When East Meets West

During our discussion with Joji Jacob from Kerala, India, Mariek, our Executive Director Marketing & Sales, hit upon an incredible insight about our herbal extract, LevensESSENTIE Gold™ , which features in all Paul Penders personal care products.

Joji told us that Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word comprising Ayur (life) and Veda (related to knowledge). Combined, Ayurveda means science of life. Ayurvedic literature first appeared during the Vedic period in India where it is a science dealing not only with treatment of some diseases but representing a complete way of life.

Mariek was excited to learn of the common traits within Ayurvedic philosophy and our organic LevensESSENTIE Gold™ herbal extract.

In Ayurveda, we need to understand our body, our nature and our individual mixture of elements at a deep physical, mental and emotional level.

With this understanding, we can identify activities, conditions, herbs and foods that either keep us healthy and in balance, or make us ill and throw us out of balance.

Ayurveda offers effective natural therapies without side effects. It heals the person from the inside; it balances the roots of imbalance within the person, restoring the person to good health. Its focus is on holistic healing from the inside. It is made up of what we eat, use, do and practise.

When a person is in balance, life is in balance.

With LevensESSENTIE Gold™ meaning the Essence of Life, Mariek saw that this was, in effect, similar to what Ayurveda is (Science of Life). Our natural herbal extract works the same way.

ESSENTIE Gold™ seeks to balance the skin, hair and body using the most natural way – using botanicals sourced from the best nature engineer in the world – Mother Nature. In our way (and thanks to Grandma Penders’ herbal extract), we have been restoring health to the internal body in wonderfully natural ways!

We would never have come across this similarity if it weren’t for Joji’s sharing of his rich heritage. Joji comes from years in the marketing industry but he also possesses a wonderful knowledge of the herbal industry ( Kerala state is the one in India where the best natural herbs are grown).

We were pleasantly surprised that our 100-year old Dutch tradition from Grandma Penders resonated deeply with, and shared much similarity with the Indian Ayurvedic philosophy.

It was really a moment where East met West.

Joji says, “Ayurvedachariyas or scholars in Ayurveda have brought out a number of preparations and surgical procedures for curing various ailments and diseases. LevensESSENTIE Gold™, having existed for over 100 years, is similar to an Ayurvedic preparation and the man at the helm of Paul Penders Co. is what we call an Ayurvedachariya. Paul Penders is the modern-day Ayurvedachariya!”