The Get-together Dinner

I had been invited to a dinner on Monday night and was asked to be at Paul Penders office from 7.30pm onwards, when the guests were expected to be arriving. Upon reaching, I was amazed to see the brightly lit up office building. The lights made it look like a magnificent mansion from far away. See the photo of Paul Penders office taken during the day.

As I entered into the building, I was greeted by unrecognized faces but with firm handshakes and shy smiles. I proceeded upstairs and I saw Susan. I remember putting in a contribution from her into Paul Penders blog regarding the changes of her skin and life after using Paul Penders products. Besides, she is also a regular reader of the blog who leaves comments occasionally. Although it’s my first time meeting her, I felt a sense of familiarity with her. She looked beautiful in her midnight blue dress, which she paired with a seashell necklace. I was impressed with her fair and smooth skin that barely had any make-up on.

As the time passed, more guests began to turn up. I thought there would only be the Langkawi staff and I was taken aback to see more than 20 people showed up that night, who came from different places including Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Bangkok, Vietnam, and Netherlands. They were the distributors, the staff in the Langkawi headquarter, the website designers and the representatives from the manufacturing, packaging and shipping, and others who work indirectly with Paul Penders company.

I had also met Chan and Anne, a couple who is in charge of the manufacturing in Kuala Lumpur, Kaye and Lee Booi from the Green Meadow, and Mariek, the talented and experienced Executive Director of worldwide Marketing & Sales, and Nic and Krista.

After everyone had arrived, we made our way to the lawn in front of the office building for dinner. Although the buffet spread was simple, the food was wholesome and extravagant. Our meal was completed with fried noodle, fried rice, sambal chicken, mutton curry, stir-fried vegetables, salad, sambal prawns, fresh pegaga, hotdogs, nuggets and French fries, and pudding for dessert.

A variety of beverages were served to cater to different age groups and individual preferences, such as orange juice, soft drinks, mineral water, beer, wine and Whiskey.

After a hearty dinner, everyone started to mingle around and take photos to preserve the memories of that night. Some of the married ones brought their family along too and the kids were having fun playing tag and hide-and-seek together.

Although the party wasn’t a grand one, the chance to understand more about this company and the excitement of meeting new people made the night a memorable one. As the night progressed, the guests gradually left the party. We bid each other goodbye and wished goodnight. I went home covering sweat (due to the humid weather in Langkawi), but I was all wrapped up with friendly hugs and kisses. Thanks for the wonderful dinner and experience, everyone!

Paul Penders Products Available in Australia Soon

Paul Penders - Lim Kelvin Australia

On 23 July,  we got 2 visitors all the way from Perth, Australia – Mr. Goh and Mr. Lim. They came to our HQ in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark and to discuss how Paul Penders products could be sold again in the market of “Down Under”. Of course, it will not be that easy because Australia has already several wonderful organic cosmetics available.

Paul Penders products were once sold in Sydney and Melbourne some 15 years ago and shipped all the way from California. But at that time, there were huge import taxes and the US dollars was on its highest peak. Add to these, the high shipping costs from California made it difficult to compete with local Australian brands, thus we decided to discontinue.

Today these huge import taxes are being removed; the exchange rate is more favorable and the products are now freshly shipped from a nearby warehouse. Therefore, the conditions are much better. We look forward to a fresh start!

Look for Paul Penders products that will be available in Australia as well soon!

Blog Meeting

Paul Penders - Friday MeetingLast Friday, everyone was asked to attend a meeting at Paul Penders office. This time, most of the Penders from Langkawi Office were there: Paul, Yvonne, Dr. Gatot, Hong, Jarina, Azizah and of course, don’t forget Steen, the new blog writer.

The meeting was mainly about Paul Penders blog which Paul attaches a lot of importance to. It’s an essential medium to spread messages across the globe…it’s the  heart of Paul Penders Co. that gives a feel of who we are.

Everyone was actively participating in the brainstorming session. Not only a list of blog ideas was produces, but also opinions on the products were heard from the members.

Some of the new blog ideas included Jenny, the owner of Alun-alun Spa, who has three great spas in Langkawi and uses special products made by Paul Penders, Yvonne’s recent experiences of working with Paul Penders, and Paul Penders China.

Azizah, who is an active user of Paul Penders products gave us her honest opinions on a few of the skin care. She emphasized that everyone had different skin type. Some with dry skin, some with oily skin and some with a combination of different skin types.

