The annual seal slaughter starts soon

    Baby Seal in the snow

The animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has just launch a year-long campaign against the annual slaughter of seals for their skins.

More than 205,000 seals were killed in last year’s month-long slaughter alone. These animals, who are often just weeks old and have not even taken their first swim, have their skulls smashed in or are shot. Then they are skinned for their fur. The seals, who are often still conscious, are dragged across the ice floes with hakapiks, and many are skinned alive on the ice. This horrifying slaughter of seals is scheduled to start again very soon!

    Spotty Seal being Slaughtered

This year PETA is especially targeting their campaign against the Vancouver Olympic Organization Committee, since the Winter Olympics next year will be held in Vancouver, Canada.

The campaign was launched at news conferences in Vancouver and cities all over the world on Wednesday.

Canada is by far the country where most seals are hunted. But also countries like Greenland, Namibia, Russia and Norway take part.

    Slauthtered seal dragged away

The connection between seal slaughter and a blog for natural organic health care products may not seem clear, but it becomes obvious when it is mentioned that Paul Penders has always been a avid opponent of any kind of cruelty to animals. Not a single Paul Penders product has ever been tested on animals.

Despite of the seal hunting season kicking off in a few weeks, there may be light at the end of the tunnel, though. On Wednesday, The Canadian newspaper “The Globe and Mail” reported that “Russia is moving to end its seal hunt, with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin calling it a “bloody industry.” The decision comes as the European Union edges toward banning the trans-shipment of seal products, a move that could stop the Atlantic seal hunt for good. In recent weeks, Russia has stopped the killing of white coats, the youngest seals, and has now pledged to protect older seals as well, though it did not give a time line.

    White Coat Seal pup

At Paul Penders we strongly support any initiative taken to stop this merciless seal slaughter. We will at any time fight for the rights of the animals, as well as we are leading a daily fight to avoid chemicals being added to your personal health care products.



How Paul Penders Products Are Created

    In The Netherlands Febe smells flowers
    to see whether the fragrance would be good!

A few days ago we discussed about the many tasks involved when it comes to new product development.
Based on yesterday’s post, why does Paul Penders Co still go to enormous lengths to create new products?
New products guarantee a future and livelihood for any cosmetic company in the world. New products are important because conditions in our lives change, so do new consumer trends.
New raw materials becoming available is also a reason to create new products that give better results.
At Paul Penders Co, we receive ongoing input from various consumer groups, or from our distributors; tips from people working with us, and even my own family members are actively involved!

    Ayana in California shows me herbs
    that she thinks are good as a skin clarifier!

To focus on the process, starting with a creative idea until a finished new product is born is serious business. And we must be sure  at the end of all that is involved ,that  the creative idea is still there.
Lastly, new product research involves women!
And we know, cosmetic products are very important to women and often emotional issues are involved.
My daughters and even granddaughters are always on the lookout for new ideas for all kind of cosmetic products!
They come up with ingredient ideas, product designs and marketing ideas, and sometimes friendly competitive tempers may flare!

    Maureen and Xandra, Paul’s daughters

New product development is always an interesting process and if we were not seriously doing this, we would not be seen as the pioneering natural cosmetics company that we are today in several countries around the world!
And of course, new product ideas from you are always welcome as well!
Give us your suggestions and who knows, you may one day see your idea made into a Paul Penders product!

From a Creative Idea to a Natural Cosmetic Product

A few times per year new products are presented to answer the demands of consumers worldwide. But before an idea becomes a reality in an all-round finished product there are many, many complicated areas involved and to be concerned with, such as:

  • Comparing the skin types of people living in different countries. Climates are important to consider because Northern Europe, China, Korea, and North America have vastly different climates therefore  skin needs are different, for example, than for people living in Southeast Asian countries.
  • Religious considerations.  Our products must be kosher and halal formulated. (Paul Penders Co is certified for halal products)
  • Requirements for vegetarians where ingredients cannot contain animal or animal by-products
  • We use certified organic herbs and more organic ingredients.
  • Paul Penders cosmetics contain certified organic colors.
  • Our products have always be for 100% free of animal testing.
  • We use natural and organic essential oils as fragrances.

Many mainstream ingredients at hand we will not use. After the above battle has been won, our professional trained in-house R&D can start doing their part of the work.

Then as soon as the lab tests are finished we have a range of test people who try out the new formulations in order to give their independent feedback.
Even when we have created that new product, the work is not finished! Now we must get a license for the new product, products that will be scrutinized by each government to make sure the product applies to their particular health regulations. Regulations, which can differ in Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea, and other countries.
Not only the formulations must be given to them but also authorized, independent labs must perform product testing. Only when the product license is obtained is the product ready to be imported and sold!
Meanwhile we need to make certain, as well that the name of the new product does not conflict with an already existing name in use by another company in another country. That is why our trademark lawyers do their research.
When one considers all the above challenges and limitations, it must be understood that the development of any new cosmetic product is a serious challenge!

Shampoo extracted from wood?

