Part 2: A Blogger fights Ageing — the Adventure Continues…

Do you know…what moisturizers do?

Oh, these last hot days of summer! Days when we crave moisture — the splash of a fountain that refreshes as you walk by, a plunge into a pool, a long cool drink of water… Your body thirsts for moisture in summer heat – and unless you live in the tropics — you can look forward to the long dry months of winter as well.

I’ve just come indoors from gardening, feeling all hot and sweaty. I shower off and pass by the mirror. Shockingly, instead of looking refreshed, the skin on my neck and face looks wrinkly; the creases and age lines much deeper than they were this morning. I’m all wet but my skin looks dry – how can this be? Is it the sun? I’d carefully smoothed on an SPF sunscreen but still my skin looks a bit sun-damaged. Must be the soap. Being dirty, I’d washed with an antibacterial product which seems to have sucked the last bit of moisture out of my skin.

Quickly, I head to the assortment of Paul Penders products that I have lined up on the dresser. There’s one called ‘Hydrating Control Serum.’ Hydrating – that must mean it adds water to the skin. Yes, just what I need! I dab the white cream on – and the results are instantaneous! My skin instantly looks normal again! What’s in this ‘magic cream’ anyway?

I look up the product on which lists all the ingredients in detail. The two main active ingredients listed are Cocos nucifera (Coconut) extract and Caprylic/Capric triglycerides. I don’t really know what caprylic means (have to look that one up) but I love coconut in all its many forms! Now I can personally recommend it:

Coconut oil is great for your skin.

I have embarked on an adventure – ‘traveling’ through the product line and trying to learn more about their ingredients and formulas. I’m no scientist but I know what “feels” good. So often I just grab the nearest product rather than spending time to research and make an informed decision about whether it will be good for my body.

Getting moisture into skin by using a “moisturizer” is a case in point.

I tend to have dry skin, especially now as I start to see signs of “mature skin.” In the past, I usually rushed to the nearest tube or bottle whenever my skin felt dry. But now I’ve started a morning and evening “Skin Care Regime.”

Each morning, I apply A.M. Moisturizer which is a light cream which contains lavender and aloe vera extracts, and fine calendula and flaxseed oils. I like the light fragrance of lavender – there’s something both calm but energizing about it.

Before bed, it’s time to get more serious with the P.M. Moisturizer, a lotion that’s concocted with avocado and cranberry, as well as the seed oil from the jojoba plant that survives in the most desert conditions. This product has won awards in the U.K. two years running.

I apply the P.M. Moisturizer to my face and hands and wherever my skin feels dry. It feels really nice on my feet – especially if I can get someone to give me a foot massage…

I slather on creams, gels or lotions at other times of the day. They make me feel better – but what do they actually do? How do they work? Which ones should I use? Here’s what I’ve learned:

An “occlusive” moisturizer acts like another coat for your skin – especially useful if you will be out in the wind or strong sun.

On dry days – whether the weather is hot or cold – you will want a “humectant” to draw water from the air onto your skin.

If you have stressed your body in some way, through poor diet, lack of exercise, accident or illness, or simply working too hard, your skin will show it. To restore its natural balance, look for “restorative” products that provide vitamins, minerals, amino-lipids and other skin-healthy ingredients.

All three of the products described here act as occlusives and humectants. With the addition of Paul Penders exclusive Organic LevensESSENTIE Gold® and other ingredients, they all also act as “restoratives” to support your skin’s natural health and most beautiful appearance.

By Teviot Fairservis.


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Oh no! You’ve been out in the sun all day and you forgot the sunscreen! You were gardening and somehow the odours that smelled so good outdoors are just too aromatic once you get inside. You just checked the mirror and that pimple is now twice the size it was last night. You just came out of the pool and your hair has turned green. What’s a girl or guy to do? Tomatoes to the rescue!
Yes, that’s right. The lowly tomato, that extra bit of color in salads and soups, is your friend for a surprising number of life’s minor emergencies. Grab a tomato to:

  • alleviate the sting of sunburn
  • shrink pimples
  • restore normal hair color
  • mask odors, and more!

