Visit from Our Manufactures Anne and Chan

From time to time our partners come to visit us to discuss business matters.

Recently, Chan and Anne – who oversee the manufacturing of Paul Penders products in Kuala Lumpur – paid a visit to our headquarters, here on our small rainforest island.

Anne and Chan are actually a couple with a newborn baby, however, the baby was too young to make the trip by plane.

Anne, Paul & Chan
Anne, Paul & Chan

Soon, we will have a party where all members of the Paul Penders family will be together – from our company in China, from manufacturing and packaging and shipping, from the headquarters, and many more.

Many like the opportunity to visit our beautiful island Langkawi UNESCO Geopark. This might very well be the reason why we are having so many visitors all the time!

The post From Langkawi to Your Home tells more about the manufacturing in Kuala Lumpur, which Chan and Anne are in charge of.

Here are some more pictures from the manufacturing process: