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Myrrh Essential Oil & Spirulina


Paul Penders Has Your Best Aftershave

Nothing weighs a man down like the skin swelling and itching after shaving. That’s why a good aftershave gel is essential. At Paul Penders, we have the miracle lotion that gets rid of the nuisance! Our Myrrh Essential Oil & Spirulina aftershave is an all-natural cosmetic product that prevents itching and swelling after a shave.
Again, the all-organic aftershave ensures your face makeup remains natural, hence leaving you stunning and attractive. If you still want to retain that natural skin formation after shaving your beards, here is a solution. Use Paul Penders Myrrh Essential Oil & Spirulina aftershave gel

Sources of Myrrh Essential Oil & Spirulina

Myrrh essential oil has a special place in history books owing to its many uses in skin care products. At Paul Penders, we recognize myrrh’s longstanding history as a natural cosmetic skincare product among different communities. That’s why it’s the best fit for our “no chemical” and “no animal products or testing” aftershave gel.
Myrrh is extracted from Commiphora myrrha – a small thorny shrub – which grows to about 9 feet. The plant is found in the Middle East and Northeast Africa. However, it may also grow in some other limited parts of the world. On the other hand, Spirulina is blue-green algae found around Lake Texcoco in Mexico and Lake Chad in Chad.

Myrrh Essential Oil & Spirulina Extraction

The extraction of myrrh is easy and simple and is done by cutting the Commiphora myrrha tree’s bark. The bleeding gum is then mixed and heated for extraction.

Nowadays, most people are cautious of the environment and animal care. We at Paul Penders are not left behind either. That’s why myrrh oil extraction facilities adhere to the “no animal testing” philosophy. The policy is common to all our natural cosmetic elements.
Similarly, harvesting spirulina for our natural cosmetic products is also easy. That’s because the plant is easily collected from the lake, and extraction is done through the homogenization process. The process is all-natural and devoid of animal testing.

Skin Benefits of Using Myrrh Essential Oil & Spirulina Aftershave Gel

When it comes to choosing natural elements in our products, we are keen to give you the best. At Paul Penders, the customer is always a priority. That’s why our all-natural cosmetic products are aligned with users’ best interests. Here are some benefits to wrap it up on why Paul Penders organic products for skin care are the best. We have categorized them based on the two elements used in our natural makeup brand for the aftershave gel.

  • 1) The Myrrh Essential Oil

Here’s some free advice! Don’t just jump into using any skincare products. Take a moment to learn more about our organic beauty products. Where we use myrrh essential oil & Spirulina as a natural skincare brand, here are the benefits. 

  • Smoothening and moisturizing of the skin,
  • Prevention of skin inflammation,
  • Prevention of skin cracking, sagging, chapping, and
  • It kills infection-causing microbes.
  •    2) Spirulina

There are numerous skin benefits of using Spirulina in skincare brands including;
• Skin brightening,
• Antioxidant properties,
• Wound healing,
• Anti-acne and anti-inflammatory, and
• Skin moisturizing & Tightening

The soothing benefits of Myrrh essential oil & Spirulina are very useful when it comes to shaving. Avoid irritated skin after shaving with Paul Penders Men’s Best Aftershave Lotion. Get 15% off with below coupon code at checkout.