Although not considered nutritionally essential, the American Cancer Society notes there may be real benefits to eating tomatoes as a cancer preventative. Tomatoes have the highest concentration of the anti-oxidant lycopene of any vegetable.
Tomato home remedies? To cool a sunburn, mix and mash with buttermilk, yogurt, or mayonnaise, then apply. You may be amazed to find how quickly skin returns to normal.
Your hair or skin smells awful? You’ve just chopped onions and the guests will be arriving in half-an-hour. Quick! To get rid of the onion smell, rub tomato paste through your hair, then head for a fast shower and shampoo. You just spent the evening with friends who are among the last of the heavy smokers and your clothes reek. Give them a soak in tomato juice before tossing them in the washing machine.
Or worst case scenario: (this really happened to me and a boyfriend), you were taking a leisurely walk through the woods (preferably with someone who loves you) and you got skunked. I’m here to tell you that the “old saw” does work: really bad smells can be masked, if not eliminated, by a bath in tomato juice.
Chlorine-green hair? Mash up some tomatoes or open a can of tomato paste and give yourself a 10-minute treatment. The weak acid in the tomato can counteract the alkalinity from the pool water to restore a proper pH balance. Rinse it off and you’ll probably see the “green” go down the drain and your hair color return to normal. Follow up with a good shampoo and conditioning afterwards.1
While the idea of applying a tomato mask to your face may seem a bit strange, many people swear by it. For those with oily skin, tomatoes will absorb surplus oil and may help to get rid of pimples and clear away blackheads. If your skin is dry, you can add some day-old curd, mayo, or yogurt to the tomato paste.
A few words of caution: Before applying tomatoes to your skin – as with any mask or lotion, always try it out first on a small patch of skin to check that you are not allergic or reactive. Do be extra careful with tomatoes – they are a member of the nightshade plant family and some people may have strong allergic reactions.
As far as anti-aging products go, tomatoes rank high on the list.
Rich in anti-oxidants, high in Vitamin C, and high in water content, tomatoes have been shown to reduce the number of free radicals in your body. The lycopene in tomatoes is one of the most powerful carotenoids / anti-oxidants — as well as what gives tomatoes their red color. Unlike the beta-carotene in carrots, lycopene does not convert to Vitamin A in the body.
Interestingly, scientists have found that the cooking process increases the availability of lycopene to the body as long as it’s served with a bit of oil or fat – so enjoy your spaghetti sauce and shake on the kétchup!
Feeling pale and washed out? Eating tomatoes regularly is said to give you a pink and glowing complexion, so enjoy a tomato today! Tomatoes to the rescue!

1 Many of the ideas for this article were adapted from by Veronica Davis, accessed on 4/25/2012.
Image: photostock /
By Teviot Fairservis.



Few Unique Benefits Making Botanical Cosmetics More Effective.

LevensESSENTIE Gold ® is the beauty secret to every Paul Penders product. It’s a concentrated extract of 22 certified organic herbs, of which was the start was pioneered by Paul’s grandmother some 100 years ago in Holland.
The today’s version of this unique, concentrated, organic herbal extract is made from a mixture of eastern and western herbs from USA, China, Europe and Malaysia. LevensESSENTIE Gold ® has been proven to provide a healthy complexion.
Its extraordinary anti-aging ingredients, such as vitamins A, B, C & E, enzymes and phyto-tocotrienols counteract the early signs of aging and sustain a healthy skin.
Pegaga is a characteristic rainforest herb with anti-bacterial and healing properties.

Pegaga is native to Langkawi Geopark and an essential part of the LevensESSENTIE Gold ® herbal extract that is used in all Paul Penders products. Pegaga is known as ‘miracle hero’ of the rainforest because it helps to heal the body in many wondrous ways.
It is a traditional medicine used to alleviate fatigue and depression, but also known as a ‘beauty herb’ because it clarifies skin for greater radiance and glorious fresh looks.
Pegaga has been used since ancient times, especially in the ayurvedic medical system of India and in Chinese traditional medicine. Pegaga is even recommended by the World Health Organization as one of most important medical plant species to be conserved and cultivated.
Coconut water

