Paul Penders Products at a major show in INTERBEAUTY & BIOSTYL Slovakia!

    For most Americans and Asians, even people in Western Europe as well, when they hear the word: East Europe, they get an image at mind from “the cold war”. Many can’t keep track of these new countries popping-up “almost everywhere”. Even less they know where these new countries are located on the world map!
    When you read Paul’s blog story about his visit in Prague, the Czech Republic you understand that East Europe becomes fast part of the entire world. When he visited that truly beautiful country for the first time, he expected to see old, gray buildings and people not always happy and bad service in stores. How wrong he was!
    East-Europe today experiences progress. People become part of the industrial and competitive world (whether always liked or not 🙂 ) but what Paul reported from few east-European cities was mindboggling. Few things that went wrong 50 years ago in the west certainly maybe go right in east-Europe today.
    Last month, Juraj & Lucia, active distributors for Paul Penders products in Slovakia presented our natural cosmetics at “INTERBEAUTY & BIOSTYL”. For years a traditional event that is open to the beauty industry and public. People in east-Europe value natural cosmetics and the shows were successful.

      Lucia explains the Paul Penders products to a customer

    Juraj & Lucia provides some insights about the show:
    “This exhibition called “BIOSTYL” is aimed for new natural organic foods and cosmetics business. It is the biggest event of its kind in Slovakia. Yet the show was running parallel with another, larger exhibition, called: “INTERBEAUTY”. Therefore there were many more people attending both shows. Lots of people now were introduced to natural organic cosmetics who otherwise would not have seen them if they were visiting only the INTERBEAUTY show. A good example of what cooperation brings!
    We put a special “Paul Penders Show Promotion” together that got quite some attention. Therefore sales were very good. Maybe because of our cold climates, the most favorite products were the Paul Penders “AM” and “PM” Moisturizers. Also the Paul Penders Ceramide Recovery Lipo A, C & E was doing extremely well.

    Interesting was to hear that people were rather surprised that Paul’s products, although developed in the US, now are produced in the Malaysian rainforest. They really appreciated the pure and unique smell of the essential oils in his products. They found them really different than those they are used to here in east-Europe.
    Besides consumers we also met with more of natural cosmetics retailers. We are happy to report that continuously more and more stores become familiar with Paul Penders cosmetics, which for sure will bring some new sales opportunities as well”.
    Congratulations to Juraj & Lucia for all their efforts in getting Paul Penders Natural Organic Cosmetics known in Slovakia as well!


Juraj and Lucia: Our New Distributors in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Paul Penders Cosmetics warmly welcomes Lucia and Juraj Bezručka as our new distributors in Slokavia and the Czech Republic.

Our new distributors Lucia and Juraj

Besides raising their three small children, Lucia and Juraj run an online shop selling natural cosmetics and environmentally-friendly cleaning products and toys.
Juraj wrote us recently to explain why he and Lucia were interested in marketing Paul Penders products in the former Czechoslovakia:

“After running our e-store for some time, it was obvious that cosmetics were the most rapidly growing segment of the shop and also the most interesting one. We felt a need to offer something new, something not available in our country. We were looking for high-quality organic cosmetics and after some time we found Paul Penders. After we read Paul’s story and several references, we did not hesitate to contact.

“We’ve already gained considerable knowledge of the organic cosmetics market in the area and we have established good distribution channels. We are confident that we can build a strong position for Paul Penders products in the heart of Europe.”

The ancient city of Prague