Once Upon a Flower

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Have you ever inhaled the incredible strong flower power of Jasmine? Surely you must have noticed this specific odor as you passed by; for it’s a unique fragrance that can’t be missed! Jasminum officinale, known as the common jasmine or simply jasmine, is a flowering plant species that originates from the olive tree family Oleaceae. Jasmine is widely cultivated in many places around the world also known as Summer jasmine, Poet’s jasmine, White jasmine, True jasmine or Jessamine.

Jasmine is particularly valued by gardeners throughout the world for their intense fragrance throughout summer. Jasminum officinale is a vigorous, twining, bright climber with sharp-pointed leaves and clusters of starry, pure, white flowers. Jasminum officinale is so ancient in cultivation that it’s country of origin is not known. Though it is speculated it originated in Central Asia, it is not certain. For centuries jasmine oil has been extracted and used as a lovely scenting ingredient to create perfume.

Perfume Composers

It is an art to make perfume! Moreover there is an incredible amount of work involved. Just one little bottle of perfume can be a mixture of 30, 50, or even 100 different ingredients. However, creating such a fusion is not easy. It’s not just a matter of mixing some nice smelling ingredients together. Not even close…

Music composer

A master perfumer can be compared to a musical composer; one who meditates about a certain melody or particular theme and right before writing down the various notes on paper, hears all these notes separately in his head.

In a similar way the master perfumer has the tones of the ingredients in his mind before writing them down. Like a recipe and finally experimenting with this in his laboratory. Being acutely aware of each singular ingredient as well as their individual characteristics, the master perfumer must also be capable of mixing these in their exact manners. Not only that, he must also understand how one extracted scent influences the other. Do they compliment, strengthen or reduce their qualities? And in which exact dosage? It certainly takes a very talented Parfumeur to compose a beautiful perfume!

We should also add that it’s imperative to take into account whether all the ingredients used for a product are sustainable, vegan and verified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). EWG is a mark you can trust. Whenever you see the EWG verified mark on our products, you can be sure it’s free from chemicals of concern and that it meets the strictest standard for your health. For more information about EWG you can click on this link:

Jasminium Officinalis Oil

The essential oil of Jasminum officinale is also widely used in aromatherapy. Jasmine absolute is known as the ‘King of Oils’, and it’s heavy, sweet scent is loved by many people. The flowers release their perfume at dusk so the blossoms are picked at night to obtain a tiny amount of oil by solvent extraction. The result is an expensive but concentrated oil. The aroma of jasmine is described as calming and soothing. As a herbal medicine, it is used in dermatology as either an antiseptic or anti-inflammatory agent.

Rain Flower Perfume

Many Paul Penders Products contain this wonderful Jasmine flower. Let us introduce you to a very nice and intense eau de perfume: Rain Flower Jasmine, composed with very delicate and lovely jasmine scents. Just a little spray here and there on your body, will assure you of a long lasting floral oder surrounding you until the late evening. Of course you can trust Paul Penders Perfumes are made with the same environmental and health care as we always do with all of our product line.

Our products are truly vegan and truly botanical, based upon an exclusively natural, herbal recipe; developed more than 100 years ago! Next time you pass and smell a bush of Jasmine, you’ll realize that this little powerful flower has a long history of lovers and we are sure you’ll become one too!