Did You Know That…

… your body has about 60 trillion cells in it? Every moment of every day, thousands of different chemical reactions are happening inside each cell.
To make each one of those reactions happen, your body makes a specific enzyme just for that particular purpose and no other.
When the reaction is over, still other enzymes break down the specific enzyme and recycle it.
To make all those enzymes and keep your body running smoothly, you need plenty of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.
So, from the beginning we are all given this perfect system, and as long as we keep maintaining it with the right nutrition, exercise etc. our body just works.
Why would anyone try to sabotage this perfectly working system?
Actually, many of us happily do it every day by choosing a personal health care product containing chemicals and artificial ingredients; stuff our body has absolutely no need for.
In other words: do yourself and your body a favor and choose a natural personal health care product next time you go shopping.
Just think of the 60 trillion cells you have to maintain…