Plant Enzymes For Healthy Skin

Malaysia’s largest newspaper wrote not long ago about the beneficial effects that plant enzymes have on keeping skin healthy and beautiful. They mentioned that plant enzymes work as a tool to maintain radiant skin, as well as repair adverse skin conditions such blemishes, spots, discolorations and excessive sebum production.

The article confirms why we are using plant enzymes in our products since 2009. We also write about it for several years.

How does papaya work in skincare?

As we age, the glue that binds dead cells to our skin hardens and that make it more difficult for us to get rid of dead skin. Regular skin exfoliation is essential in order to remove dead skin cells allowing the skin to produce new, healthy cells.

Since 2009, we are using various types of plant enzymes mixed with coconut water extract in all Paul Penders skin and body care products because plant enzymes are considered great super cleansers for skin. Plant enzymes’ effects are beyond the effect of a cleanser, as enzymes are gently proteolytic exfoliants that expel the dead cells from the skin.

They also help in regulating the sebaceous flow, following the needs of your skin. Plant enzymes help creating an extraordinary smooth skin and a refreshed, clear and youthful complexion

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An Incredible Contest With Unique R&D Opportunities

The famous, world-known Iron Man contest may take place again this year in Langkawi. When it happens, Paul Penders Co sponsors again 57 year old New Zealander Leslie McMillan.
Leslie will be for up to 13 hours being exposed to torture under a burning tropical sun. And believe me, no peanuts to undergo such harsh tropical sun conditions hitting your body when one is in a survival mode during this race with the great obstructions.
The rainforest island of Langkawi Geopark in Malaysia is located 5 degrees north of the equator with weather temperatures at this time of the year varying from 30 to 35 degrees C or 100 degrees F – that during the entire day!
It is obvious that a whole day in the sun means an enormous attack on the skin. Sunburn and dry skin would be inevitable if adequate protection would not be taken very serious.
Therefore a wonderful opportunity for Paul Penders to perform R&D tests during this race. Where in the world to find better conditions to measure efficacy of our products? To know for sure how far our natural products can go in protecting skin and hair in a grueling sun?
Any R&D scientist would dream to test his products this way. No lab tests in artificial conditions with computers for performance tests. No, this is the real thing in hot sun and salt seawater; thus extensive scalp and hair protection is a must.

    Some 700 Iron Men contesting in the ocean in a 4.5 Km swim

What Paul Penders products will be used during the race, as well during training sessions prior to the race?

Leslie, as well as us, were quite satisfied with the protecting effects that our products offered last time. Think about this… Just a 30-minute walk in the burning sun here in Malaysia will make one totally wet and exhausted. So imagine the effect on the body when one is for 13 hours constantly swimming, biking and running?

    Finishing…!! Yvonne, R&D manager of Paul Penders brings flowers to an exhausted Iron Man

Of course, only Leslie can share the details of the experience of fighting the elements. This will be covered in an exclusive interview after the race. With over 700 Iron Man competing, Leslie may not win but for sure will be one of the best protected contestants when it comes to professional natural skin and hair care products.
Note: Each Langkawi Iron Man Race receives some 700 participants from up to 40 countries with over 1,500 volunteers helping out.

The Lessons of a Pebble Beach

There is a pebble beach not far from where I live. A tranquil hideaway shielded by a strip of dense jungle trees. Quiet and deserted. Vibrating with this grounding energy. A place where the time seems to stand still, slowing down the racing mind, making room for contemplation
Apart from a shy family of monkeys, and an old fisherman whose eyes never seem to detach from the shimmering fishing lure, there is not a soul in sight. And so I keep coming back. To savor the serene beauty. To find myself.
Every now and then I bring my diary. Searching in the even flow of the blue ink for the right words to capture the story of my life. Occasionally, I spend the afternoon collecting stones. Walking along the shore, with my eyes focused on the ground in a state of meditation, looking for smooth oblong pebbles in ochre and reddish hues.

