An Incredible Contest With Unique R&D Opportunities

The famous, world-known Iron Man contest may take place again this year in Langkawi. When it happens, Paul Penders Co sponsors again 57 year old New Zealander Leslie McMillan.
Leslie will be for up to 13 hours being exposed to torture under a burning tropical sun. And believe me, no peanuts to undergo such harsh tropical sun conditions hitting your body when one is in a survival mode during this race with the great obstructions.
The rainforest island of Langkawi Geopark in Malaysia is located 5 degrees north of the equator with weather temperatures at this time of the year varying from 30 to 35 degrees C or 100 degrees F – that during the entire day!
It is obvious that a whole day in the sun means an enormous attack on the skin. Sunburn and dry skin would be inevitable if adequate protection would not be taken very serious.
Therefore a wonderful opportunity for Paul Penders to perform R&D tests during this race. Where in the world to find better conditions to measure efficacy of our products? To know for sure how far our natural products can go in protecting skin and hair in a grueling sun?
Any R&D scientist would dream to test his products this way. No lab tests in artificial conditions with computers for performance tests. No, this is the real thing in hot sun and salt seawater; thus extensive scalp and hair protection is a must.

    Some 700 Iron Men contesting in the ocean in a 4.5 Km swim

What Paul Penders products will be used during the race, as well during training sessions prior to the race?

Leslie, as well as us, were quite satisfied with the protecting effects that our products offered last time. Think about this… Just a 30-minute walk in the burning sun here in Malaysia will make one totally wet and exhausted. So imagine the effect on the body when one is for 13 hours constantly swimming, biking and running?

    Finishing…!! Yvonne, R&D manager of Paul Penders brings flowers to an exhausted Iron Man

Of course, only Leslie can share the details of the experience of fighting the elements. This will be covered in an exclusive interview after the race. With over 700 Iron Man competing, Leslie may not win but for sure will be one of the best protected contestants when it comes to professional natural skin and hair care products.
Note: Each Langkawi Iron Man Race receives some 700 participants from up to 40 countries with over 1,500 volunteers helping out.

Paul Penders Jasmine Shampoo goes where ever I go! 

I start using Paul Penders Time Release Jasmine Shampoo (TRJS) this year and pleased me immediately with the difference it made to my hair. I have very thick and long hair. Normally I have to use LOTS of shampoo, and, being a fitness & swimming instructor, of course, I need to wash my hair every day. Over time this has made my hair dry, dull and always entangled.
A friend with a hair salon in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark island, introduced me to TRJS. She gave me a nice treat by washing my hair with Paul’s shampoo. I have to say that scent is important to me as well, and this shampoo was the one I liked right away!
Now, most shampoos foam like a bubble bath and at the same time very drying to my hair. They wash away self-produced oil from the scalp. With TRJS it doesn’t foam like a bubble bath, yet my hair and scalp is clean, moisturized and the best part…. it is softer and shinier!
Thanks Paul for this wonderful shampoo and for you to know is that TRJS goes where ever I go… to hair salons and vacations as well! 
Author: Ann Victor

Time-Release Jasmine Shampoo
Adds volume and shine, restores balance for all hair types
Paul Penders Time-Release Jasmine Shampoo is a unique approach to washing the hair based on organic olive oil as cleansing agent. The shampoo is designed to foam minimally as it is first applied to the scalp to ensure a healthy foundation for beautiful hair. After some water is added, it releases gentle foam for cleansing the hair. If you prefer the feel of foam, you can wash a second time using only a minimal amount of shampoo, and foam appears. Paul Penders Time-Release Jasmine Shampoo leaves hair shiny, soft and free of fly away strands.
Directions: Apply onto wet hair, add a small amount of shampoo and gently massage. Rinse thoroughly.
Ann is a certified Fitness Professional and being in the fitness industry for more than a decade now. Ann fitness genres started from aerobics to aqua fitness, kick boxing, Pilates to Yoga, children to senior workout and Jazz Dance to Hip Hop. Therefore Anne is specializes in group fitness program for adults as well as kids. For more information about Ann’s fitness program, please visit