Fresh from the oven!

Guess what? Paul Penders Co. is going to create a new website for PP Europe, which is to cater to the European market.

I was in Penang last weekend and I managed to dig out some time to meet up with Krista and Nic from Red Box Studio, a website designing company that designed Paul Penders’ first website. Came along with me was Nash, my friend who is a photographer like me but is ready to take up photography jobs. We were sitting in a cozy cafe where the discussion about taking photos for the new website took place.

Katja Penders
Katja Penders

During the briefing, me and Nash were told that Katja would be the model, who would have her photos taken amidst of the lush beauty of Langkawi. Besides, PP products and fresh ingredients would also be included in the website, along with close-up shots of natural herbs and flowers. During the brainstorming session, Krista and Nic were very helpful in providing ideas on how to take good photos that meet the requirements.

Last night, me and Nash made an appointment to meet up with Katja to let her know about where to take photos, what to wear, what to bring and how the photos would be taken. She also gave us some of her ideas based from her 2-year experience as a model and it was very helpful. We also showed her photos from professional photographers found on the Internet that gave us the inspirations. She loved them! And I could see that she was as excited as we were.

We had arranged the photo-shoot to be done during this weekend. I feel optimistic about the photo-shoot because I strongly believe that we will work well together. I can’t wait to start!