Toxicology is full of jargon like: “No-Adverse-Effect-Levels” or “Uncertainty Factors” and “Acceptable Daily Intake” etc. etc. The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics has a simple solution for everything, no any chemical at all in cosmetic products. How simple, right? But below are some interesting things for health fanatics to consider, and actually to a certain degree – I am one of these too.
Benzo[a]pyrene is not a cosmetic ingredient. It is one of the most notorious carcinogens known and found in cigarette smoke. It’s totally bad, evil, nasty, and for sure gives you cancer! But it is also in everything you eat, including vegetable oil. So no more organic olive oil. No more virgin coconut oil. No more vegetable oil you can use or being put in cosmetics anymore, right?
Of course, the amount of the carcinogen that is naturally found in these vegetable oils is almost not measurable, so small. Therefore also no more coffee scrubs. No more chocolate butter, etc. etc. because it is found almost in any food, yes, also in certified organic food as it comes naturally.
Acetaldehyde is another carcinogen. And yes, it occurs naturally in fruits and fruit extracts! They all have acetaldehyde in them, in low parts per billion or trillion. And then….. fruits have benzo[a]pyrene in them as well! So we do not want to eat fruit anymore, nor natural fruit extracts! Also no antioxidants from natural fruits in our food and certified organic cosmetics.

Linalool is found in about almost all natural essential oils, including certified organic essential oils. According to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics it is “an immune system toxicant.” Our parents and grandparents and all these poor people before them have been downright poisoned, right?
Are all these natural organic healing centres treating their patients with bad stuff now? This is how I understand this when I believe he Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.
I wonder if, instead of lay people and attorneys, cosmetic legislation should be written by people who understand skincare and toxicology? Even better, people who understand toxicology and natural products?
While we were sleeping lawyers took over the world and consumers will pay for them. Ethical natural organic cosmetics have become a joke. Because of the new law consumers will be purchasing more from cosmetic giants like L’Oreal, Avon, Estee Lauder, etc. who lobby and give financial support to this strange bill.
And as we already see happening in Europe, registration of cosmetics of the most honest natural cosmetic has becomes almost impossible for small companies, and also for small growers of natural and organic ingredients alike, while it costs a fortune to register them as well.
The future for the multinational corporations looks great. For small companies it is like a bad dream that doesn’t go away. Had Abraham Lincoln this all at mind for great America?
(Based on “Zero Tolerance” from “Personal Care Truth or Scare”)

The End of Small Natural Cosmetic Companies? – Part 2

In Part 1, Kayla Fioravanti from Essential Wholesale, Inc. in the U.S., together with a bunch of small cosmetic business owners flew to Washington DC in order to talk directly to the staff at offices of U.S. representatives Schakowsky, Markey, Baldwin, Frank and Feinstein, all co-sponsors of the H.R. 5786 The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010.

Interesting enough, today I got message that over half a MILLION dollars were spent for lobbying to these United States representatives paid for by cosmetic giants including L’Oreal, Revlon, Avon and Proctor & Gamble. One would think why these large companies would spend all that money? Well let’s put this all very simple.

This proposed bill COULD be the end for small natural cosmetics companies, especially the ones buying organic ingredients from small farmers. These are often the creative cosmetic companies who – by using grassroots activities – have helped to change the cosmetic industry for the better.

Sometimes they brought these cosmetic giants on their knees. Just think about the fight against animal tests? A terrible practice FIERCELY defended by most of these multinational companies till the last hour. At the end they lost the battle in favour of a few small independent ‘warrior cosmetic companies’, the ones favoured by the consumer.

These multinationals have a lot at stake right now. Because more and more small cosmetic companies are around offering beautiful, truly natural high quality cosmetic products. What about the revenues of these multinationals still produce cosmetic products the old way? Multi-nationals are in support for this new bill to get their lost market share back. And they have the financial resources and necessary manpower to do whatever it costs to do what they are doing .… and they have been doing it quietly….quietly!

