The Sense of Scent

Do you also treasure smelling lovely? The question is: Why do we love this so much? People highly value the gift of smelling. No wonder; Smelling fresh is regarded as being proper and tidy. Smelling good, equally makes us feel good! We love being around people with a delightful odor. Wearing perfume boosts our self-confidence. Did you know that scent and emotion is strongly connected? Every other scent can have a different effect on the way we feel. Some scents can even remind us of a specific memory; a significant or vague one. Sometimes we might even remember just a feeling. A feeling of nostalgia, excitement, or maybe a brief sense of butterflies. Whatever feeling we remember, it can all be caused by just an identification of a particular scent.

Humans are very aware of the fact that scent and emotion are related. Wine merchants, chef cooks, perfumers; they all acknowledge the power of aroma’s that can influence our mind. Even scientists study the pre-possession of scent on human behavior. In Japan, for instance, scientists have studied the “pine forest effect” and, as a result, they recommended a daily walk in the pine forest. It is not a surprise. The smell of the pine tree seems to relax our body, as well as our mind.

The secret of smell

Way up high in our noses, we have a tiny bit of tissue, as small as a thumbnail. This part of tissue has lots of sensory cells; approximately ten million…! Upon each of these cells are hairlike projections, called cilia, located on a thin layer of mucus. This particular part of our nose is so sensitive, that it can detect 1 to 460.000.000 milligrams of a certain scent in just one fragrance! It does make us feel different about a skunk, doesn’t it?
Well, at least the skunk knows how to value the power of it’s oder.

The right spot

It doesn’t matter whether we like to hold on to one specific perfume, or to alternate from time to time; our main goal is the same…to smell wonderful all day long. The inside of our wrists, the back of our ears, on top of our hair and other warm places on our body are perfect for wearing perfume. That’s because the body heat activates the scent. The warmer the spot, the longer the perfume leaves it’s odor. Our noses might get used to the smell after a while; fortunately our friends and colleagues won’t.

But there is another side effect of perfumes and fragrances that we may appreciate. Did you know that Lavender, for instance, has a calming effect on stress? When you’re having troubles with falling asleep. Or when your body is feeling cramped. It is said that the scent of lavender can help you release all kinds of stress related symptoms.
Patchouli oil helps us ease our minds.
Orange is related to the family of citrus scents and is said to make us feel fresh, sparkly and energetic.
And did you know how Jasmine can make you feel sensual and alert? That it can make restlessness disappear and can improve our mood?
Jasmine is even called the Queen of the night; but I’m sure the sensuality of the scent has little to do with that..

And did you know


That all of these fragrances are just a few of the senses utilized in Paul Penders Eau de Perfumes? Talking of which… Have you already tried Paul Penders Star Sense Sensual Eau de Perfume?
It’s a spicy and warm oriental fragrance that helps you carry away the care of the day; and become the Queen of the night! Of course, all Paul Penders perfumes are thoroughly researched and tested. It are our own formulations and created by our own research & development center; no ready-made formulation from private label manufacturers!

Good to know

That all of our products are truly vegan, botanical and ayurvedic? None of our products are tested on animals and they all have a unique exclusive natural herbal recipe, developed more than 100 years ago. Let’s leave a trace of fragrance in our personal history from now on. And by doing so, let’s make sure every memory is a happy one.