Meet Our Distributors – Mei Sin, Brunei

Several lively and encouraging photos were sent in by our buyer and distributor in the country of Brunei.

A dynamic young couple in their early thirties, Ms. Mei Sin and her husband Simon Chin opened a beauty salon some time ago. Recently, she renovated it into a Paul Penders beauty salon. With her team, they put real effort into the design and display there.

Simon Chin, Mei Sin’s husband, runs a business importing and supplying spare parts and mechanical devices to the Shell corporation. They are based in Kuala Beilat, Brunei’s second largest city. They had their second baby just a couple months ago. On returning to her beauty salon after her maternity break, Mei Sin decided to turn it into a Paul Penders specialty salon. With the help of her husband and team, this entrepreneurial young woman is well on her way to success.

Brunei salon owner Mei Sin is on the right in the green jacket.

We are always curious to know more about our distributors and their interests. It is always a benefit to hear from professionals in the field. We asked Mei Sin about her preferences and why she chose Paul Penders products for her salon.

She told us:

    “My favorite products in PP are Skin toner, A.M Moisturizer, (especially) P.M Moisturizer, Exfoliant, Body firming Cellulite Serum & Lip gloss.“

“I like the skin toner coz its got firming effects. A.M & P.M Moisturizers are my favourites coz they feel smooth, supple, refreshing after use. The more important thing is they do not feel sticky or oily after being applied.

For the exfoliant, I’m applying it after the toner and before the moisturizer, the results come out good. It cleans and gives my skin more radiance and glow as well.

The body firming cellulite serum is non-sticky after application; it feels smooth and helps me to firm up my flabby arms.

It’s very simple why I like the lip gloss — coz it’s rich in moisture!

Lastly, the smell is nice in all these PP products. :)”

She also gave four great reasons she chose to present Paul Penders products:

  • Organic Products
  • Halal
  • No chemicals &
  • No animal testing. 

When asked who would take care of the salon with the demands of a new baby, Mei Sin smiled happily and said that her mother-in-law would be helping out so she can take care of the newborn and get a little rest.

We wish them good luck and continued success.

By TeamPP

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The annual seal slaughter starts soon

    Baby Seal in the snow

The animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has just launch a year-long campaign against the annual slaughter of seals for their skins.

More than 205,000 seals were killed in last year’s month-long slaughter alone. These animals, who are often just weeks old and have not even taken their first swim, have their skulls smashed in or are shot. Then they are skinned for their fur. The seals, who are often still conscious, are dragged across the ice floes with hakapiks, and many are skinned alive on the ice. This horrifying slaughter of seals is scheduled to start again very soon!

    Spotty Seal being Slaughtered

This year PETA is especially targeting their campaign against the Vancouver Olympic Organization Committee, since the Winter Olympics next year will be held in Vancouver, Canada.

The campaign was launched at news conferences in Vancouver and cities all over the world on Wednesday.

Canada is by far the country where most seals are hunted. But also countries like Greenland, Namibia, Russia and Norway take part.

    Slauthtered seal dragged away

The connection between seal slaughter and a blog for natural organic health care products may not seem clear, but it becomes obvious when it is mentioned that Paul Penders has always been a avid opponent of any kind of cruelty to animals. Not a single Paul Penders product has ever been tested on animals.

Despite of the seal hunting season kicking off in a few weeks, there may be light at the end of the tunnel, though. On Wednesday, The Canadian newspaper “The Globe and Mail” reported that “Russia is moving to end its seal hunt, with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin calling it a “bloody industry.” The decision comes as the European Union edges toward banning the trans-shipment of seal products, a move that could stop the Atlantic seal hunt for good. In recent weeks, Russia has stopped the killing of white coats, the youngest seals, and has now pledged to protect older seals as well, though it did not give a time line.

    White Coat Seal pup

At Paul Penders we strongly support any initiative taken to stop this merciless seal slaughter. We will at any time fight for the rights of the animals, as well as we are leading a daily fight to avoid chemicals being added to your personal health care products.



Paul Penders Now Available in Australia

After nearly 20 years of absence, Paul Penders products are officially back on the Australian market!

