It is a Men’s World


If a man spends five minutes a day shaving and does so every day for 50 years, he has spent just over 63 days of his life removing hair from his face! That’s perhaps a little fact most of us don’t often think about. A recent informal survey showed us these comments about shaving: “I don’t like it.” “I hate it.” “One of the hazards of life.” But if shaving evokes that much resistance; then why do most men shave themselves on a daily routine? Let’s learn a little more about shaving.

From Clam shells to Disposable Razors

Can you imagine shaving with a clam shell or a shark’s tooth? Perhaps a sharp sliver of flint? In time, people have been very clever using all kinds of tricks to shave. In the ancient Egypt men shaved using a copper razor that resembled a small ax-head. More recently, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the so called “cutthroats” were manufactured in England. But these devices had to be handled with great care. Learning to master them must have cost some skin here, blood and nerves; especially fort he less skillful. However, the 20th offered consolation. In 1901, this “suffering” came to an end when a men called King Camp Gillette came with this marvelous idea: a safety razor with a disposable blade. This simple invention became a great success. And soon it would conquer the entire world. Eventually it led to a variety of designs.

The history of shaving

From old times man had an on/off relationship with beards. “Ancient Egyptians”, says the book Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt, “ prided themselves on being clean-shaven, using well-made razors which they kept in neat leather cases.”

Assyrians were a race of splendidly bearded men. To the point of vanity, they lavished care and attention on their beards, having them elaborately curled, plaited, and arranged. In ancient Greek society, beards were normally worn by all. Except for the nobility, who were often clean-shaven. In Rome the habit of shaving seems to have started in the second century B.C.E., and for several centuries thereafter, a daily shave remained the custom. Nowadays, it’s either way; bold or beard.
But whatever you decide to do; bold, beard, mustache, with long or short sideburns…every shave should be properly taken cared off.


Some advice for the men who dear to boldly use a blade every day:

  • Softening your whiskers: The only way to soften facial hair really well is to apply plenty of hot water. If possible, shave after taking a shower, as this allows more time for the water to soften the whiskers
  • Applying pre-shave products: All the various soaps, lathers, creams, and gels accomplish essentially three things. (1) They lock moisture into the whiskers, (2) they keep them erect and (3) they lubricate the skin so that the razor slides over it more easily
  • After-shave skin protection: Each time you shave, you remove a microscopic layer of skin, leaving your skin vulnerable. Therefore, it is important to rinse all residues off your face with clean water—warm at first, then cool to close your pores and seal in moisture.
    Apply a moisturizing after-shave lotion to protect and refresh your skin.


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