Fake Paul Penders Products Still Circulating In China

A captivating image of a young Chinese woman with flawless gorgeous-looking skin looking serene with in the background the mountains ready to free a butterfly from her delicate hand, and surrounded by beautiful flowers. Yes, such idyllic beauty is truly China, and for this and much more I love China; the country and its great people.


Like in all countries, also in the wonderful great nation of China there are people who are out to make a quick buck. These people destroy the hard work of others who want to make the country clean of stolen identities; copied trademarks and fake products using the name of a brand that is known in one or another way.

In Hangzhou, China there is a company that calls itself “Paul Penders China” and they produce ILLEGALLY cosmetic products using my name without any permission or whatsoever to use my name. I fully own all rights to my name “Paul Penders” that is officially registered in China.

These products may look nice to some but they are illegal products! We do not make green products using this kind of packaging. The picture of the factory is a large printing company. Consumers are deceived into thinking that this is the company that manufactures my products.


I would like our clients to know that I am not involved whatsoever with that company in China. My lawyers have officially written to the Hangzhou company to immediately terminate the use of my name and stop manufacturing products under my name. The company is not entitled to use my name, logos, website as I am not associated with them at all.

I have been trying for the past 4 years to stop this injustice and unlawful; practice but these perpetrators just do not care since Chinese laws are not always enforced and a lot of corruption still goes on at all levels in China.

But we got Amazon in China to stop carrying these fake Paul Penders products or we would sue Amazon USA, the mother company of Amazon China. How is it possible that an American company can be part of these unlawful practices? Could greed be the case?

I urge the Chinese authorities to clamp down on the
Hangzhou Company in order to protect the image of
The country in the interest of consumers duped into
buying fake “Paul Penders” products in China.


While litigation is being pursued I am making every effort to protect my brand and to caution Chinese clients of damage that may be caused by using fake products. These bogus manufacturers do not use the same ingredients. I cannot guarantee nor endorse the quality of the fake products. Moreover, these products do not contain our certified vegan ingredients.

Chinese consumers will stand to lose when damage is done
to their complexion. Distributing companies in China that
continue to engage in distributing these products shall be
liable. My lawyers have already placed advertisements
in the Qian Jiang Evening Post to officially warn against
fake Paul Penders products made in China.



Actually a lot, because a regrettable aspect of China regulations is that any cosmetic company, small or large, manufacturing cosmetic products made OUTSIDE China must have their products tested on animals before they can be sold in China.

Because of this new law we are not allowed to sell our own original products in China! Isn’t this ridiculous? Of course this loophole is being used to its utmost advantage by this company in Hangzhou.

Even though people, also in China, are outraged about this new law, it is possible to steal a trademark and start producing using cheap chemicals under an established brand and …. Just get away with it.

Warning to Chinese consumers:
You put your face, body and hair greatly at risk
by using fake “Paul Penders” cosmetics
illegally manufactured in China.

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Is There Something Like Organic Sunscreen?

The FDA does not allow sunscreens to be labeled as “organic sunscreens” and here is why. There are two ways sunscreens work.

  • Physical sunscreens that physically block or reflect harmful UV rays from the skin. They have mineral pigments zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as active ingredients.
  • Chemical sunscreens that absorb damaging rays using chemicals, filtering them before they reach the skin. These cannot be certified organic.

Products containing titanium dioxide can never be considered for organic certification although titanium dioxide is a wonderful and expensive ingredient that Paul Penders uses successfully for over 10 years in our Herbal Sunscreen SPF 22 and its efficacy tested by independent labs including the Korean FDA

Herbal Sunscreen SPF22 is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to provide a broad spectrum protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. Sun protection comes mainly from titanium dioxide (a naturally occurring mineral). Also added ethyl hexyl methoxycinnamat (also occurring in cinnamon leaves), LevensESSENTIE Gold® (herbal extract made from 22 organic herbs), vitamin E and vitamin A, as well as natural plant oils to soothe and moisturize.

Herbal Sunscreen SPF22 efficacy is tested by independent labs including the Korean FDA

(Image from Australian Organic Association)

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Scholars with heart..

“Nature lies at the heart of Asian wellness traditions. Extract the healing essences of indigenous herbs, leaves, flowers and roots and the blessings are manifold: a burst of energy, a clear complexion, a feeling of inner tranquility. The ancients in Malaysia knew this – and much more – all along. It’s time now to share their age-old wisdom with the world.”

– Editor-in-chief, Gerard Bodeker, Health and Beauty from the Rainforest, Malaysian Traditions of Ramuan

We sit down in the garden of Dr. Ghani’s lovely “Herbwalk” home on the tropical island of Langkawi in northern Malaysia. At the table are Dr. Ghani – a medical doctor and expert on the herbs and plants of Malaysia’s rainforests and world famous scholar from Oxford University in the UK and also Columbia University in New York, Dr. Gerry Bodeker.

