Coconuts; Not just monkey business

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In some countries on our remarkable planet, grows a wonderful nut, which doesn’t only attract monkeys. Some of us might have seen the special way in which the agile little fingers of diligent monkeys , skillfully twist these “nuts” from the palms. The unique silhouette of the tree it harbors, is one of the typical characteristics of a tropical climate. Which extraordinary “nut “ are we talking about?

The coconut – one of the truly most remarkable and wanted fruits on earth!
However, competition is at hand! The nut loving monkeys must be aware of another lover of these nutty fruits. It is the coconut crab. This little villain not only secretly hides in burrows during the night, but also climbs and hides in palms and bushes. It does not only feast on the nutritious fruit of the coconut, but it certainly can use the nutshell of the nut as well; these coconut crabs are hilariously spotted here and there with a little coconut shell house on their backs. So, all kinds of animals are eager to hunt for the coconut. But what about humans? How do humans eagerly benefit from this nut as well?

Benefits of coconuts

People in Indonesia claim that the benefits of the coconut can be compared with the amount of the days in a year. In the Philippines people have a common expression; “The man who plants a coconut tree, will plant clothing, food, drinks, a house for himself and a heritage for his children.”
This saying is not exaggerated! It offers not only food, or a drink, but so much more! The coconut can supply all of the above; and we even haven’t mentioned the wonderful coconut oil yet.

But what is so special about coconut oil? Or maybe you can ask yourself another couple of questions. Can your breath use some refreshment? Is a burned skin bothering you? Or your hair is split from dryness? Do you have extremely dry skin? Are you fed up with the stretch marks on your skin or the cellulite? It’s a well known argument that coconut oil can help you deal with all of these beauty problems and it might be the only item you’d like to have in your bathroom closet from now on. Or maybe not…

It might not be too practical having to mess with the oil splashes in your bathroom or even on your clothes. Most of Paul Penders beauty products include coconut water, coconut oil or coconut extracts. Further more, the’re cold-blended , filled with bio active ingredients and free from harmful chemical foam boosters. Why not try one of these beauty products that uses the lovely qualities of this wonderful and versatile fruit, instead of messing around in your bathroom with the oil itself?

For instance our unique Paul Penders Love in the Layers Shampoo, made with pure coconut oil that even has to be shaken before use to keep it 100% active without harmful emulsifiers. You can read more by clicking on this link:

Our Vision

Besides; all Paul Penders products are truly vegan, and truly botanical.
It’s recipes are unique, exclusive, natural, and herbal; which are developed more than 100 years ago, awarded with several unique certifications from the World Heath Organization (WHO), the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) and the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

At Paul Penders we use ingredients in a way more than just a natural ingredient. It has been our vision for over 50 years to respectfully and gratefully using the healing ingredients from our truly remarkable planet for all of our imperfections. And at Paul Penders we give back. All our products are 100% hand made. We support local communities and the International Rainforest Alliance.