And sometimes I just come to sit still and let the sacred place speak to me. It has so many stories to tell. Always choosing to whisper the one my soul craves.
When things get tough, and nothing seems to fall into place, I find peace in the rhythm of the ocean. In the certitude that after a low tide the sea will return. Abundant and nurturing
When there are hurdles on my path, and I struggle to find my way, I like to watch this tiny stream that seems to disappear when reaching a barrier of rocks. Just to scatter into fine, barely visible silver threads that cut through the tiny rifts and cracks between the stones to reunite on the other side.
Recently, I came to look for answers after a rather emotional conversation I had with a couple of friends. It began innocently. With us watching the sunset, enjoying a glass of a good chardonnay, and talking about God and the world. Until one of them mentioned that he is about to embark on a journey to this remote uncharted place. Going away with an equally clueless companion he met a week ago. Without a map or a compass.

Everybody seemed so excited about the upcoming adventure. Clinking glasses, clapping him on the shoulder. Everybody but me… As much as I wanted to celebrate his daring spirit, all I could think about were the pitfalls, the huge risk. So instead of faking a smile, and joining the group in their affirmative canticle, I spoke my mind. Trying to persuade him to postpone his trip, look into the details prior to taking the step in the unknown.
But in the thrill of the moment, the voice of reason was the last thing anybody wanted to hear. And so I found myself alienated. Struggling to wrap my head around his eccentric idea, confused to be the only one who seems to see things clearly, obsessed with this ridiculous need to find a way to get my point across. Once on my own again, I tried to figure out what happened. Where did all these strong emotions come from? Having known each other only for a few months, we are not as close as that I would feel responsible for his choices or happiness. So why did I get so involved?!
Sitting on my pebble beach, I let the memory of this strange evening unfolds, and slowly I begin to understand. It is not easy to embrace an idea that contradicts everything one believes in. Living in a world ruled by opinions, with black and white thinking being the norm, it often seems as if we had to choose. As if one thought could not co-exist with another. We feel threatened by views that challenge our own principles. And we are afraid that by validating the beliefs of others we betray the values we live by. But do we really have to choose?

Lost in thoughts, I play with my talisman – a beautiful pebble I picked up when I first came to this sacred place. I like the feel of the smooth surface underneath my fingers. The round shape that fits so well into my palm. The filigree pinkish pattern turning the stone into a tiny piece of art.
And yet I am also touched by the snow-white baby pebble I found earlier today. And while I would not necessarily choose the dark rock with the rough edges in front of me, I do admire its strength, the determination with which it stubbornly resists the waves, and their unremitting attempts to smooth its coarse surface. It is the puzzle of various sizes, shapes and colors that makes my pebble beach beautiful. And life is no different! There is no need to appraise, judge or pick sides. Our own beliefs do not have to be validated by others to hold true. And daring to embrace diversity is a truly liberating experience
By Kamila Delart.


Double Winning Beauty Award

Not long ago Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer was awarded again. This time in the United States through a tough contest organized by the great magazine “Natural Solutions” which is a popular health magazine available in the U.S. and in Canada from coast to coast. We were chosen during a fierce contest where many cosmetic companies had send in their favorite products to be tested by a team of professional beauty journalists. Our product won with flying colors at the “Beauty with a Conscience Awards” contest.

We were double delighted with this news because it was actually a second time that Paul Penders Avocado and Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer had won an award. The first time “Natural Health Magazine” in UK awarded our product just little bit earlier. Who would not get truly excited with such wonderful development?
The good news of these awards still positively influences interest for our company. We are so happy to receive letters from consumers who enjoy this “super night moisturizer” that is carefully made of natural and organic ingredients.
We would like again to share the email that the publisher of “Natural Solutions” magazine wrote us:

    To Paul Penders:
    Paul Penders Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer has been chosen in the night cream category of Natural Solutions magazine’s “Beauty With a Conscience Awards”.
    We applaud you for creating a fabulous product that’s not only free of unnecessary chemicals and harmful toxins—it also stood out as a top performer against the many other clean night creams we tested!
    Take pride in the strides you’ve made to promote safe, natural personal care—and let us spread the word of your achievements.
    Natural Solutions Magazine

Of course, we at Paul Penders are very proud and feel honored. We are grateful to have been chosen among so many competing cosmetic companies who sent their products in for these contests. Here some facts about this TWICE winner product:
Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer is a light creamy moisturizer that replenishes dry and sensitive skin and protects against dehydration. It lavishes the skin with emollients derived from selected natural moisturizing agents, including the finest avocado and jojoba plant oils. It contains natural vitamins, ceramides and liposomes to keep the skin smooth, supple and resilient.