The leader of Paul Penders R&D department Dr. Gatot, had a well-known visitor. The visitor was Dr. Ghani, Medical Doctor and scientist. Recently a television documentary was made about the life and work of Dr. Ghani’s who preserves Malaysia’s medicinal plants and herbs in the rainforests of the island of Langkawi. Dr. Ghani looks into the values of medicinal plants for future drug development and to preserve the indigenous knowledge of a near extinct aboriginal tribe in Malaysia’s rainforest
Dr. Ghani arrived with thick pieces of wood from the tree Labu Kapas. This is the local name for a tree that grows in the jungle in Lancang Pahang in Southern Malaysia. He told that the original population of the jungle in Lancang Pahang, the Orang Asli (the indigenous people), for thousands of years have been using extracts from this wood as shampoo, and that it is still being used as such.
It turns out that some trees produce saponine. Saponine is an active ingredient that can be used for three purposes: as a preservative , as a conditioner or smoother (e.g. hair conditioner), and as a cleansing agent. The big question is now: How to preserve the saponine and still be able to take advantage of all three effects from it? Finding the solution will make us able to produce shampoo as well as body and facial cleansers from this tree in the future.

The aim is to find a way to isolate the saponine and still keep all three effects active. Extracting saponine and using it as a preservative (but not with the conditioner and cleansing effect) does not create the big challenge. Actually, all three effects can easily be utilized alone. The big challenge is to extract and preserve saponine in a way that allows all three effects to be active at the same time.
One of the issues will be to avoid contamination of the extracted saponine. Since this is a natural product, this can very easily happen. Once, when a method is found to preserve saponine in a way that will allow all three effects still to be active at the same time, we suddenly have a cleansing agent which is also a conditioner and at the same time it is self-preserving.
According to Dr. Gatot, extracting and keeping all three effects at the same time, has previously only succeeded in a university laboratory. It has never before been done commercially. This is one of the several projects we consider doing at Paul Penders.

Journey to Vanamoolika – Part 7

The word ‘paradise’ means different things to different people. To me, it means a place where people live beautifully and in peace. Where they can feel positive about themselves and the environment. A place where they have the ability to do what is best for mankind; without worries about religions, money, time tables, ego and selfishness. A natural environment for all that is good.

In this respect, I worry about the state of mankind. This concern gives me the ammunition to do what we do at Paul Penders Company.

Father Joseph and Paul

This last week I have experienced paradise, as it should be. I had the enormous privilege of meeting and talking with Father Joseph Chittoor, a true visionary and humanitarian, and wondered why he never got the Nobel Peace Prize.

I was thinking about my 2 aunts who were devoted nuns in Holland and both artists as well. They were offering me their convent to do “animal tests” on them for 6 months in hopes of convincing the Dutch Government that animal testing was cruel and inhumane. 60 truly devoted nuns were waiting for me each day for the cause in hopes of ending animal suffering in Holland. And finally they won, as Holland was the first country to legalize no-animal tests for cosmetics.

With that in mind I hope that Father Joseph Chittoor will be seeing more results from what he started 20 years ago. His vision to empower women who had nothing, the daughters of the woods, in a rural area in India, giving them the tools to take care of themselves and their families. Now 375 of them own Vanamoolika and when I was there their songs of prayer had quite an emotional impact on me. I have made the commitment to support the work of Father Joseph Chittoor.

Dr. Deepa Chirakkal

I was a guest of his creation and I cannot remember anything over the last years that have gripped me as Vanamoolika and “the daughters of the woods ” has. This charitable organization that they proudly own and that is supported by Indocert certifying their lands as organic and all of their products as a result. The Ayurvedic plant medicines are now accepted and they own their own GMP manufacturing unit.

They looked at me as a foreigner from another part of the world that could help in their growth, to help more daughters of the woods in more parts of India.

One of these daughters became a licensed and professional Ayurvedic doctor and heals though their own produced plant medicines, yoga, and meditation and Ayurvedic treatments.

Paul Penders Company has made a commitment to them. It will be for many years to come and it will involve lots of devotion, sharing of knowledge and happiness for all involved. Together with Joji we have formed a Paul Penders India company that will guide, assist and train the daughters of the woods in being more effective in their work. We will send over our own R&D people and we will assist in exporting their beautiful organic Ayurvedic products to many countries, including China, Europe, USA, Saudi Arabia, Australia and more.

We will set up a travel agency EcoBio Wellness Tourism Club where people from all over the world will be able to go to Vanamoolika – stay there for a week, get medical Ayurvedic consultations and ancient treatments such as yoga, meditations, and Ayurvedic massage.

Ayurvedic Massage Center

Visitors will be fed some of the most delicious vegetarian (and some non vegetarian) foods coming from Vanamoolika’s own gardens. They will stay on 15 acres of land with rolling hills, and a true jungle of medicinal plants and trees. They will stay in cottages made from the wood of 3o different medicinal trees. Even the beds are made from 30 different medicinal trees! I can guarantee you, when you wake up in the morning you will feel refreshed and wonderfully energized.

Joji, as part of Paul Penders India, will help to further develop the training programs for the daughters of the woods, strengthening their work with certified organic cultivation of herbs, plants, fruits and trees producing them into Ayurvedic medicines. The one and only Ayurvedic system given by the Acharya that originated 5,000 years ago. Increasing their GMP factory will bring more financial means, helping expand the vision and work of Father Joseph and all 375 daughters.

The Paul Penders Company has donated their first automatic filling machine for filling cosmetics that are proudly produced in Malaysia. Cosmetics that will now contain 22 certified organic herbs lovingly cultivated and harvested by the daughters of the woods. All of these herbs certified organic by Indocert, the government certifying body associated with NOP (National Organic Production, USA) . Paul Penders Company is donating a website for them as well.

Thank you Vanamoolika, the future will be good and the vision of Father Joseph Chittoor will be executed!

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