Coconut water has been used for medicinal and cosmetic properties in Southeast Asia for thousands of years because it is rich in lipids, lauric acid and glucids as well as vitamins, nutrients and minerals. For generations, Asian women have used fresh coconut water to cleanse the face, and coconut fruit in moisturizers that keep the face and body young. Coconut water regenerates, revitalizes, moisturizes and softens the skin. All Paul Penders products (excluding lipsticks and powder products) include coconut water.
Loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, enzymes are catalysts for cell renewal. By capturing free-radicals and thus preventing damage caused by pollution, bacteria and sun, enzymes are capable of effecting changes such as wrinkle reduction and a healthier glow. Together with liposomes, the enzymes in Paul Penders skincare products can open blocked skin pores to prevent whiteheads and blackheads; hydrolyze oils for smoother skin finish and remove dead skin cells.
Enzymes create finer skin texture and reduce pore size when used over time. Papaya (papain) and pineapple (bromelain) enzymes are strongly beneficial to beautiful and a fresher looking skin.
Paul Penders cosmetics stop the decline of natural ceramide levels of our skin by using a liposome-based delivery system. A decline in the skin’s natural ceramide levels, over time, results in the familiar signs of aging, however skincare products with added ceramides increase the skin’s total moisture content.
Utilizing a liposome-based delivery system, ceramides and other anti-aging ingredients can readily target skin locations most in need of protection.
No Heat during Processing
The effectiveness of our skincare products, containing many fragile bio-active ingredients, would be minimized, or even destroyed, with the typical hot manufacturing process. Paul Penders uses a cold blending technology where products made in small batches are not heated above 35°C.

Paul Penders herbal skincare containing LevensESSENTIE Gold ® herbal extract with added ceramides, liposomes and coconut water, as well as various vitamins offer effective and powerful results. The “cold-blended” manufacturing system ensures that all bio-active ingredients remain at full strength making our products most effective as possible.


Women Empower the World of Today

Don’t we see everywhere in the world more women who hold high positions in business and politics than ever? When we look to what happens in the world these days, things may not look always bright but then, there is always hope. In my opinion, having worked with women all my life, something good is changing the world: the power of women!
Men have tried to rule the word for so long. And see the poor results? When we check the track records of women CEO’s, politicians and in other positions…. honestly speaking, are the results not better? I think so and I speak from my own experience as well.
The lady on the cover of IEVA magazine is Latvia is another example of women power…. she is a true powerhouse. She the “big boss” of the parliament of the beautiful country of Latvia. Solvita Aboltina knows what she wants in life and in politics and… she gets it in ways we want the world to be.
We are proud that Paul Penders products appears in the most popular weeklies female’s magazine in Latvia and congratulations to IEVA in featuring Solvita Aboltina.


Herbal Lemon Conditioner
Adds shine and moisture to all hair types
This natural conditioner untangles the hair leaving it shiny, silky and never weighed down. Lemon essential oil imparts an exquisite fragrance while added organic apple cider leaves hair and scalp feeling fresh, clean by helping eliminate build-up and restoring proper pH levels.
Directions: Apply generously throughout the hair. For optimal results, leave for 2 minutes before rinsing.


MYLOHAS is the very popular Japanese website for women who love organic products and natural life style. For the 2010 Christmas Season Sale, Paul Penders natural organic cosmetics brand is added on the Special Present Page.
No less than 22 organic cosmetic brands are involved. We are very happy that Paul Penders products are listed as # 2 on the Present Page for this Christmas event.

Paul Penders lucky prize winners receive full-sizes of Rosemary & Calendula Cleansing Milk, Avocado & Cranberry PM Moisturizer and Hydrating Control Serum.
The above link shows in Japanese the special presents which includes a short Paul Penders Co history description.
The products offered:

Rosemary & Calendula Cleansing Milk
For normal to dry & sensitive skin
With fine plant-derived oils, certified organic herbs and uplifting rosemary essential oil that tenderly cleanse skin, this natural facial cleanser effectively removes dirt and impurities to leave skin soft, smooth and fresh. Also removes makeup.

Avacado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer
Night time moisturizer for dry & sensitive skin
This creamy nighttime moisturizer replenishes dry, sensitive skin and protect from dehydration. Lavishes skin with emollients derived from avocado and jojoba plant oils. Contain vitamins, ceramides and liposomes to keep skin smooth, supple and resilient.

Hydrating Control Serum
Adds moisture to very dry skin
This botanical treatment rich in vitamins, ceramides and liposomes helps skin that requires more moisture to maintain its suppleness and radiance.