Did you know that…

just one small action can be a great support to the world environment?
If you turn off the tap when brushing teeth, for 1 year 109 bathtubs of water could be saved;
If 100 people use paper at both sides, for 1 year a street of trees could survive;
If all people in a country power off the electricity after watching TV or cell phone charge, for 1 year it equals to electrical power generation by a few large thermal power plants;
If you use energy-saving lamp (CFL) instead of filament lamp, the greenhouse gases will be lighter;
If you ride bicycle once a month instead of drving car, global warming will be influenced;

5th June marks the 40th World Environment Day. Let’s protect our environment starting from the day. Change your habbit now and show your support towards environment protection!
Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Environment_Day

The Penders Story in The Star

First of all, some exciting news for this morning.

We hosted a Malaysian journalist from The Star, Malaysia’s largest newspaper in Langkawi recently. Miss Indra came to interview us and learn more about our principles and philosophy.

The article she wrote has been published today.

Unknown to many, a range of award-winning nature-based skincare products are being made right in our backyard.

TUCKED away in a quiet corner of the quaint island of Langkawi is the international headquarters of an award-winning natural skincare and cosmetics brand founded by Dutchman Paul Penders.

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