Paul Penders Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer is available in a tube of 40 gram as well available in a small trial-size tube of 12 gram that is ideally made for traveling too. Please ask our distributor in your country about this super award-winning product!

Our Products Thoroughly Tested by Beauty Journal (Part 2) is by far the very best website available that educates consumers concerning all areas of cosmetics; including cosmetic surgery, cosmetic ingredients and the newest cosmetic products on the market. This website provides ‘no-nonsense’ professional in-depth reviews about “the good and the bad” in the cosmetic world. High-end professionals from medical and cosmetic fields are associated with this highly successful web-magazine making it the world’s leading site for honest and true education on cosmetics. Debbie in the Netherlands is one of the officials Test Judges of the Beauty Journal and tested 3 of Paul Penders natural herbal skincare products. Below is her report.

What 3 Paul Penders products did Debbie test?

Paul Penders Hydrating Control Serum

This serum surely feels comfortable on my face thanks to the almost creamy effect. I noticed that it easily spreads out and quickly absorbed into my skin. I decided to use only this serum before going to bed, once a day, because it is of such a firm consistence. Sometimes I use Aloe & Lavender A.M. Moisturizer for the day, but also sometimes I use Aloe & Lavender A.M. Moisturizer for the night as well because I do not like to apply two “thick” layers of skincare on my face.
I noticed every time when I woke up that my skin looked more radiant and smooth. In fact my skin looked very healthy and seemed even firmer than before. The smell of the product is ‘herbalish’ and honestly, I had to get used to it although that particular herbal scent disappears after a couple of minutes.
Paul Penders Aloe & Lavender A.M. Moisturizer

This day care product is of a light composition and gets easily absorbed into the skin. It spreads out wonderfully and I can feel that is soothes my skin. Immediately after application my face feels well moisturized and therefore really soft. It gives my face the comparative matte taint that I like so much. The scent is very fresh and certainly not overwhelming. It’s actually a very nice smell and the texture of the product turns this day care into the perfect product for the typical summer weather conditions in The Netherlands!
Paul Penders Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer

This night moisturizer is of a perfect creamy substance and it feels great on my skin. It’s slightly thicker than the day care moisturizer but still quickly absorbed into my skin. It doesn’t feel oily and that’s a great advantage compared to some other organic night creams I’ve been testing before!
This time I really feel that I am giving my skin a little extra for the night and I am actually looking forward to every new evening when I can use the personal night cream that I have now adopted to love…
This Avocado & Cranberry PM Moisturizer also has the specific Paul Penders herbal like scent but… meanwhile I have grown into loving it!!! Because of this herbal smell I am starting to think that it might just really do the work for my skin. This scent helps me to keep close to nature and makes me realize that this is just what we have forgotten. Staying close to Mother Nature for she provides in life all we need.

My conclusion about Paul Penders Cosmetics:
Using all these 3 products result in a healthier looking skin and makes me really happy to look into the mirror. My skin looks well nourished and firmer. I do not expect my lines to disappear or even become less because the most important thing for me is radiant skin and a healthy glow. The paradox of this conclusion is that at first I was afraid to write this positive review because one could not possibly be so enthusiastic about Paul’s products. My test results seem exaggerated but then, I am truly THAT enthusiastic! Surely there must be a minor….
Well there could be two little minors of Paul’s products:

  • They smell like herbal garden in summer and that is a matter of taste.
  • The packaging is simple and beautiful but not significant. The consumer might not be easily drawn towards the packaging and that would be a shame! Because Paul Penders products really deserve your full attention!

Last but not least….:
I’ve fallen in love with Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics. The 3 products I tried feel like trying more of Paul’s products. In addition I have also fallen in love with the mission, the vision and the passion of the Paul Penders Company.
Cruelty free organic cosmetics will give the same results as non-organic, chemical cosmetics. Life’s responsibilities; hold on to your principles… “Just do your thing and go for it”!
Test Judge of Beauty Journal
April 2011