Malaysia and Rainforest Herbs

Many herbs used for Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics come from Asia. One of the most interesting and also among the most potent of these herbs is called Pegaga, proudly grown in Malaysia. The Malaysian Government is not only a strong promoter of the conservation of their most beautiful rainforests; they also promote cultivation of great rainforest herbs. In Malaysia there is a fantastic, small, semi-government company called Polens. The people that work at Polens are DEEPLY committed to their Mission. Many acres of land are covered with all kinds of herbs and other plants. These crops are all naturally grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Clean air, plenty of sunshine and clean rains combine with lots of TLC to make up several healthy, bountiful variations of Pegaga.

Mr. Quek heads the agricultural development; a truly wonderful man and just talking with him makes one feel good. He is overseeing work there that even a few “traditional” biologists would be interested in seeing, including bringing bees to a small natural lake and putting them to work there. This helps in development and growth of a certain plant species in that particular place. He speaks of his experiments with a strong sense of pride and joy; security combined with science and, certainly, with humor. Many who work there also build their homes there to live.

Polens not only grow beautiful, healthy herbs but also grow and keep animals. One little friend arrived at my feet when I was walking through the Pegaga fields and no way could I take her off my shoulders when it was time to go. If a plane had not been waiting for me that day I’d have smuggled her away! The Polens company in Malaysia is certainly worth your visit when travelling abroad! Make sure you have the chance to speak with Mr. Quek and his people. One does not often see these types of enthusiastic, warm, devoted and knowledgeable people. You arrive as an honored guest and leave as a lifetime friend. Feel affection and the joy of living. It is still there at Polens in the rainforests of Malaysia. They can be reached at

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