The Caribbean Seaweed Expedition (Part 6 of 6)

Learning from Our Experience

Wherever I go in the world, I love to research local resources that could benefit our customers, especially for skin care. I am always on the lookout for new ingredients, and whenever possible, try to test them on people in different countries, in different circumstances and in differing climates. I have been looking for years for something that brings “instant results” for a variety of skin types and skin conditions from very dry skin to even semi-oily skin.

My Caribbean voyage ended in Colon, Panama. I will always be grateful to my friend Paul Roncken for inviting me aboard his beautiful yacht and for being willing to sail to the remote San Blas islands of Panama in search of a special seaweed.

From Colon, my friend and I took a beautiful train ride along the Panama Canal to Panama City, crossing from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. After all our efforts to harvest the special plant, I made sure the seaweed samples were dried properly to bring back home to Langkawi.

The fresh, salty smelling fragrance of the drying seaweed permeated my hotel room in Panama City. As I drifted off to sleep, I felt I was still on the open ocean because of the rich fragrance. The salt makes it very tasty as well. People who love seaweed should try this one!

I am sure that our senior cosmetic scientist, Dr. Gatot on Langkawi Island, looks forward to what I bring back. At his side in the lab, we will work together to try to achieve the best possible skincare formula. Our company is going in new directions with direct network sales so that our products reach a much wider range of customers. As always, we try to keep up with the latest scientific developments. Dr. Gatot is now experimenting with plant stem-cell materials and their possible applications for cosmetic science and new products. The possibilities for the future are exciting.

It took me almost 4 weeks in the Caribbean Seas to find what I hope will be a ‘secret weapon’ against the effects of weather and ageing – a very special seaweed from the San Blas islands.

Our “Caribbean Seaweed Expedition” was a great adventure but not without its frightening moments. We did not always have the best weather. Though I have sailed for many years, I was seasick 2 times. On dark nights in heavy rain, huge waves surrounded us. There were times we could not see anything and sailed through the treacherous seas on instruments alone. Was it all worth it?

Many would say, “Wasn’t that excessive effort just to gather a sample of seaweed?”

Nevertheless, isn´t this one more example which shows the difference between our company and others? Constantly seeking the best makes us what we are. Isn’t that what I always have done? For that – for excellence — I ended up taking the Paul Penders company to the gorgeous tropical rainforests of Langkawi Island in Malaysia. Why? Because the first moment I saw it, I knew there may not be a better place to live in the world. Maybe it is. It is where my heart is. And I knew it is where I would find pure natural ingredients from the rainforest to produce the most effective natural beauty care products.

On this amazing sailing trip in the Caribbean Sea, I was reminded that there is extraordinary beauty to be found all over the world, sometimes in the most unlikely places. And as our adventure came to its end, I remembered that, “There’s no place like home…”

Back in Langkawi, Malaysia I shared the seaweed with Dr. Gatot, Senior Cosmetic Chemist at Paul Penders labs. He will start several extraction tests; then add the best of these extracts to our new formulations for our new products being “Instant-Result-Moisturizers”….
How exciting!

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