Azizah personally liked the Herbal Moist Soap and the Rosemary & Calendula Cleansing Milk. She said that the soap made her skin feel moist and it could also be used on face. Although the cleansing milk wasn’t really suitable for her skin type, she liked it because she felt refreshed after use. Therefore, she suggested that consumers with oily skin should avoid Rosemary & Calendula Cleansing Milk and opt for Alpinia & Teatree Cleansing Wash instead.

The best thing is that every member in Paul Penders Co. has the privilege to have a set of Paul Penders skin care products for free! Since everyone has different skin type, each user would have different opinions on the products. The purpose of this project is to obtain everyone’s opinions from their personal experiences.

The meeting ended after about two hours. We even had lunch in the meeting room! Although we’re working, we work as a family and that’s why there’re no tense moments when we are together.

Notes from Paul Penders, CEO & Founder – Hosting Friends from The Andaman Hotel & Resort in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark

visitors from Landmarks

We were very honored to have a visit of the owners of LANDMARKS (the group that also owns the foremost and renowned hotel in Malaysia – The Andaman Spa & Resort in Langkawi UNESCO Geoapark) where we had discussions about natural healing, Chinese herbal medicine and maybe a cooperation in one way or another in the future.

Irshad & Paul

Also present was Irshad Mobarak,  a good friend whose work we respect highly. As a well-known and much respected naturalist in Malaysia, Irshad knows all about flowers, herbs, birds and the wild animals living in the magnificent rainforests of Langkawi. (Did you know that Langkawi UNESCO Geopark contains the oldest rainforest in the world?)

Our visitors were highly interested in our R&D work especially when Dr. Gatot and Alia showed them our newest developments and lab equipment which can distill almost anything that grows in the rainforests here. Our labs and R&D facilities are open for free to scientists from anywhere as long as it supports the well-being of Langkawi island, one way or another.

We also were happy today to receive the support of The Feingold Association of The United States who – for more than 12 years now – underwrite our work in natural ingredients and put our products on their member list of tens of thousands people in the United States who are allergic to foods or cosmetics.

view from the Andaman

The visitors who arrived were:
Mr. Terence Tan, Head of Investments & Development (LANDMARKS)
Mr. Gabriel Teo, Director (LANDMARKS)
Mr. Fong Chee Khuen, General Manager of Finance (LANDMARKS)
Ms. Christina, Wellness Consultant (LANDMARKS)
Mr. Irshad Mobarak (JUNGLE WALA TOUR)

Paul Penders

6-Hour Photo Marathon for RAW

Remember our upcoming 6-page spread in the inaugural issue of R.A.W. magazine? As the US magazine needed good quality photos, we got busy two days ago with a photo shoot at our office here in Langkawi.

Our regular photographer was on holiday so we asked our friends at Langkawi Link – the community newspaper here on Langkawi Geopark – to help out and they responded right away. Both Patrick and Aini (the publishers of Langkawi Link) came and offered their help with a professional camera that could shoot photos following the technical requirements of the US magazine. 

We had a good idea of what photos we wanted such as the entire R&D team (Dr Ghani, Dr Gatot and Iriena), our pegaga herb, our laboratory, our conference room and our ocean front building. We even bought fresh coconuts for this shoot! (Pure coconut water will be included in our products soon… so look out for these soon). 

Dr Ghani and Dr Gatot started with the extraction process with fresh pegaga and these pictures came out very nicely!  Too bad Dr Gatot’s hair net moved backwards and nobody noticed this until much later. 


We had a meeting next (this was also photographed) where we talked about the new herb, Vitex Negundo, which Dr Ghani himself collected the evening before at 6:30pm at the Padang Matsirat beach here on Langkawi and extracted them at 11pm on 1 January 2009. Strict timing is essential as herbs have their best peak times for harvest.

Patrick also snapped photos of our brand new four-storey Paul Penders building located down by the ocean front with breath-taking views. I don’t know why our meetings always take longer in this new building. Maybe the views are just too inviting and no one wants the meetings to end! The conference room faces the ocean and this is one of the advantages of living on a small and beautiful island of Langkawi Geopark. 

In the end, our photo session took up 6 hours! It took some planning but in the end, we got the photos we needed, just in time to meet the publication deadline of the magazine. Thanks to Patrick and Aini for your help and effort!

Next week, we are planning some fun video-taping sessions. It’s a secret for now. 

Come back soon and I’ll tell you more how my little madcap idea will become a video which I hope will be informative and entertaining at the same time!


Contributed by Paul, Founder & CEO of Paul Penders Company