Did You Know That…

hair conditioner can be used as a fast working moisturizer?
If your skin is in need of some extra moisture, and your regular moisturizer takes too long to soak in, then try adding some hair conditioner on your body while in the shower.
Treat the hair conditioner as a regular moisturizer, and make sure to rub it gently into your skin. Do not forget to rinse very well with water when done.
And, by the way, many too hot showers can damage your skin, simply by drying it out.
Instead, try to take a warm shower, and eventually turn the water down to cool. This will help to close your pores after the warm shower.
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Did You Know That…

… your body has about 60 trillion cells in it? Every moment of every day, thousands of different chemical reactions are happening inside each cell.
To make each one of those reactions happen, your body makes a specific enzyme just for that particular purpose and no other.
When the reaction is over, still other enzymes break down the specific enzyme and recycle it.
To make all those enzymes and keep your body running smoothly, you need plenty of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.
So, from the beginning we are all given this perfect system, and as long as we keep maintaining it with the right nutrition, exercise etc. our body just works.
Why would anyone try to sabotage this perfectly working system?
Actually, many of us happily do it every day by choosing a personal health care product containing chemicals and artificial ingredients; stuff our body has absolutely no need for.
In other words: do yourself and your body a favor and choose a natural personal health care product next time you go shopping.
Just think of the 60 trillion cells you have to maintain…

Too Good to Be True

Have you ever been in doubt when somebody has told you something flattering? Thought that this sounded too good to be true?

Admitted, the easiest – and most pleasant – is to believe what is being said.

We cannot do this on our blog. As you might have noticed, everyone can write a comment at the end of each article – including this one. It will be published provided we approve it, which we nearly always do.

But, unfortunately, there is something called spam! This sometimes results in a huge amount of comments; some which are obviously spam and others you would really want to believe were true, but in fact are spam as well.

The last group of comments is the ones I like best! I have even made a little collection. A collection of comments that I would wish were not spam, but real and sincere.

The most simple is this one:

  • Great post as usual!

3 with some more pleasantries added:

  • Wow this is a great resource… I’m enjoying it. Good article.
  • Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!
  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Very informative, it would be useful to my site. Nicely done!

And finally my 2 favorites:

  • I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.
  • This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

Yes, you are right! They are too good to be true!

Paul Penders – Now Available in 4 Additional Languages

We hurry up to congratulate our professional distribution company in Latvia with their brand new Paul Penders website design.

With a new and fresh look, as well as completely new pictures of our model, Katja Penders, the website presents our products in a fresh, stylish and very attractive way.

Since they are representing The Baltic’s (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), it is of course possible to change between all three languages (and Russian) by clicking on a flag in the upper right corner.

Front page of the Latvian Paul Penders website

They are the first of many Paul Penders distributors to adapt to our new corporate image on the web. Later, all Paul Penders distributors will have a similar company style website in their respective languages. Next in line is Australia (it is nearly ready), and then The Netherlands are expected to follow.

“Starting this week,” says Agathe from Latvia, “there will be advertisements and banners on the Internet. And… I am also receiving compliments from other webs shops already. So our new web-design seems to be very attractive!”

Have a look at the new design here

Krista & Nic from Redbox Studio

The website design is developed by our web partners, Redbox Studio . If you have ever tried the complicated process to develop a project with a huge IT-company, you will for sure appreciate the practical, logical and personal approach you get from Krista and Nic, the couple behind Redbox Studio.

Thanks, Krista and Nic. We really appreciate what you have done!

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