New Paul Penders Radio Commercial in USA

A radio commercial was developed in association with (our great Paul Penders internet distributor in the United States) is airing! “It’s a Matter of Your Health” is a medical health program covering a wide range of health topics on radio stations across the United States.

This show draws renowned medical sources from around the U.S. for powerful positive health information. The program appeals to all people whether they approach medicine traditionally or holistically. The show makes a significant contribution as a major force in reporting health information in the U.S. that raises greater awareness and helps people to live healthier lives.

What professionals say about the show “It’s a Matter of Your Health” provides a needed voice and perspective on important public health problems. The program alerts the public to matters requiring urgent attention. (Dr. Raymond Singer, Neurotoxicologist and Neuropsychologist)

The experience and enthusiasm of “It’s a Matter of Your Health” is a welcome voice in this nation where the excessive use of drugs has often been misnamed “Healthcare”. I’m ready to hear the truth about the important health issues of today. (Jane Hersey, National Director, Feingold Association of America)

Getting to the essence of the problems confronting health and people. (Ray Schmidt, Scientist and Researcher)

Performing the most important service needed in the modern era. “It’s a Matter of Your Health” is educating the public about the hazards of the multitude of chemicals we routinely consume and are exposed to in our living environment each and every day. (John McPhee, Environmental Planner)

“It’s a Matter of Your Health” responds to modern lifestyle, it educates the audience about taking responsibility for their “health care” and investigating viable alternative treatment modalities and lifestyle options.

Listen here to the Paul Penders commercial

Marj of initiated producing this commercial and she and us are working together delivering the right message to people all over America and Canada.

Here are from left to right Ashley, Jessica and Marj.

Marj of All Natural Cosmetics visited one of Paul Penders loyal retailers in the U.S. in Utah a well-managed modern company with their up-to-date warehouse.

The Las Vegas Supply Side West Tradeshow

By Paul Penders

Paul PendersI visited the Supply Side West Nutritional Show this weekend – a popular and busy tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Suppliers and manufactures from all over the world gather there. Companies from Vietnam, China, Eastern Europe, and, of course the United States, just to mention a few, discuss the newest developments in nutrition and health products, including ingredients for cosmetics.

The tradeshow was well visited
The tradeshow was well visited

There were also several seminars, explaining various new products and new ideas.

When the talk fell on organic certification for cosmetics I did notice confusion and even skepticism. It was clear that several (even large) companies have turned to organic certification, more or less because of pressure, and not because they believed certification would make their organic products better.

Discussion during the tradeshowThe irony of the organic certification is that any company can prepare themselves for these certifying inspectors to arrive, but what happens after the inspectors leave?

Do products get better because they suddenly get the stamp “certified organic” on them? Of course not – it is the same product – but the product does get more expensive.

My own view turned out to be the same as the view of those companies I spoke to about this matter. (See the two Related Posts at the end of this article).

During the tradeshow, I spent a very good time with two friends who had travelled all the way to Las Vegas from different parts of USA: Marj from All Natural Cosmetics, who operates the finest, natural cosmetics wholesale company in America, and Deanna Efird, owner and publisher of H2O Magazine.

Marj, Paul & Deanna in front of restaurant The Venetian in Las Vegas
Marj, Paul & Deanna in front of restaurant The Venetian in Las Vegas

The picture might suggest we had dinner in Italy, but no, it was at The Venetian in Las Vegas. The picture was taken after an evening of great food and lovely conversations.

Paul Penders

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