Journey to Vanamoolika – Part 1
Love-Labor & Determination

By Paul Penders, CEO & Founder

I am now in India, actually in Vanamoolika which is a story like no other. It is a heartwarming story about Ayurveda and one built on love, labor and determination.

Because I desperately want to know more about Ayurveda (when Joji from India visited us in Langkawi Geopark), I also stumbled on a great story about women that any woman in the world wants to know.

Vanamoolika is an organization run entirely by women.

All money go to women and their families. Only women are in charge of all operations.

Vanamoolika is a community place initiated by a Catholic priest some 20 years ago in a rural area of India. Here is a small dedicated Ayurvedic healing institute and government GMP licensed processing plant of some 700 certified organic medical herbs and plants.

I have been offered to stay at the premises for 5 days to learn more about the cultivation of certified organic medical herbs and plants. In addition I will be getting a 4-day Ayurvedic treatment as well.

From Langkawi Geopark rainforest island I arrived late evening in Kerala, India, after I took no less than 4 flights plus an additional 7-hour drive through winding roads, passing small communities and massive mountains until we reached an amazing, beautiful area at 5,000 feet high above sea level. This place is called Vanamoolika.

Vanamoolika is 5000 feet above sea level
Vanamoolika is 5000 feet above sea level

After 18 hours of traveling I was offered a great vegetarian meal lovingly prepared by the community and then was escorted to a comfortable wooden hut that made entirely from 20 different medicinal trees! This will be my home for 5 days at Vanamoolika.

I am getting relaxed after so much traveling; a feeling of peace descends on me. Not only because of the way and the materials of what the structure is made but also the smell, the fragrance of the wood.

I am totally amazed with this social entrepreneurial community of idealistic professionals and native people who live here with their families scattered over 15 acres of land. Everyone is giving their lives for the growth of the best herbs and medicinal plants, processing them into authentic certified organic medicines according to the most strict Ayurvedic principles. How incredible this is!

I am here too because we at the Paul Penders Company always looks for the best and most potent certified organic herbs for our 22 herbal Levens ESSENTIE extract. The prospect of buying these wonders of nature and gifts of God from this community fills my heart with joy and great pride. I am happy we are able to support the work and livelihood of these people and pay fair prices.

I feel moved and inspired and especially fortunate to be able to be here as we look for opportunities to incorporate some exceptional Ayurvedic principles into Paul Penders LevensESSENTIE herbal extract.

As part of our journey in developing the best possible organic skincare and haircare preparations, we know that we can always try to make a difference. We want to be much more than just another skincare company. We want to know and understand the FEEL and ENERGY in our preparations and when you buy our products, you get the good results you want.

The labor and love of these people is what we want as part of Paul Penders products.

I am writing this before going to bed and I decided to write every day a short post about this wonderful and truly unique trip. It is one of these great experiences in our lives! It reminds me why we are on this earth and why we MUST preserve the good things of this planet.

The rural people here are putting their entire life in 100% dedication in just doing the best they can, without luxury; they meditate, study and work hard to know more and more of themselves in order to help others with Ayurvedic wisdom. I cannot feel more thankful!

Joji and I with some women of Vanamoolika
Joji and I with the hardworking women of Vanamoolika

That is all for now. I am very, very tired after such a long trip.

Tomorrow morning my first Ayurvedic treatment starts at 7 AM. I promise to blog each day about my journey of discovery!

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Video: How to Use ICT – Intensive Clarifying Therapy

We have written about Paul Penders ICT – Intensive Clarifying Therapy – before and here we show you a video with instructions on how to use this magnificent and unique natural skincare product.

The video is produced by one of our distributors, All Natural Cosmetics in USA.

Intensive Clarifying Therapy is known by professional around the world to be the perfect remedy to essential skincare regimen for all skin types, because it produces fresh oxygen in a unique way that optimally clarifies skin.

ICT contains a mixture of 22 certified organically grown herbs, also called LevensESSENTIE Gold TM, as well as mineral clay, naturally derived ceramides from sunflowers, antioxidants, peppermint essential oil and vitamins A and E.

Watch the video and learn how to use ICT:

Please note, that the free samples mentioned at the end of the video is only available though All Natural Cosmetics, and only in the US.

You can read much more about ICT in this article Intensive Clarifying Therapy

A full explanation of The Facial Workout described in the video can be found in the article Beautiful Skin in 3 Easy Steps

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Going Organic Part 2

Continuing my rant on mass-produced food, drugs and cosmetics, I would like to encourage everyone wanting to go organic to completely revamp their ideas about the way products should look and perform. Everything you have consumed so far has been artificially dressed up with chemical colors (food, cosmetics), pumped with drugs (eggs, dairy, meat) and often chemically preserved.

Organics don’t look as good as their chemical counterparts because obviously they are supposed to be natural, and we humans have long, long forgotten what natural looks or feels like. Honestly, do your children really know that real grape juice looks and tastes quite different from grape soda?

Organics will also take longer to produce a noticeable effect. If you are sucking on a valerian root for insomnia, you have to do it for a few days before the valerian takes effect. Organic haircare products like Paul Penders shampoo does not have synthetic lathering agents like sodium lauryl sulphate (don’t get me started on that one). As such, it will not foam as much as regular shampoos, something which might make some people think their hair is not being cleaned.

You also pay much more for organics because they cannot be mass-produced. A naturally grass-fed, free-range cow can produce maybe 5-10 liters of milk a day, whereas a corn-fed cow pumped with hormones and antibiotics can produce 10 times that much—although the milk is watery and full of drugs. In the same way, truly natural cosmetics like Paul Penders products cannot be mass produced in a short time.

The payoff is that once you eat organic food and use organic bodycare products for awhile, you simply can’t go back. At first you won’t even notice that organic food tastes better or that organic skincare is improving your skin’s texture, but that’s because both your mind and body needs time to adjust after all those years of chemical dependence.

Going organic means spending more and not looking for immediate results, but it is the only way to health and well-being in this digital age. When it comes to organics, you—the consumer—have to stop and be aware of your usual emotional responses to the advertising of food, drugs and cosmetics.

Next time you see bottles of glowing red, green or yellow shower gels, don’t fall for it. And don’t be afraid to eat those crooked carrots. They’re the way God intended them to be.

American Company Raves About Us

The president of All Natural Cosmetics, Inc., one of the superior distribution companies in organic cosmetics in America raves about Paul Penders new products!

A true compliment to all our partners being so passionately involved in the process of renewal of our line.

“…We just received our shipment today.  I must say I am totally impressed with the new packaging!  From the photos the boxes looked lovely, but seeing them in person they are even nicer.

I like the cardboard used, as it is elegant yet earth conscious looking.   The new shower gel and sunscreen are wonderful.   And to top it off, with the new price points it makes this product line a real winner in my book!  Hats off to you!”

Kind Regards,
Cosmetics Without Synthetics, Inc.

The WHO Garden, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

A few weeks ago, this blog wrote about an organic vegetable garden here on Langkawi, Malaysia.

Today’s story is also about growing organic, even though it takes place far, far away from here…

Last Friday U.S.A.’s First Lady Michelle Obama started digging up a patch of the south lawn of the White House in Washington.

This marked the foundation of the WHO Garden – the White House Organic kitchen garden. The Obama family will from now on be growing their own vegetables, berries and herbs.

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