Amtrak and Natural pigments?

My work takes me to far, interesting places, and as I am doing more international plane flights than I like, one time I decided to travel the good old-fashioned American way… I took the train! Sitting in a comfortable train has its perks and could spent my time wisely too!

I enjoyed the great scenery. I could eat, read, talk, walk, or do nothing, or do my work. Make and receive phone calls and do all the emailing in the world and… sleep…. All from my plush chair on the train.

Over the course of only a few days starting in San Francisco, I had reveled in the glorious mountains of the Sierra Nevada while covered in snow. I was in awe of the Rocky Mountains by the glittering light of the moon and in the morning and evening sun.

I enjoyed the sight of great rivers and streams, wild deserts, and I delighted in the sight of small, scattered ghost towns. I crossed the Mississippi River a few times.

As I traveled, I set foot in Denver, Chicago, Washington DC, New Orleans, El Paso and Los Angeles! Taking the train back from Los Angeles to San Francisco was a truly unforgettable experience where the splendor and colors of the Pacific Ocean were totally breathtaking!

I finished my trip alongside several new friends I had made since, sometimes, you sit with the same people for days!

I became close friends with the hard-working crew of the dining car where the service and food were excellent, including fresh salads and even 100% vegetarian meals! Still, you might be wondering:

But what has Amtrak got to do with natural colors?

Riding the train throughout the fabulous splendor of this great Country I have seen mountains and riverbeds in reds, greens, blues, beige, and dark brown. I believe I have even witnessed the color of yellow!

All around me I saw the most beautiful and brightest pigments of the earth, and some of these very colors have been chosen to be used in our most natural colored makeup products.

Really, every American should board Amtrak at least once in their lifetime! Experience the same joy and awe as I did and enjoy the beauty of a great Nation, all while you relax. Take the train in stead of the plane!!! You will be glad that you did.

Riding the train and viewing the splendor of the mosaic of colors, while imagining the vivid and natural colors of our Paul Penders natural cosmetics as well! Every beautiful potpourri of color and every glorious memory captured in a picture as you ride along on a train reminds one of the beauty and warmth of the earth’s natural delights – marvelous colors!