An encouragement to wake up

After we have tested this product, we say… please.. DO try Paul Penders Hydrating Control Serum (HCS) at home, will you? Because it is a real savior when your face is in trouble!

The tube contains a creamy serum with a surprising effect! Your skin will feel soft and smooth, and it seems like your face is being ‘tight up’ a little. You’re now ready to face the outside world all bright and shiny!
Hydrating Control Serum provides your skin with her need for hydration and attends her natural resilience, softness and radiant complexion.
The purely natural ingredients of this serum richly provide your skin with the right vitamins, ceramides, liposomes and powerful anti-oxidants to prevent the early signs of aging and simultaneously encourage the production of healthy chloroplasts.
Hydrating Control Serum is preferably used underneath your day moisturizer as it increases the activity of the moisturizer in that way.
The special LevensESSENTIE Gold® certified organic herbs, as well as plants extracts are for women who believe that nature provides the best ingredients to keep their skin healthy.

But also to people who believe that their choice for honest natural products give a fair chance to nature, because these specific choices defines the future of our earth’s children as well.
Author: Maureen (Translation testimonial from Beauty Journal in Europe)

How Good Do You Want To Be?


Did you know that nearly all rich and powerful people are not notably talented, educated, charming or good-looking? That they become rich and powerful only by wanting themselves to be rich and powerful?


Vision of where we want to be in life is the greatest asset we have. Without having a goal it’s difficult to score!


Quite interesting stuff from


“Its Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be”


the world’s best-selling book by Paul Arden… more less a guide of just over 100 pages of trying to make the most of ourselves in life. To make the unthinkable and the impossible possible.


Paul Arden was for decades at the top of one of the world’s most competitive industries and offers insights into diverse subjects….


For example, the value of being fired! Or why it is often better to be wrong than right?


Lots of original and logical answers to every-day’s questions. Much of these appear obvious when you read them but…. aren’t all questions easy when you know the answers already?



Looking to these birds resting on a gray chimney in the picture (one of many interesting images in Paul’s book); how do you feel? You feel your life is part of what you see looking at these birds? Or you feel free and creative?


Whether a school-leaver, self-employed, a housekeeper or a managing director, this book seems invaluable for everyone who aspires to succeed.


This is great stuff!
ISBN 978-0-71484337-7