Excerpts from Controversy in Organics by “Dweck Data”

by Anthony C Dweck BCs CChem, FRCS FLS FRSPHConsultant on Natural Products to the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry in U.K.

Controversy about Certified Organics

Organic is almost perceived by marketers as being a legal term or condition, but it is not. The law has not found time to even describe what is natural let alone what is organic. Anybody can issue a certificate that says it is organic and charge for a logo

The future of this organic trend lies in the foundations of the certification bodies. It is hugely disappointing that organizations seen as being “the pioneers of safety and natural” have banned parabens, which are not only found in nature but have been completely vindicated as safe by yet another comprehensive review.

However, all certifying organic bodies still allow the synthetic preservative phenoxyethanol that even the good Lord himself would not recognize since it is in none of his flora.

Certified Organic” has to be based on truth and honesty.

Water that falls out of the sky is not organic, but water that has been used to make steam and passed over a lot of flower petals and then condensed is organic; so distilled water must be organic – sadly it is not.

We all know that some oil-bearing plants produce butters and I have found over 200 oil bearing plants with some of them not being oils but butter because of their fatty acid profiles. Imagine the surprise when an oil plant suddenly appeared on the market as a butter. Twenty years of research into the composition of these oily materials wiped out in an instance, how could we have missed four butters? They had to be genuine because they were certified organic.

It was then that came the moment of shock. The supplier had taken out some of the oil, hydrogenated it and then returned it back to the oil in order to make a butter. Since when was the process of hydrogenation “organic”? If rain is not organic then how on earth can the process of hydrogenation be organic?

When the foundations are compromised the house falls down. If there is to be a future in “organic” then they need to review the things that are very badly wrong.

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Find Eternal Beauty in Dubai!

Developed by a large German health care company…. Magnetic Resonance Therapy ‘cracks the code of youthful skin’. They call it even ‘the future of beauty!’ According to the Germans, a host of studies confirms excellent results where cell stimulation is one of the big answers for the future for eternal youth.
Let us hope that, despite this newest German invention, consumers still will want great natural skincare to enhance the magnificent beautifying results of Magnetic Resonance Therapy!! Therefore we do not feel too discouraged and stay put at the show 🙂

    The Sultan of Dubai (left) vists the grand opening of the show.

All eyes at Dubai for the next 4 days!
Where health care professionals come together at a gigantic show that attracted last year almost 70,000 visitors and 5,500 delegates from over 140 countries.
The Arab Health Show was established 36 years ago to give platform for the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to meet the medical community in the Middle East.

Paul Penders Company proudly has a booth here showing its Natural Herbal Cosmetics amidst this enormous medical-technical spectacle, where more and more natural products and medical health approaches are accepted in an amazing and exciting part of the world.
Stay tuned for more news from Dubai!

What is next? Hear Paul Penders Distributor in UK !

Amanda McGillivray owner

I have just signed the petition against The Safe Cosmetics Act 2010 as well. At the moment in Europe there is a real concern over health supplements. The EC Regulations in Europe (the Cosmetics Directive) have been law for some time and has cost small businesses thousands of pounds already but the latest worry is the EU law which is coming into effect very soon regarding natural supplements. Please read this from The Independent Online:


If the European law does goes through, our company will not be able to buy higher doses of vitamins and mineral supplements. The new regulations could ensure that small businesses involved in high quality natural products will go out of business. If you read the information above on the Independent website, you will see that small businesses cannot possibly afford the fees for testing the ingredients (potentially up to £250,000!), yet alone the registration.

But back to the Safe Cosmetics Act. We wish all of you good luck in stopping the U.S. bill and let us hope that you will be successful and that the USA will lead the way into bringing some sort of sense back into how these bills are thought through….yes, we need cosmetics regulations of course – in order to protect us against potentially harmful chemical ingredients, but not natural ingredients which have been used for hundreds of years!

We need proper consultation processes and a voice given to small manufacturers, rather than Big Pharma and multi-national corporations putting a stranglehold on the natural health industry for yet more profit and big bonuses! We also need exemptions for small businesses so that these companies can carry on supplying in small batches, pure, unadulterated, quality ingredients to their customers. We need freedom of choice!

It is not too late! Oppose HR 5786: Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 Please sign the petition by clicking the image below!

Amanda McGillivray owner

Team The Natural Skincare Company Ltd.

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West Sussex, RH13 0NZ, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1403 790913

Kamusta Pilipinas!

I feel thrilled about the recent formation of “Paul Penders Philippines, Inc.” for the marketing and distribution of Paul Penders natural cosmetics in The Philippines. For this I was in Manilla over the weekend prior to my ayurveda study trip in Kerala, India. 

The new company is managed by Michael Lee who also owns advertising companies in The Philippines and in Myanmar. Mike is a real example of an entrepreneur, a “self-made” businessman who pursues his dreams with heart and passion. Before my trip he had already arranged for his “angels” to distribute Paul Penders products nationwide. Mike’s angels are the best people from his advertising company who were trained and motivated to take charge of Paul Penders sales in different parts of the country. Mike’s new mantra is, “Paul Penders will become a well-known and respected brand in the Philippines as Filipinos love natural products!”

I must say I was really impressed with Mike’s level of professionalism and his contacts; we had one of our meetings in the office of a congressman and his staff was very enthusiastic about our line of natural cosmetics made from organic ingredients. I noticed that people in The Philippines have a very close bond with nature. During my short stay I heard plenty of interesting stories about local village treatments, including “Goo Goo” which is a traditional shampoo made from a part of rice paddy which is cooked.

Mike’s office is located in the countryside in a serene spot with clear lakes and volcanoes. It was so picturesque I could imagine living there happily! Although The Philippines has a hot, tropical climate, the high altitude of Mike’s estate was a welcome relief from the humidity. One of Mike’s life’s philosophies is hard work, but he balances this with a need to share and experience true friendship. His 2-story office is on an estate that also includes 22 fully furnished apartments (each complete with bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and shower) for his team of angels.

Mike really believes in looking after his people and has a huge green area on the estate, where vegetables are grown and staff can jog or walk around. Every morning I saw people exercising and meditating, all motivated by Mike’s belief in being healthy in mind and body. I should mention that in his younger days Mike trained as a Buddhist monk, and is well versed in meditation. He was even taught by a senior monk how to read palms.

After leaving the monastery for the ‘real’ world, Mike entered the shipping business and owned a fleet of coastal freighters. He also became a developer, specializing in low-cost houses. Today, in his latest reincarnation as an ad man, his billboards can be seen throughout The Philippines – in cities and along highways. His focus on work and the business is amazing and I noticed him constantly snapping pictures of billboards when driving in his car! His newest passion is to bring natural cosmetics to the people of The Philippines – a brand new opportunity for him and for his angels.

Even though my trip was short, I was truly touched by the hospitality and friendliness shown to me in The Philippines. Thank you Mike for taking up the challenge of introducing Paul Penders products, for showing unique leadership and for your professional approach. I was very impressed with the ethical way in which you treated your staff. My memories of my trip are of the astonishing natural beauty of the country as well as the simple, genuine kindness of its people.

Mike, I wish you and your angels every success in establishing the Paul Penders brand in The Philippines!