The Get-together Dinner

I had been invited to a dinner on Monday night and was asked to be at Paul Penders office from 7.30pm onwards, when the guests were expected to be arriving. Upon reaching, I was amazed to see the brightly lit up office building. The lights made it look like a magnificent mansion from far away. See the photo of Paul Penders office taken during the day.

As I entered into the building, I was greeted by unrecognized faces but with firm handshakes and shy smiles. I proceeded upstairs and I saw Susan. I remember putting in a contribution from her into Paul Penders blog regarding the changes of her skin and life after using Paul Penders products. Besides, she is also a regular reader of the blog who leaves comments occasionally. Although it’s my first time meeting her, I felt a sense of familiarity with her. She looked beautiful in her midnight blue dress, which she paired with a seashell necklace. I was impressed with her fair and smooth skin that barely had any make-up on.

As the time passed, more guests began to turn up. I thought there would only be the Langkawi staff and I was taken aback to see more than 20 people showed up that night, who came from different places including Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Bangkok, Vietnam, and Netherlands. They were the distributors, the staff in the Langkawi headquarter, the website designers and the representatives from the manufacturing, packaging and shipping, and others who work indirectly with Paul Penders company.

I had also met Chan and Anne, a couple who is in charge of the manufacturing in Kuala Lumpur, Kaye and Lee Booi from the Green Meadow, and Mariek, the talented and experienced Executive Director of worldwide Marketing & Sales, and Nic and Krista.

After everyone had arrived, we made our way to the lawn in front of the office building for dinner. Although the buffet spread was simple, the food was wholesome and extravagant. Our meal was completed with fried noodle, fried rice, sambal chicken, mutton curry, stir-fried vegetables, salad, sambal prawns, fresh pegaga, hotdogs, nuggets and French fries, and pudding for dessert.

A variety of beverages were served to cater to different age groups and individual preferences, such as orange juice, soft drinks, mineral water, beer, wine and Whiskey.

After a hearty dinner, everyone started to mingle around and take photos to preserve the memories of that night. Some of the married ones brought their family along too and the kids were having fun playing tag and hide-and-seek together.

Although the party wasn’t a grand one, the chance to understand more about this company and the excitement of meeting new people made the night a memorable one. As the night progressed, the guests gradually left the party. We bid each other goodbye and wished goodnight. I went home covering sweat (due to the humid weather in Langkawi), but I was all wrapped up with friendly hugs and kisses. Thanks for the wonderful dinner and experience, everyone!

Meet the Penders!

pp-officeOne of the best thingsĀ of beingĀ a blog writer for Paul Penders is that I’m able to meet up with the Penders family. Every member in the family has different backgrounds, characters and personalities. But all of us have the same objectives – to work together as a team in order to promote the growth of Paul Penders Co. and let all the women around the world find their confidence.

krista-nicLast weekend, Krista and Nic were here in Langkawi to visit. We had never personally met each other until last Sunday. Krista said that we should meet up and I happily agreed. Otherwise, I think it would have been a waste if we didn’t because I’d always wanted to meet this nice lady whom I chat with online.

On Sunday, I rushed to Wan Thai Restaurant to meet Krista and Nic for lunch. Upon arrival, I scanned around the restaurant and I could immediately spot them, who were sitting at the table on the far left corner. It was a pleasure to have met this sweet and warm lady behind the monitor. She told me how she first got involved with PP blog, about the hardship she and Paul were facing when they tried to find an ideal person to manage the blog, and a little about her web design business in Penang and Langkawi.

I had a good time talking to them but time didn’t permit me to stay for long. Time flew and I had to excuse myself after an hour. I wish I could stay longer, though. We bid farewell and went our seperate ways, but in my heart, I was looking forward to catch up with them again soon.

pp-mineral-eyeshadowTwo days ago, me, Alia and Ronny met up to create leaflets for Paul Penders’ organic cosmetic range. Alia had invented new colours for eyeshadow, blusher and foundation. I especially had my eyes on the candy-coloured eyeshadows. The colours were so amazing and attracitve that I couldn’t resist trying them on my skin.

katja-and-aliaKatja was giving her opinions on the colours of the cosmetics as Alia listened attentively.

discussion1Ronny was making some changes on the leaflet he designed earlier, while Katja and Azizah were discussing about the new colours of the cosmetics.

Ronny had pre-designed the leaflet. We weren’t really certain how the result would be, so Alia asked Katja, Ina and Azizah to give us their honest opinions. They gave us some helpful tips that would most probably make our job easier.

We needed pictures that would tell users how to apply the cosmetics. So, I brought my trusty camera there and with my lousy photography skills, I managed to take photos of Alia (the model for the leaflets) demonstrating the steps to apply make-up. Now, it’s up to Ronny (who is very good in graphic design) to do some editing and touch-up on the photos taken.

fooling-aroundAlia was laughing freely at Ronny’s joke.

There’s a saying: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Well, I couldn’t agree more! In between works, we snacked, listened to the music, chit-chatting, joked and fooled around. Time seemed to pass faster that way…

shirley-cutting-cheesecakeAlia looked on as I was cutting the cheesecake.

I thought of bringing something to share with the members before my visit. So, I decided to bake a cheesecake the night before and chill it in the fridge overnight.

Although it was a long day at Paul Penders’ office, I had a great time catching up the other members. The office didn’t feel like a workplace at all! With all those warm and friendly people around, it felt more like home.