The Journey of the New Blog Writer Begins…


One morning, I was at work when I received a call from an unknown number. I answered anyway, thought that it’s from a client. A friendly voice spoke on the other end of the phone: “Hi, Shirley! This is Paul Penders”. I pondered for a few seconds, then it hit me! I answered delightedly: “Ah, yes! I know who you are”.

From our brief conversation, I found out that Paul saw my profile on Langkawi Gazette, a new Langkawi based website that my company is working on. Paul asked me if I was interested to become their company’s blog writer.

I own a food blog, a journal where I write mainly about my dining and travelling experiences for the last two years. Although my English isn’t noble enough to impress all my readers, I express myself through comprehensive words and photos I capture with my precious camera.

As a blogger, I’m always enthusiastic when it comes to writing about something I feel connected to. After I hung up the phone, mixed feelings were swirling inside of me. Excited, nervous, confused, curious…Despite the uncertainty, I made an appointment with Paul and agreed to pay him a visit after work that day.

Sitting in the meeting room with smiley Paul, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. We talked about ourselves, the company, Langkawi Gazette, and the blogging job. The more we got into details, the more positive I felt. Now, here I am, happily blogging away for Paul Penders one week after the phone call.

The visit to the office yesterday morning was a pleasure. There, I met Paul, Azizah, Ina, Hong and Alia. They’re so friendly and warm that the place felt more like home. Even the building didn’t look like an office building, it looked like a beautiful bungalow that was facing the calm blue sea. In case you didn’t know, me and Alia (one of the chemists) were classmates back in high school. She was very surprised to see me there, and we had a great time catching up. Langkawi is indeed a small place…

In a blink of an eye, one and a half hour had passed and I excused myself to go back to work. I bid everyone goodbye and walked out of the building relutantly. But my steps were light, my heart was filled with joy and anticipation for the challenges ahead…And that’s where my journey as Paul Penders’ blog writer begins…