very commercial environment, you can be involved! You can make a contribution to something that matters.”

Mariek Wilms

Mariek about the brand Paul Penders:
“The products are unbelievably good; you really should try (you can even taste them, they are 100% natural with no chemicals added!).”

“Our main challenge in the coming years will be to try to really understand the women who use natural organic cosmetics, but also to be able to communicate the message to consumers all over the world in a way so it is understood in the right sense.”

Mariek about the future perspective:
“As I am used to long term visions – and try to get to it by means of short term steps – my vision is the following: to be a part of the building of a successful company in personal care, with values that matter, with contributions to society – even on small scale – that matters, all done with common and practical sense.”

“Learning every day, giving every day, but also being able to forgive others and ourselves when something didn’t turn out as expected!”

Mariek Wilms meets the Paul Penders staff in Langkawi headquarters
Mariek Wilms meets the Paul Penders staff in Langkawi headquarters

From Mariek to all:
“I wish you 3H’s: a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious life!”

Paul Penders Extends the Family

It is with great joy Paul Penders Company welcomes Mariek Wilms to our team as Executive Director of world-wide Marketing & Sales.

Mariek, who is Dutch, will be in charge of Paul Penders world-wide sales. She will be based in The Netherlands in our European office.

Mariek Wilms
Mariek Wilms

With an MBA, additional professional trainings, as well as a two-decade long career in marketing and sales positions behind her, Mariek has a huge experience in marketing well-known European cosmetic brands.

Mariek and Paul share the same vision. The vision and the desire to bring Paul Penders products to new heights and at the same time preserve the present company culture, which has always been a trademark of Paul Penders Company.

Besides aiming for growth, focus will still be on important issues like personal relationships between all levels in the organization. We have always used the term “a happy family” to describe Paul Penders Company and that with a good reason.

Mariek, in the role of Executive Marketing & Sales Director, will be a strong part of the Paul Penders Company family, the producer of honest personal health care products, made with a purpose following a holistic approach – and not only made to create profit.

Mariek Wilms & Paul Penders
Mariek Wilms & Paul Penders

Mariek joining us will further secure and strengthen our relations to customers and to distributors, as well as the employees will continue to be the most important asset for Paul Penders Company.

Based on Mariek’s long time expertise and successes in the world of cosmetics, it is only natural her role in Paul Penders Company will be instrumental towards reaching more of our long-term goals.

These long-term goals from our Mission Statement include providing unique, high quality, natural products – at the same time as being an environmentally conscious company. Providing support to humanitarian causes for the well-being of all is also an important part of the Mission Statement.

With Mariek as a new and important passenger on board, we continue our bright journey that will keep us together and, as a team, make us able to reach our goals.

Welcome aboard, Mariek!

(Get to know Mariek better in tomorrow’s edition of the blog, where we have comments from Mariek herself concerning her new role with Paul Penders Company).