Small start-up companies, the ones with dreams and often great creative ideas cannot set-up business anymore because of the horrendous lab rests required, the enormous amount of paperwork needed, and the capital that must be available to finance all these ridiculous requirements. And your cosmetics will NOT be getting more safe but more expensive.

Small cosmetic entrepreneurs now will fall in the hands of cosmetic manufacturers (OEM’s) who are waiting for them and will be making their products according to the same formulations that are being made for others as well. And I bet you that many cosmetic companies will start falsifying documents in order to get faster and cheaper through the silly requirements they need to fulfil in order to survive. Are you getting the large picture here? Nobody will gain here but the large cosmetic industries and regulators often lawyers are no cosmetic chemists, so they are being lied to, or not always told the truth.

It is also bad for small organic producers because of the heavy demands the new bill will put on them. Often they can not meet these and they may be put out of business as well. Therefore, at the end…. you consumer will be forced to look more into cosmetics from the large cosmetic companies.

This new bill, when it comes through, will be bad for all of us who favour natural ingredients and who wish to support small businesses. But when you love L’Oreal, Avon, Proctor & Gamble and more of these multinationals then support this bill and make them even more powerful.

This proposed bill is a shame to the American Dream and to you, the consumer who is maybe being mislead; maybe even lied to? But it is not too late.

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Kamusta Pilipinas!

I feel thrilled about the recent formation of “Paul Penders Philippines, Inc.” for the marketing and distribution of Paul Penders natural cosmetics in The Philippines. For this I was in Manilla over the weekend prior to my ayurveda study trip in Kerala, India. 

The new company is managed by Michael Lee who also owns advertising companies in The Philippines and in Myanmar. Mike is a real example of an entrepreneur, a “self-made” businessman who pursues his dreams with heart and passion. Before my trip he had already arranged for his “angels” to distribute Paul Penders products nationwide. Mike’s angels are the best people from his advertising company who were trained and motivated to take charge of Paul Penders sales in different parts of the country. Mike’s new mantra is, “Paul Penders will become a well-known and respected brand in the Philippines as Filipinos love natural products!”

I must say I was really impressed with Mike’s level of professionalism and his contacts; we had one of our meetings in the office of a congressman and his staff was very enthusiastic about our line of natural cosmetics made from organic ingredients. I noticed that people in The Philippines have a very close bond with nature. During my short stay I heard plenty of interesting stories about local village treatments, including “Goo Goo” which is a traditional shampoo made from a part of rice paddy which is cooked.

Mike’s office is located in the countryside in a serene spot with clear lakes and volcanoes. It was so picturesque I could imagine living there happily! Although The Philippines has a hot, tropical climate, the high altitude of Mike’s estate was a welcome relief from the humidity. One of Mike’s life’s philosophies is hard work, but he balances this with a need to share and experience true friendship. His 2-story office is on an estate that also includes 22 fully furnished apartments (each complete with bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and shower) for his team of angels.

Mike really believes in looking after his people and has a huge green area on the estate, where vegetables are grown and staff can jog or walk around. Every morning I saw people exercising and meditating, all motivated by Mike’s belief in being healthy in mind and body. I should mention that in his younger days Mike trained as a Buddhist monk, and is well versed in meditation. He was even taught by a senior monk how to read palms.

After leaving the monastery for the ‘real’ world, Mike entered the shipping business and owned a fleet of coastal freighters. He also became a developer, specializing in low-cost houses. Today, in his latest reincarnation as an ad man, his billboards can be seen throughout The Philippines – in cities and along highways. His focus on work and the business is amazing and I noticed him constantly snapping pictures of billboards when driving in his car! His newest passion is to bring natural cosmetics to the people of The Philippines – a brand new opportunity for him and for his angels.

Even though my trip was short, I was truly touched by the hospitality and friendliness shown to me in The Philippines. Thank you Mike for taking up the challenge of introducing Paul Penders products, for showing unique leadership and for your professional approach. I was very impressed with the ethical way in which you treated your staff. My memories of my trip are of the astonishing natural beauty of the country as well as the simple, genuine kindness of its people.

Mike, I wish you and your angels every success in establishing the Paul Penders brand in The Philippines!