We turn over our teacups ready to taste Dr. Ghani’s wonderful herbal tea, and Dr. Bodeker starts to laugh. “Surprise!” he says. He sees it before I do. Dr. Ghani’s children have ‘pranked’ us – concealing tiny grasshoppers inside each of our cups!

With the lush plants and sounds of birds and insects surrounding us, for the next hour I witnessed a lively and wide-ranging discussion between these three brilliant men who have each dedicated their lives to understanding the gifts Nature gives us for enhancing human life.

Sharing a laugh at the outdoor tea. This little boy Ali ‘pranked’ the adults.

“Never bang on a closed door,” says Dr. Bodeker, “Do something different. Look for the ones that open.” They are discussing the tightening of the regulations for the beauty and health industries by the European Union and the U.S. The new registration process seems designed to bar small companies and benefit large corporations.

For those like PP International which use special tropical herbs and minerals, manufacturing only in small batches to the highest standards, he advises avoiding the issues and pursuing the markets which already have a traditional acceptance of age-old beauty and healing secrets such as Asia, South America, Russia, Middle Eastern countries and several of the East European bloc countries; South Africa as well.

They also discussed Pegaga (Centella asiatica) which grows wild on Langkawi. Called “the hero herb of the Malaysian jungles,” Dr. Ghani serves it as a refreshing tea to his guests after one of his famous herb walks through the jungle. Dr. Ghani says that pegaga tea (known as gotu kola in the West) is not only refreshing, but also cleanses the system.

Paul laughed, “Hence the reason why pegaga is in all of the Paul Penders’s products – to enhance beauty through an age-old skin cleansing process.” In his book, Health and Beauty from the Rainforest, Dr. Bodeker reports that pegaga tea cleanses the blood, cures indigestion, nervousness and dysentery, and is a youth preservative…certainly good for you and your skin.”

Dr. Bodeker looks into the wisdoms of healing traditions found in many cultures, comparing them with contemporary scientific knowledge. His many books and journal articles explore the customs of cultures which use plants for both health and beauty (clearly, that which makes you healthy, makes you beautiful). ‘Mainstreaming’ natural medicine and wellness is a passion for Dr. Bodeker.

From New York to Los Angeles to Bali to Beijing to London – Dr. Gerry Bodeker is a man who lives out of a suitcase. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2004, he has visited Langkawi a number of times. Unlike the stereotype of a stuffy don isolated in his ‘ivory tower,’ Oxford University scholar Dr. Bodeker is personable, articulate, open-minded, even worldly. An epidemiologist by profession, he has focused on the use of local plants in Africa and Asia to effect symptom relief and cures for malaria, HIV/AIDs, and other diseases.

His travels and research have made him among the world’s experts on indigenous health traditions, as well as complementary and alternative medicines (known collectively as T/CAM). He stopped off briefly on Langkawi to consult with the Four Seasons Resort on ways to expand their award-winning spa (awarded best in Malaysia) into a total ‘wellness retreat,’ advising them to use the tropical plants right outside their doors.

Sharing Paul’s interest in Malaysia’s botanicals and natural cosmetics, he asked Paul to lunch one day during his brief visit to Langkawi. Next day was our tea and Paul organized the meeting with Dr. Ghani attending as well. Dr. Bodeker and Paul had corresponded for years but this was the first time these two world travelers had finally crossed paths.

More of the conversation between Dr. Bodeker, Paul Penders and Dr. Ghani in upcoming blogs. Watch for them!

  • People We Admire…Dr Gerry Bodeker
  • The Global Spa Culture
  • “Ramuan” – Malay Traditions for Health and Beauty

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Running for Pink Ribbon in Amsterdam

By Dieuwertje Penders

No less than 55.000 people joined Holland’s largest running event: de Dam tot Damloop I was one of them. With a special purpose: raising money and awareness for breast cancer.

The ‘Dam tot Damloop’ takes place each September; this was the 29 edition. Holland’s largest running event and one of the largest in the world, it follows a 16-kilometer (10-mile) long trail from the dam in Amsterdam to the center of the suburban town of Zaandam.

The route takes you through Amsterdam’s city center, and leads on through typical Dutch villages, passing rural farms and dykes along the way.

Among the runners every year are world famous top athletes. Encouraged by 200,000 spectators and dozens of live music performances, the race organizers guarantee a unique atmosphere.

Me and Anneke ran the “Dam to Dam Course”
to raise awareness about breast cancer.

I chose to run for the charity, Pink Ribbon. Pink Ribbon has a great purpose: to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer research.

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women, being the Number One cause of death for women aged 35 to 55. Each year 15.000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in Holland of which 3,200 people do not survive. Pink Ribbon funds scientific research and provides financial support for breast cancer treatment research. Our team is proud to have raised 4000 euro for this charity.

Fantastic to receive support from as far as Malaysia!

Paul Penders Company kindly contributed to this achievement when Paul found out about our challenge. Thanks to his kind support, our initiative turned into such a success.

A big thank you from our team and Pink Ribbon!


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