Paul Penders Australia is now a part of the Perth-based company Euro Ventures who had been searching for a long time for a brand like Paul Penders.

The message that Paul Penders products represents clearly fit into Euro Ventures’ philosophy.

Euro Ventures represents in Australia a top professional healthcare company from the U.S. as well.

It took a long time and a concerted team effort of specialists to finally get Paul Penders products approved by the notorious strict NICNAS, the Australian counterpart of the CTFA in USA. But we succeeded and now a first shipment of fresh products is on its way to down under!

Euro-Ventures partners Lim and Calvin with Paul
Euro Ventures partners, Lim and Calvin, with Paul

A new website at is produced especially for the Australian market by Redbox Studio, a web design and web strategy firm from Penang, Malaysia.

Euro Ventures found Paul Penders mentioned in The Safe Shoppers’ Bible, a comprehensive guidebook to consumers’ questions about thousands of brand-name household products, personal care products, foods and beverages.

In this guidebook – a must read for all those who value their health –  they noticed the Paul Penders brand, a natural organic cosmetics company which held strong beliefs about no-animal testing and leaving the world a better place. The information in the book resonated deeply with Euro Ventures which lead to them contacting Paul and talking about their interest in bringing our products to the Down Under market.

Calvin said they were impressed with Paul Penders products and by his philosophy.

Most fascinating is that in every Paul Penders product is their all natural herbal extract called “Essence of Life” which Paul’s grandmother pioneered.

This all natural herbal extract called  LevensESSENTIEGold™ was used in her beauty salon in Holland some 100 years ago.

Today, the principles of the same formula has been retained and turned into a patent pending LevensESSENTIEGold™ extract made from 22 Asian and Western herbs to be found in every bottle and jar of Paul Penders products.

It is no wonder that when you buy Paul Penders, you are holding in your hands a century-old beauty legacy.

Calvin and Lim from Euro Ventures soon met Paul  and  were enthralled with the brand’s sincerity and philosophy.

Calvin says, “Seeing how passionate and enthusiastic he was about his organic products, we were keen to share his products and philosophy with our fellow Australians. This is how Euro Ventures, a Western Australia company registered with the Government Department of Health and Ageing – NICNAS – became the country’s exclusive distributor for Paul Penders in Australia.”

Find out if you support testing on animals

A selection of Paul Penders productsOne thing is for sure: when you buy a Paul Penders body care product, you are buying a product which is guaranteed free from chemicals, artificial colors, and preservatives.

You are at the same time buying a product which has guaranteed NEVER been tested on animals.

One of the basic rules for Paul Penders has ALWAYS been: “No matter what it takes, NO testing on animals”.

This basic rule once nearly shot down Paul Penders Co. In 1984 Paul Penders had to close his factory in Holland and move his business to USA – all because he refused to test his products on animals. (The story can be found here).

Most of us will probably agree with Paul: we do not support testing on animals.

Question markBut how do we really know if our body care product has been tested on animals or not?

When we buy for example body lotion in the supermarket, the package never tells that “this product has caused 1.116 rabbits and 188 cats to suffer and die”. (In many cases these animals die after the suffering because of the unimaginable and horrible exposure to the Draize test (being done on the eyes) or because of the LD 50 test, which is an acute toxicity test using the median lethal dose. This test is performed until 50% of the animals have died. The surviving animals will be killed later… ).

Fortunately, there is an organization called Caring Consumer.

Caring Consumer have produced two lists that will answer this question easily: one naming all personal health care companies that do test on animals, and another naming all the companies that do not test on animals.

To find out if you unknowingly have been supporting testing on animals, all you have to do is to check whether the producer of your personal health care product is on the “Companies that do test” list or on the “companies that don’t test” list.

You can find and download the two lists here. (Chose “Printer Friendly Lists”).

Companies that do test on animals

Companies that don’t test on animals

“Sorry” to say, but Paul Penders Co. is not named alongside multinational companies like Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, and L’Oreal…

See, those companies, like many others, are all on the list of the companies performing tests on animals.

As Paul’s mother used to say: “Paul, do not play along with the bad guys…”

And Paul listened and remembered…